*love me*

5.06 pm

We are made to believe that love is a must, that we will find the person of our dreams and life will be complete.
We grow up aiming to love and to be loved but never get taught to love ourselves.
We are brainwashed into believing that we will find someone who will move mountains to be with us, who will sail oceans and travel through time and space just to be able to love us.
We grow up aiming to love and to be loved but never get taught to love ourselves.
We spend our entire lives expecting to find someone we can love but never learn that loving ourselves is just as important. We start to rely on other people’s love to feel special, to feel something, when in fact all we needed was to be taught how to love ourselves.

—  love yourself

anonymous asked:

im so proud of fei for following her dreams despite her anxiety!! I love her and i want her to be happy!!! (tbh yall are so much better at making lovable and relatable characters than yanderedev will ever be :^) )

Well thank you a lot anon, we’re sure Fei would really appreciate your support 

- Fatcat dev

I will feed myself self love until it dilutes the taste of you from my lips, till my mouth is overflowing, till my heart is flooded, till my mind is exuberant with “I love me” instead of “I love you”. And that is how I will forget you.
—  Nikita Gill, How I Will Forget You
Things I need daddy to do:

1. Cuddle me
2. play with my hair
3. Make me food
4. Call me good girl
5. Remind me that I’m the only little in his life
6. Take me out
7. Play games with me
8. Finally just love me

Have you ever had a crush on someone even when you know it would never happen but you’re constantly drawn to them? Everything from their smile to the sound of their laughter that brings light to the darkest places, or the way words roll of their tongue as if it’s a spoken lullaby. Yet, it’s more than that, it’s the similarities that keep you thinking that maybe in another time or world, just maybe there would be a chance. Just maybe.