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Fluffy Tropes! Zimbits; 15) Blanket forts and/or 27) Wearing the other’s sweater

It’s almost 2:30 in the morning when the hotel’s fire alarm goes off. Jack jerks awake mid-REM cycle and stumbles out of bed. He lists awkwardly to the side as he shoves his feet into his shoes, grabbing a shirt from his open suitcase as he heads for the door.

His teammates are already out in the hall in various states of undress (’please, someone, for the love of god, get Tater a towel to cover up with’). Jack, in his disoriented state, fumbles with the shirt he grabbed, trying to thread his arms through the sleeves.

It takes him about thirty seconds of clumsily wrestling with the shirt before he realizes that everyone else has gone quiet.

And they’re staring.

Jack looks at everyone, confused, and then looks at Tater imploringly.

Tater laughs loudly. “Zimbonni! Your shirt!”

Jack looks down at where the shirt–a cardigan, he sees now–is stuck, stretched hopelessly around his left bicep.

“Oh.” Jack feels his face heat. “There must have been a… mix-up with my laundry.”

Tater looks at him with a wide smile and a knowing glint in his eyes. “Yes. Much too small for you. That is meant for itty bitty man.”

“Haha, yeah, I guess so,” Jack says, flushing even brighter. He pulls the sweater off his arm and folds it up as casually as possible.

Luckily, Poots yells at Tater to find some damn underwear, and the sweater is quickly forgotten.

After the alarm has been cleared, Jack goes back into his room. He grabs his phone and sends out a text.

You left something in my hamper last weekend.

Jack shakes his head when he gets a reply almost immediately.


It’s 3 in the morning. Shouldn’t you be asleep?’ He sends back.

He waits for a minute with no reply back before grabbing the sweater and his phone and heading into the bathroom. Now that he’s slightly more awake, he manages to get it nearly up to his shoulders before the seams threaten to rip open and he manages to button just one button across his waist. It’s certainly an interesting sight.

He snaps a photo of his torso, bare under the straining fabric, the top part of his head cut off, and sends it to Bitty. His phone buzzes right away.

“👀 👀 🔥”

Jack starts to write back when his phone buzzes again, a picture of Bitty smiling taking over the screen. He answers it.

“A bit late, isn’t it?” He asks.

“Jack Zimmermann if you think I’m going to be able to get to sleep after that photo–”

Jack chuckles.

Bitty sighs. “Have you put on more weight?” He asks.

“Uh–yeah. About twenty pounds since the end of summer?”

“Lord,” Bitty says in a low whisper. Jack’s breath catches in his throat.

“Are you really not going to be able to sleep?” Jack asks. Bitty starts to reply but Jack interrupts him. “Because I think I can find a way to tire you out a little,” he says.

“Oh. You think so, huh?”

“Yeah, I do.” Jack says.

“Alright then, Mr. Zimmermann. Show me what you’ve got.”

Jack shows him exactly what he’s got.

Kyuhyun: Knowing that if i cry, i won’t look handsome and won’t be able to sing well, so i have been trying to hold back my tears. But during At Gwanghwamun, when everyone started singing with me, i suddenly thought of 10 years ago when i just debut and i was very worried if everyone will like me. Looking at all the fans who love me, fans who scream for me, fans who laughed because of my cold jokes. So i cried.

160527 Knick Knack in Nagoya Day 2 
Kyuhyun couldn’t sing the end of At Gwanghwamun because he was really touched by the fans singing along very loudly, and he started crying. (c) (c)

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55. You love me and you know it WITH JUNGKOOK PLS :D AND GO NUTS ;)

55. You love me and you know it

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  

The way he shivered under your touch, the way his sweaty skin glistened in the light and the way he panted from the exertion riled you up so much that you had to rub your thighs together to stay strong and go through with what you were trying to accomplish.

Making Jeon Jungkook come undone beneath your touch.

Jungkook moaned loudly, his thighs quivering when you pumped his rock hard length slowly as you watched him throw his head back in pleasure, his hips bucking into your touch every now and then, though he tried to act like he had it together. Which he clearly did not.

You had managed to cuff one of his hands to the headboard in an effort to restrain him a little bit because you wanted to show him who’s in charge and even though at first he had been incredibly excited about your plans with him, you could tell that he was struggling hard to keep his composure, especially since he kept on yanking at the handcuff, making his wrist turn red and sore.

You raked your hands down his thighs, your fingers scraping his skin gently, accompanied by soft kisses on the insides of his thighs up to his lower belly, intentionally skipping the area where he needed your touch most.

“You’re such a tease” he whined when your tongue lapped over his abdominal muscles, feeling them tense underneath you only making you smirk at him even more.

“You love me and you know it” you purred, before gliding both your hands up his torso to land on his nipples, watching him arch his back into your touch as his onyx eyes stayed fixated on you.

“Hurry up, I’m dying over here” he whined, raising his hips to signal you what he wanted, but you leaned closer to him, placing a kiss onto his lips that he returned with a feverish intensity, only to have you part from him way too soon.

He started groaning in frustration, at least until he saw you crawling down his body and positioning yourself between his legs, looking at his exasperated face one last time before you took his throbbing length into your mouth.

Jungkook almost choked on his spit when he felt your hot mouth around him, and when you started sucking his length and bobbing your head up and down, he fell back into the pillows, babbling incoherent words as his one free hand tangled into your hair.

You moaned in content when you heard him groan and whimper, his hips bucking into your mouth before you held them down and let go of him with a loud plop.

“What are you-”

“Who’s better at Pokemon?”

He just stared at you like he got struck by lightning while you kept stroking his thigh, avoiding his dick until you got an answer.


“You heard me” you replied, trailing your fingers over his skin, watching little goosebumps appear that made you smile at his involuntary reactions.

“You can’t be serious right now. Just suck my dick, woman.”

His voice almost had a squeal to it and it made you realize just how impatient and undone he was becoming.

Your eyes landed on his, seeing his need written in them as he stared at you, begging you to continue, to just keep touching him.

“I said who-”

You took his leaking length into your hand,

“-is the better-”

licked a long stripe up the underside, right on the thick vein up to the tip of his cock,


before your thumb rubbed over his slit, spreading the precum on the head of his dick.

He shivered and tried to thrust into your hand, but you loosened your grip, making him flop into thin air as he laid back with a loud groan.

“FINE” he yelled, his eyes fixed on yours, “you’re better at it! Now get to-”

His words got choked back when you took him back into your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks around him before his hand landed back in your hair, gripping you tight, making your eyes water from the pulling sensation in your scalp but you moaned around him when you heard his panting and his curses as he thrust into your mouth until he hit the back of your throat, making you gag on his length.

You pulled off of him, wiping the tears off your eyes when he raised his head again to look at you, a worried expression on his face, despite the sweat covering his face from your exertions and his neediness just seconds ago, he always tried to take care of you.

“Are you okay?”

You just nodded before diving right back in, loving the way he couldn’t help but become a moaning  mess underneath you.

It wasn’t too long before he came, what with your tongue swirling around his tip and your mouth relentlessly working his length, and when you sucked hard, your hand pumping the rest of him that didn’t fit into your mouth, you felt him moan out a warning, only seconds before his whole body stiffened to the point where you could see his muscles bulging and he released into your mouth.

You milked him for all he was worth, swallowing down his warm, sticky seed the best you could until he was completely spend and you released his softening dick before you felt his fingers at the corners of your mouth, wiping away the residue of himself and you captured his thumb with your lips, licking the last bits off his skin.

“You’re gonna pay for this” he mumbled with a content smile, before he realized that his hand was still confined and you went over to him to free him from the cuffs.

Seconds after you released his wrist and after examining it- it was sore but nothing that a bit of ointment and a kiss could fix- he flipped you onto the bed, pinning your arms down with one hand while his other traveled under your skirt as he captured you in a heated kiss.

“And you’re gonna pay now.”

Watching the autograph video on loop for the past ten minutes. And I have to say, this was the one time they didn’t know someone was filming right? SO they were completely normal and natural and really I have to ask-

What was so important about the black penis that Jensen had to ask him right then? It could’ve waited till they got back to their rooms. Also, why did he have to drape yourself all over Misha at all? If it was supposed to be a secret conversation that no one should hear, then.. well, not so secret with talking so loudly. 

Me thinks someone just wanted to drape himself all over someone else and picked a bullshit excuse for a conversation topic just so he could do it.  

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45 + taekook :~)

Your favorite Disney song: I See the Light from Tangled. 642 words.

“Tangled is so much better than Frozen.”

“You take that back, Jeon Jeongguk.”

Taehyung holds the butter knife to Jeongguk’s nose, but he just laughs. Laughs. The nerve. 

“You know I’m right,” Jeongguk plops himself down on one of the kitchen stools, and spins, “Even Sword Art Online had a better plot than Froze–” 

 “I can’t believe we’re friends.” Taehyung drops the knife in the sink, and it clangs loudly. “Honestly,” Crumbs fall out of Taehyung’s mouth as he speaks, words garbled, “Frozen was a worldwide phenomenon and–”

“It sucked!” Jeongguk shouts. Taehyung just scoffs, and disappears into his room. 

Three hours later, Taehyung is startled awake from his afternoon nap by Jeongguk’s weight settling next to him in bed, and the younger boy’s laptop being placed on his chest.

“Gukkie, what are you–”

“We’re watching Tangled,” Jeongguk says, not bothering to look Taehyung in the eye as he clicks through his folders, “And you’re going to agree with me.”

Taehyung tries to protest, to squirm his way out of it, but Jeongguk’s clicked the file and wrapped his arms around him, trapping him in place. There’s not much space in his bunk, and it’s barely enough to have to two of them side by side without someone’s ass dangling over the edge. Jeongguk tucks his head in the crook of Taehyung’s neck, and watches as the Disney Logo plays out on the screen.

Every time Jeongguk laughs, sings along, or gasps, Taehyung can feel his hot breath ghost against his collarbone, and it’s making concentrating on the movie increasingly difficult. By the time the third act begins, Taehyung’s sure his arm has gone numb from being crushed by the maknae. When he loosens it from under Jeongguk’s weight and wraps it around the boy’s shoulders, all it does it make Jeongguk snuggle in closer. Taehyung’s not sure if that’s any better.

“Here it comes,” Taehyung hears Jeongguk whisper, and the first few notes of a song play out. Rapunzel and Flynn look at each other on the screen, adoration in their eyes, and Taehyung can’t help the way his gaze flits down to Jeongguk. He counts the younger boy’s eyelashes as the song goes on. That is, under he sees them damp.

“Gukkie? Are you crying?” 

Jeongguk turns his head, and presses his face into the fabric of Taehyung’s shirt, “No.

“Come on, it’s just a movie.” Taehyung chuckles, and he can feel the outline of Jeongguk’s pout against his skin.

“No, it’s n-not,” Jeongguk hiccups once, and Taehyung feels a wet spot bloom where the boy’s crying openly now. 

Taehyung closes the laptop, and carefully slides it down to an empty spot by his legs. Jeongguk sniffles as Taehyung hooks a finger on his chin, and tilts his head up.

“Hey,” Taehyung whispers, pressing their foreheads together, “You okay?”

Jeongguk bites his lip, and doesn’t meet Taehyung’s eyes. Taehyung just shakes his head, and uses his thumb to wipe some of the tears away. He makes sure his touch is gentle, and Jeongguk’s hands shake where they’re closed into loose fists in between their chests.

“Is there something yo–”

Taehyung’s cut off by Jeongguk surging forward, large hands sliding up and cupping his jaw, and a pair of lips pressing against his.

Stunned, Taehyung blinks at Jeongguk for a few moments, the younger boy’s eyes screwed shut, some tears still dripping down his cheeks. Taehyung lets out a breath through his nose – a sort of sigh – and uses the arm he has around Jeongguk to bring him in closer, deepening the kiss. They sit like that for a minute, in each other’s arms, before Jeongguk breaks away to grin.

Taehyung grins back.

“Did you mean for that to happen?” 

Jeongguk shakes his head.

“No,” He smiles wide, and nudges their noses together, “But I can’t argue with results.”

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So, this is for @suchaglamorouslie who donated to @klarolinegivesback who asked for this; “Fluff or smut, tvd universe, mate trope encouraged. No angst or sad endings!” and this is sort of where my mind went. 

I decided to do a part two to the Dreaming of You drabble [x] I did a while back, though, it can be read on its own. It got a bit long and I felt guilty about how long it was taking so I promise there will be another follow up to this.

ff. a03.

- Shauna! xo

He’s quite sure that he’s died and gone to heaven, Caroline heaven, when he hears her voice, her actual voice, for the first time in what feels like an eternity.

Her voice is as soft and as peaceful as it always is.

“Klaus?” He hears and he listens to the gulp that she swallows loudly, listens to the way her voice falters, if only slightly.

His lips widen into a smirk as he listens, imagines her biting her lip, just like that time she had when he’d brought her to the edge over and over again, that day in the woods.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

She sighs loudly and he swears he can practically hear her eyes.

“You’re the one who called me,” she points out, rather numbly. “What do you want?”

He snorts and this time he’s rolling his eyes.

“Caroline,” he sighs, his voice filled with so much relief, not that he can help it, he is beyond relieved that she picked up - he half expected her to ignore his call - that he knows she’s smiling at the sound of it, not something her unconscious had made up but actually him. “I think we way have a problem, love.”

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"Erik... are YOU the one who took Logan's missing copy of The Tale of Genji?"

first sentence meme

“Erik… are YOU the one who took Logan’s missing copy of The Tale of Genji?”

The question comes out much harsher than he intended, but Charles has been up all night studying for his Biochem test, and frankly way too tired to deal with this ongoing prank war between his idiotic roommates.

“Are you accusing me of stealing?” Erik snaps, banging the kitchen cupboards rather loudly as he grabs a bowl for his bran flakes. “And the answer is no, Charles. I did not take his stupid book because I have more important things to do with my life. Maybe if Logan wasn’t such a slob he wouldn’t lose his crap all the time in that garbage pit he calls a bedroom.”

Charles sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as Erik slams the bowl on the kitchen table and then pointedly ignores him. Upstairs the noises are growing ever louder, drawers being slammed open and shut amidst rather spirited - and inventive - cursing for 7:30 in the morning.

“I’m not accusing you, Erik,” he tries to placate, because that’s always been Charles’ role, to mediate arguments and flareups between his two best friends, going all the way back to their days in kindergarten. “It’s just…his paper is due and he needs it rather desperately so if you have seen it perhaps–”

“What did you do with my book, Lehnsherr?” Logan snarls, stomping into the kitchen in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and an angry frown on his face. “I’m not playing this game with you, alright? This shit is completely crossing the line!”

And oh this is not good, not good at all because now Erik is really pissed, his eyes narrowing and his jaw set as he pushes himself up and into Logan’s personal space. “I. Did. Not. Take. It. Fuck. Off.”

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Peds Preceptorship Week 1

Here are my reflections on my peds preceptorship week 1

Disclaimer: This reflection ended up ridiculously long (oops) also remember I am not a fully formed med student much less a fully formed human and these are not my fully formed opinions (these aren’t even my fully formed thoughts) 

-Newborns are literally the cutest things I’ve ever seen omg so new to the world just wide eyed looking around 

-Less kids cry with the pediatrician than they do with the person who comes to give the vaccines (whether it be an MA or nurse or whoever), at least in my one week’s experience. But apparently some kids cry at everyone no matter what. 

-There is still plenty of wailing coming from the rooms though. Kids cry very loudly. They have many things to say without words. 

-I really need to learn Spanish (and not just the “I understand what someone is saying” kind of learning, I mean like actually being able to communicate with another person by SPEAKING) 

-Working at a community health clinic (vs. being in private practice) allows you to spend more time with your patients, apparently, at least in this circumstance (~20ish patients per day vs. ~40ish in private practice)

-The patient population at this clinic is ~70% Medicaid, which is awesome because many places aren’t able to see that large of a percentage (due to lower reimbursement rates than Medicare, private insurance). This is accomplished partially by grants and also Medicaid requires more documentation than other insurances? at least in this instance. 

-It’s going to be really hard to fix the obesity problem in this country if school lunches do not get healthier. Lower income families get free/reduced cost breakfast and lunch for their children.  How are the kids supposed to eat healthy if they don’t have tasty healthy choices??? What kid isn’t going to pick pizza?? 

-I feel like there should be a way to talk about someone’s health without zeroing in on their weight. Yes, children who are overweight/obese are more likely to be that way as adults. Yes, it is important to get them to start eating healthy and exercising. But the way my doc brings it up it sometimes feels like the weight part is the only part that matters and not about just generally being healthier. I mean, I get not wanting to beat around the bush about it but at the same time it’s important to not mess a kid up. I don’t understand how there is enough time to have that conversation in 15 minutes. He does do a good job of giving suggestions (like making junk food a once a week thing, not once a meal thing and finding a physical activity you like to do, cutting down on soda, eating fruits and veggies with a lean protein, etc.). And he does a good job of making sure the parents are paying attention and are really listening. I think some of the parents might be in denial about it as well, so I can see how the direct approach works with that. Some of the parents say things like “well he’s just tall for his age” and like “oh he’s hungry all the time, he’s growing”. Which is well meaning but reversing the kid’s course while young would be a great thing for their health later on by starting these healthy habits. I think overall it is a good approach but I just wish there was a better way to say it so that a child’s face doesn’t fall when it is brought up (but like there probably isn’t or he would be doing it already). 15 minutes is definitely not long enough to address the systemic factors promoting this epidemic either. 

-ADHD is definitely an important issue. We had an interesting discussion about the prevalence of it. 

-Children have to come to the clinic a lot for well visits. I guess I had forgotten that growing up. It makes sense, to make sure everything is a-okay but I didn’t realize it was so often. 

-I thought it would be a more even split breastfeeding vs. formula but at this clinic pretty much everybody does formula

-Seeing more than one kid in a family for a clinic visit is totally a thing, especially if multiple are sick. They still all need separate notes though (knew this one from scribing, actually!) 

-Joking about little boys having girlfriends seems a little strange. Like the children laugh and it makes them more at ease but like, what if they wanted a boyfriend? Or neither? Why should they even be thinking about that stuff right now? It seems like it would make more sense to use something else absurdist to make them laugh not related to that. 

-I asked a lot of questions about various zebra diagnoses (for instance, things that come up from the newborn screen where they screen for all kinds of things, like enzyme deficiencies etc). There aren’t that many day to day (because surprise, they are zebras!). I really am interested in zebra things but I’m not sure I would enjoy working with patients who have them (because I’ve only ever seen them in books and it’s still very abstract, i don’t want to wish those on patients).

-The morning flies by and this is literally the most chill summer I’ve had in many years. 

-No surprise, I look too young to be in a white coat. I probably could alleviate that some by wearing makeup. But nah. I mean probably 3rd year I will but at this point I have no interest in having to do that every day. 

-I’ve gotten to go in and see patients by myself and do their history and physical. It’s interesting to see the dynamic in the families as they take turns sharing the history (or stay silent, as many kids do around a new person). I might actually be decent at this for normal pediatrician visits by the end of the summer. 

-This is going to sound judge-y and I mean this in a concern for a systematic whole rather than individual parents: A decent number of young ones (2 or under) came in with a phone or an iPad in their hands. I totally get why a parent might want to do that (I mean, especially if they are worried about the kid acting up/being distracting while another kid is having their check up). The recommendation currently is that children under 2 do not even watch television. I am imagining the same goes for a small electronic screen right next up to their faces. I just worry about what is going to happen to their brain. I know that when I was growing up the internet/computer games were starting to be a bigger thing and i’ve felt my attention span start to lapse over the years the more time I spend with electronics (that might not be true for everybody who uses electronics but it is for me). What happens if you do that with kids who are even younger? I also just don’t understand why elementary school children have cell phones (I saw so many while I subbed). Honestly I sound like a Luddite right now but I also think technology has plenty of good to offer (like in the elementary school classrooms some teachers have an iPad during their rotations that kids use to learn how to read/spell/do math/etc. and it makes it more engaging for them). It’s one of those everything in moderation things. Technology isn’t going away. 

-I’ve been able to ask a decent number of questions but feel like I am running out of small talk. 

-Trying not to fuss too much at myself about deciding if i would enjoy being a general pediatrician and instead I am just soaking it all in. 

I had just checked someone in to the hotel, had barely just given them their key and was trying to tell them breakfast time etc., when some DOUCHE walked up next to me and loudly asked if there was ice on the first floor. I was kind of obviously occupied with someone else so I tried to ignore him and keep talking to the guest I had just checked in, but the guy loudly asked again, like 4 seconds after the first time, so I just gave up and answered his question and the other guy walked away. Dude, seriously? Grow some manners.

[climbing in my Dodge Avenger, as I toss everything I came with to the passenger side seat I press the start button, instantly hearing my car comes to life before setting up Pandora. Nuyork Nights at 21 by Lil Uzi Vert blares semi loudly through the speakers as I head to @pretty-miracle ‘s place] 

imessage; “lil miracle whip”: I’m coming ovaaaa, get the snacks ready. 

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33. with Calum or Michael

‘She say’s she only wants you.’ the words made Michael’s heart clench as he held the phone ever tighter to his ear. 

‘Are you sure I should be seeing her today?’ he asked nervously, although he half wondered why he hadn’t left already. 

‘Michael I wouldn’t normally ask you this but I don’t know what else to do. She’s been crying for almost a whole hour now.’ Y/N’s mother sighed and those words finally persuaded Michael. 

‘Okay, I’ll get there as soon as I can.’ he said, the car keys clutched in his hand biting into his palm. 

‘Thank you.’ she said quietly, before the line went dead. 

Michael drove as quickly as he could, the familiar route to Y/N’s parents house still burned into the back of his mind. He arrived quickly, leaving his car haphazardly swung over the driveway as he jogged to the front door and knocked loudly.  

‘Thank you for getting here so fast.’ Y/N’s dad greeted Michael at the door, a worried frown creasing his forehead. 

‘Of course, where is she?’ Michael asked as he followed him into the house. Glancing over at the wall he saw the picture of him and Y/N on their senior prom night still hung there and it took everything in him not to stop dead and just look at them together. He didn’t think he’d ever seen himself look so happy. 

‘In her bedroom, hopefully she’ll unlock the door for you.’ he sighed as they climbed the stairs. 

‘Oh Michael.’ Y/N’s mother greeted him with a sigh of her own and a tight hug as he rounded the corner. ‘Thank goodness you’re here.’ 

‘Y/N honey? Michael’s here now. You can open the door.’ Y/N’s father called. 

‘Michael?’ he heard Y/N say and he felt his heart splintering at the tears that choked her voice. 

‘Yeah I’m here Y/N.’ Michael replied, walking over to stand in front of the door. 

‘Only Michael can come in. No one else.’ Y/N said after a moment’s silence. 

‘Sweetie why are you being like this? I promise it’s normal to be a little nervous on your big day! Please let us in?’ Y/N’s mother pleaded. 

‘Only him.’ Y/N repeated. 

‘Darling, I think we better leave them to it.’ Y/N’s father said calmly, taking his wife’s arm and leading her back downstairs. 

‘They’re gone now, can you open the door?’ Michael asked. Slowly he heard the lock turn but the door remained shut. Hesitating a moment he opened the door and found Y/N sitting on the floor. He didn’t think he had ever seen her more beautiful, with skirts of ivory silk pooled out around her and roses delicately pinned in her hair. But her cheeks were flushed pink not from happiness but fear, and her eyes shined not with excitement but tears. 

‘Michael.’ Y/N whimpered, and that was all he needed to sink to the floor beside her and gather her into his arms. 

‘Y/N.’ he whispered back, the familiar scent of her skin now underlined with the sweet perfume of roses making his head spin. 

‘Thank you for coming.’ she said, finally pulling back from the hug. ‘Everything just felt so wrong without you, I needed to have you here.’ 

‘I mean an invite would have worked too.’ Michael teased lightly, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. 

‘I did want to invite you but - Will didn’t think it was a good idea.’ Y/N mumbled as she trailed her fingers absentmindedly over the pearls that adorned her bodice. 

Hearing his name felt like ice injected directly to his veins. ‘I’m sure Will didn’t. Does he think it’s a good idea that I’m here with you now?’ Michael asked, willing Y/N to look up at him. 

‘Will doesn’t know you’re here.’ Y/N said, even quieter this time and still avoiding Michael’s eyes. 

‘Then Y/N what the hell am I doing here?’ Michael asked, frustration starting to seep into his voice now.  

‘Can you come with me? I’m scared.’ Y/N said, finally lifting her head and looking into Michael’s eyes. 

‘Come with you to the church? And watch you marry another man?’ Michael asked, standing up abruptly. ‘A man who purposefully pushed me out of your life and made you choose between the two of you?’ 

‘Michael that’s not how it happened.’ Y/N insisted, rose petals falling in a flurry around her as she stood up as well and walked after him. ‘I never meant to cut you out.’ 

‘Y/N you made your decision when you let him put that ring on your finger.’ Michael reminded her, desperately wishing this could go another way. 

‘But what if I didn’t make the right decision?’ she asked, hand reaching out to rest on his arm. 

‘If you’re scared to marry him, then I think you have all the answer you need.’ Michael said coldly, lifting her arm from his hand and turning to the door. 

‘Why are you being like this? I don’t understand.’ Y/N said, tears falling down her face again. 

‘I don’t see why you can’t understand just this once when that’s all I ever do. I understood why you broke up with me, long distance looked hard when we were both going off to college. And I understood when you brought back a new boyfriend and showed him off to everyone. I even understood when he started to be wary of our friendship and you started to see me less. But this? Asking me to come with you and watch you marry another man? I can’t understand how you can ask me that.’ Michael said in a rush of words and tears of his own. 

‘You still love me.’ Y/N murmured. 

‘I never stopped.’ Michael simply replied, wiping the tears from his face and preparing to turn and leave. 

‘All this time, the real reason I’ve been scared.’ Y/N said and Michael paused at the door, turning to look back at her. She took a deep breath and when she spoke again her voice was steadier. ‘I was scared because I thought you didn’t love me anymore. But now I know. And I’m not scared anymore.’ 

‘Y/N, do you really mean that?’ Michael asked, voice swelling with years of unspoken hopes and dreams. 

‘I do.’ Y/N said, before she closed the gap between them and pressed her lips to his. 

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Misconceptions | Kim Mingyu | Part 7/?

Pairing: Kim Mingyu X Reader

Summary: He sucks at commitment and she had a shitty memory.

Genre: fluff/angst/comedy

Word Count: 1,377

A/N: Guess what… I’m officially not in high school anymore. I’m so freaking ready for college bro. Like lay it on me. Anyway, I hope you like part 7. Things are starting to get really intense! ~Jasmine

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