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People are complaining about H with the rainbow bc Louis can't do the same. Ok I'm a queer Louie and I would LOVE for Louis to be able to run around with rainbow flags, but he can't. It would put him immediately bc that's how it is tbh. Also, why can't ppl let the queer fans enjoy H showing support for them?!? Let me feel accepted! This isn't about Larry!

i know :/// we all know louis would if he could ♡♡♡


“Do You Love Me?” - Dance Precisions mini small group tap, KAR Pomona CA, May 2013
☆ Dancers ☆ Joshua Kim, Bailey Sok, Ava Siniscalchi, Kaylee Quinn, Peyton Heitz, Alyssa Keeler, Haley Juarez, Madison Harris, Elizabeth Louie
Do You Love Me? ~ The Contours, Motown Records (1962)

“I’M A LOUIE...”

“and I spend more time than I’d like to admit looking at pictures of 

Louis Tomlinson.”

 “Why? I don’t fucking know.”

“I like your hair,”

“I like you man titties,”

“I like your big giant butt,”

“fucking mesmerizing”

“I like your clothes,”

“I can’t tell if I wanna be with you…”

…or be on you.”

Can I just fucking stare at you until I figure it out?”

(x)inspired by jenna marbles girl crushes video (x)