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I think the hardest thing for a Louie watching all this unfold is watching blogs you respect brushing off the legitimate hurt people are feeling. The answer to upset at harry getting yet more solo glory is 'Louis MUST be doing something we dont know about and you're a moron for not believing that!' Because you guys WANT it to be true? And thats followed up by Louis MUST be thrilled too! Louis career and image are trashed but lets pretend he's fine so it doesnt look as if H is leaving him behind

I am not brushing it aside, and neither are the people I am reblogging from. What I am seeing, however, are people dramatizing Louis’ SUPPOSED reaction, and causing themselves needless stress for no reason. We don’t know how Louis is reacting, but we do know his character quite well based on past actions. 

Let me ask you this: Do you believe Louis petty enough that he would be cold, distant, resentful, etc. towards his partner just because his partner got a great opportunity?

I’ll ask you one better: Would you be that way towards your partner if they were given an opportunity to showcase themselves? Like a promotion? Or would you, sit back and be bitter that you were denied?

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I'm just really tired of seeing your negativity, for someone who wishes something good happens you're really great at being negative when something great happens that louis' not involved in especially if it's harry. and you claim you love both. it breaks my heart cuz I wanted to be friends but your negativity really just leaves a bad taste to my experience in this fandom. People are saying one thing and you only selectively choose what they say to be negative about it & not listen to the message

that’s me, the Negativity Queen. but seriously i’m a louie and obviously i’m gonna be sad when the other boys are doing cool things while louis just goes to starbucks and walks down the street with danielle and freddie, while he’s reduced to being just a Dad™, while he has to say he hasn’t been doing anything for his career because the baby takes up all his time even tho that’s not true, while he has to mentor some shady, doomed to fail band for simon. that doesn’t mean i don’t love the other boys or that i’m not happy for them because i absolutely am. i’m just sick of louis not getting what he deserves as well

The Original Louie

We talk a lot about how Louis got a fan pic with Harry and is number one in the Harry Styles fanclub but I don’t think it can be emphasized enough that Harry is the originator of “Louis Tomlinson Deserves Better”. 

He was saying from day zero, before they were in a band, that he believed in Louis and he could do this (that’s my reading of this moment but there’s not much else it could be):

He thought Louis’ voice was essential to their sound:

He kept complimenting Louis’ voice when we know he felt down about never getting solos:

He was so happy when Louis got to be the one singled out by his idol and given some well deserved attention:

Every catchphrase, every project, every way fans support Louis… if you can think it, Harry was already building him up like that during the X Factor. 

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these people truly do not understand the point. like please tell me where we are saying that louis is anything but supportive...? that's not and has never been the point

I don’t know if it’s because of a misunderstanding or if they’re deliberately trying to miss the point. There’s maybe a handful of really angry louies who think like that but most louie larries are just genuinely upset how the fact that things aren’t equal between the four of them, or well, the two of them. I don’t think that translates to wishing Harry would just stop doing his thing? Not at all?

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!! ohh can i ask about angel then maybe?

I feel lightheaded…yes…of course….he is a Very Special Boy!!

Born in the 70s and in love with the aesthetics of that time, Angel is a half-Japanese, half-Puerto Rican, all human disaster, aged 26. Kyo’s half brother (they share a mom).

The golden boy of Port City, very smart, dedicated to being a success, fluent in both Spanish and Japanese, seems to have everything all figured out and is remarkably mature from the day he was born. Beneath all of that, he is weighted heavily by the pressure to succeed, to keep up his image to all those around him, and has terrible anxiety because of it. Realistically, the stress to meet expectation is largely something he’s placed on his own shoulders, but he can’t bare the concept of letting anyone in his family down by lessening his goals to live a quieter life.

He can be difficult to live with for Kyo, and at times Louie, but he does have fun. He loves them both, and Kas, a lot

Other things Angel loves: tequila, Ecco the Dolphin (Dreamcast version), Animal Crossing, any and all marine life, mini skirts with t shirts, David Bowie, bland food with delicate flavors, puffy stickers Kyo buys him to put on his phone, Kyo stuffing their face with pancakes in a diner, early morning conversations with Kas, when the light from the sun rising hits Louie Just Right.

Well, as always, this shitty atmosphere in this fandom, even among the Larries, makes me want to scream very hard and just walk out of this awful indirects/anons/Louie-Harrie’s war .


okay, i just want to say something really quick. and this isnt a dig or rip at the person who posted the above post but it’s there just so y'all know what general trend i’m talking abt because i’ve seen a couple posts with the same type of tone and message.

i havent seen one louie who is upset say that we dont think louis has anything going on, we say he has nothing going on publically, because it’s the truth. he doesnt and it makes us angry. and at least the louies that i am close friends with and speak with regularly constantly talk about the work that we hope louis is doing behind the scenes (like the vardy movie or an album or ep or writing music). but it is hard to stay hopeful when it has been so long with nothing. and sure, tabloids were saying that liam was spending all his time with cheryl, but not many were saying he was doing nothing with his career. he had that song leak, that rapper, who’s name is escaping me at this moment, has been talking about liam being on his album since the hiatus started. people have been seeing him at recording studios long before his deal was announced. there were warnings long before he had a confirmed deal. same with harry and niall’s deal, tho neither officially confirmed it has been greatly hinted at that something is going on for them musically. louis has no hints, louis isnt been snapchatted in the studio, people arent talking about louis writing with them in interviews. as much as louies like the hope and headcanon we have no reason to even think he has anything going on (other than a few brief articles about how his name was brought up to lead the vardy movie and that hasnt come up in the press in a while). it’s just frustrating to sit back and wait and hope for something to drop out of the blue.

Today I said goodbye to my little king. For twelve years you’ve been by my side, always purring, always snuggly and always loving me. I never wanted this day to come, but thank you for all the love and joy you have given me. There will never be another Louie, you’ll always be my king and I will always love you forever and a day. 💕

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