sharon + louie » major crimes [1x01-5x19]

↳“Lieutenant, should I say how much I appreciate your service and your experience? Should I remind you that we, both of us… are probably dealing with misconceptions about each other?”

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No the 3rd one as in follow up haha I am the art project annon. I did my college piece on you. I had this big exam today and we had to use inspiration from modern art so I chose technology and then it had to be in existing word so voila I chose yours!

I am surprised out of EVERYONE you chose me jesus that’s SUPER HONOURING TO HEAR! I’m so honour wow I’m.. acutally really overwhelmed!! Jeez…

Netflix Witch Tip❤️✨

There’s a TV series called Moving Art that is quiet literally just that. Nature filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg just filled beautiful mountains, flowers, oceans, and put it all together with an amazing piano soundtrack. I watch it whenever I do work involving nature or I just put it on because it makes me feel amazing inside.

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Just recently found your blog, and it's really cute! Could I request some headcanons on how McCree acts when he's got a crush? Thank you!

ahh thank you 💖 and here’s some headcanons for u !!

- okay so hed be such a big flirt and be That Guy who just is always somehow for some reason always in the same room as you, always on the same missions as you, hed just always wanna Be There
- hed try to make you flustered all the time, compliment u to death and just be reeeeally cute and nice but like lowkey Sexy ? ya know
- like hed say Im Your Huckleberry ;) and youd be like Um Ok ……. 😳
- hed have permanent Bedroom Eyes like hed look at you like yall are in some fricken rom-com
- and hed smile at you like a devil, like. all sly and like hes the Coolest
- like he Knows hes goodlooking and Thats his problem
- and everyone knows hes got a crush on you too like he tells everyone, hes That Friend
- but you probably only think hes like that with Everyone and that its not a crush hes just bein McCree
- but no
- hes got a big fat ass crush on u
- honestly i can see him just. taking a picture of himself and giving it to u as a gift and on the back in his best cursive (that took him 20 minutes to carefully write) is him saying he likes u and that he wants to date u
- hed probably say hed wanna b ur cowboyfriend 🤠


“L…Louis Gudauskas, as in Gudauskas LLP, the name of this company.”

“Ahhh…I see.  It’s your mother’s company.  I guess that makes you a pretty big guy around the office, huh?”

*blushes* “I…no…I’m…”

“and you’re so articulate, too.  You have a lot going for you, don’t you, Louie?  Well, Jorge, I guess I’ll just have to find a different desk.”

“There’s an open space here …but, looks like there’s no computer…”

“It’s fine, Jorge.”

“O…okay, Angelo.  I’ll see about finding you a laptop until we can order a desktop.”