It was all Amethyst’s fault.

No, that wasn’t fair and Pearl knew it, Garnet had been the one who’d chosen to put herself between the purple gem and the long curved blade on the tail of the giant turquoise snake they were fighting.

“But if Amethyst had just been a bit more careful,” she couldn’t help but think to herself as she activated the warp pad back to the temple “if she’d just followed my strategy.”

She sighed out loud despite herself.

If the younger gem heard her they didn’t acknowledge it, remaining uncharacteristically silent with their head down and a downcast expression on their face, as they had the whole time since the incident.

“Amethyst, move!”

In the millennia the crystal gems had known each other, Pearl had seen Garnet retreat into their gem a grand total of once. Amethyst had never seen it happen, so when the snake’s bladed tail sliced through the fusion’s stomach and she vanished, there was a brief moment where Pearl and the kindergarten gem had locked eyes with matching expressions of shock and horror. Time had seemed to slow as they watched two gems hang in the air before starting to fall to the ground.

The snake hissed and swung it’s tail around as it turned to face the two remaining gems, accidentally clipping the falling red gem and knocking it halfway across the room, where it hit the wall with a large crack.

A purple whip coiled around the snake’s head tying it’s mouth closed, while Pearl threw a spear impaling the snake through one of its eyes. With a reassuring ‘poof’ the corrupted gem’s body vanished, leaving only a large blue/green gem, which Pearl hastily bubbled, before scooping up and cradling Garnet’s gems.

They didn’t talk to each other during the warp home.

Connie and Steven were sitting on the counter holding handheld video game devices and laughing when the gems returned.

“You’re back! Did you get me anything? Where’s…” His eyes locked on the two gems in Pearl’s arms and filled with tears instantly “Garnet?” He choked out the last word.

“Just an accident, a silly mistake. These things happen, Garnet’s going to be just fine Steven!” Pearl adopted an over the top cheerful tone and waved her free hand around. Noticing Amethyst looking suspiciously at her from the corner of her eye, she waved off Steven’s questions with assurances of Garnet’s good health and imminent return as she dragged Amethyst by the back of her shirt into Pearl’s room in the temple.

“Hey wait!” Steven chased after them but was too late as the door began to disappear.

“We’re just putting Garnet in her room, we’ll be back soon Steven!” Pearl said as the door closed completely.

The shorter gem wrenched away from Pearl and turned to face her with a huff, crossing her arms.

“Ok, what are you trying to hide from Steven?” She said, crossing her arms.

Wordlessly, Pearl held the small red gem in her shaking hand.

“So what? Steven’s seen you poof before once, and me like a gazillion times!”

Pearl turned the red gem over, revealing the large crack down the middle.

“Oh. Man, this is so not good.”

Silence. Pearl was shuddering violently with suppressed tears and anxieties by this point. She felt like she was going to explode any moment, desperately trying to swallow back the painful lump in her throat.

“Our bodies are just an illusion,” she’d heard Garnet say to Steven once last year as he held Pearl’s gem, weeping, and her awareness of the outside world had slowly faded away. Why couldn’t she stay calm, like Garnet? Why wasn’t she strong like Garnet?

“It’s gonna be ok P, we just gotta take her to the fountain and then kaboom, magic healing!” Amethyst gently punched Pearl on the arm.

“It’s just, your gem had only a superficial crack at first, Ruby’s damaged so much more deeply, what if we can’t get her to help in time? What if it gets worse? What if we don’t get to the fountain in time?” Pearl sobbed wringing her hands, “I-we, we can’t lose her Amethyst! We can’t! And how would we tell Steven?”

“Jeez, relax, you’re acting like she’s already dead. Ruby’s tough, she’ll hang on.” Amethyst rolled her eyes.

“None of this would have happened if YOU had just followed the plan. All of this could have been avoided!” Pearl bit back, grief turning quickly into rage washing over her, filling her mind just as completely as the sadness had before. She was so focused in her rage as she and Amethyst began screaming and shouting at each other venomously that she had almost forgotten she was sad.

Then Amethyst started crying too.

Pearl looked at her for a second, stunned, then placed the gems on the floor and pulled her in for a hug. They stayed that way for a while. Once the two had finished crying they sat cross legged on the floor and planned their next move.

“We’ve wasted too much time already, if Sapphire regenerates and sees Ruby like this she’s going to freak.” Amethyst pointed out.

“But we need to get past Steven without him getting suspicious, you know he looks up to Garnet so much, he’d be crushed if he finds out. He’s been through so much already in the last few months.”

Too much. Pearl had broken her promise to stop watching him sleep after the first nightmare of his she’d walked in on. Steven knew what she was doing, how could he not? Yet he never commented on it or asked her to stop.

Some nights he called for her when he woke up crying. Some nights he pretended he was fine. Some nights he asked her to leave the light on while he slept, and it broke her heart. What had they all done to the eager little boy so desperate to become a gem and go on missions? And of the the three crystal gems she was most at fault, she’d wanted him to be a crystal gem. She cursed herself for not listening to Garnet and Amethyst, she cursed herself for giving Steven that mirror, she cursed Lapis and Peridot and Jasper, and herself most of all.

He’d already seen Garnet split in half once, he didn’t need any more fuel for his nightmares.

“How about I distract Steven and you take Ruby and Sapphire to the fountain?”

“You’re ok with this Amethyst?”

The younger gem flushed, “yeah, I’ll take the brats for some donuts!”

They both smiled at each other and jumped to their feet, Amethyst kissed Pearl on the forehead and patted her arm, before shifting into some kind of large shaggy dog and bouncing through the temple door to tackle the two children.

Pearl waited until she heard the front door close and Steven’s giggling receding in volume before tentatively entering the kitchen with the two gems, placing one of Steven’s shirts on the counter she wrapped the gems up in it and then tied the shirt-bag across her back with Steven’s skipping rope, before climbing onto the warp pad and heading to Rose’s inner sanctum.

It was as she remembered from when Rose was alive, free from the dark vines that had taken over the place when she was here last, she made her way quickly to the main chamber and unwrapped the shirt to drop the red gem in the healing tears.

There was a glow and a flash of light. Pearl jumped in shock as she turned to see Sapphire reformed behind her.

“Ruby!” Sapphire cried, running to the side of the pool to look in.

Pearl didn’t bother explaining anything to her, the little blue gem possessed Garnet’s future vision and no doubt knew not only what had happened already, but also what was most likely to happen next.

Sapphire didn’t speak or move again, she and Pearl were as motionless as the statues by the fountain, as the sun went down and rose again hours later, Ruby finally emerged back into their body and swam to the surface and Sapphire let out a shriek of joy.

Pearl couldn’t help but feel a little jealous as the two ignored Pearl’s existence completely, so caught up in each other as they were. Laughing with glee, hugging each other so tightly Pearl wondered why they didn’t just fuse, and kissing every inch of each other’s faces. Pearl couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of the two, they were so open with their love, so completely wrapped up in each other. She’d never really had much to do with Ruby and Sapphire - they’d already been Garnet for a couple of centuries when she met them.

Then as Sapphire tripped, Ruby caught her and they pressed their faces together and grinned, glowing as they fused into a smirking Garnet.

“Howdy,” Garnet said, donning her shades.

Pearl remembered Ruby and Sapphire’s affectionate reunion and flushed, looking away. After how joyous they’d been she felt like she should be showing Garnet how happy she was to have them back, but felt a little awkward all of a sudden.

While she’d been monologuing internally the fusion walked over to her, and they placed a hand on her shoulder, startling Pearl out of her thoughts.

“You did a good job, Sapphire wants me to thank you for saving Ruby.”

Garnet adjusted her shades and began to walk away

“Oh, er, it was nothing.” Pearl waved a hand in what she hoped was a carefree manner as she followed along animatedly. “Tell Ruby and Sapphire that it was no problem.”

The tall gem made a non committal grunt and if Pearl didn’t know that Garnet wasn’t the type to get embarrassed, she could’ve sworn the larger gem was blushing slightly.

“Did they say anything else?” Pearl pressed.

“We should go and check on Steven, I’m detecting a lot of futures where Amethyst and he have made a mess of his room.” Garnet said.

They stepped onto the warp pad and Garnet grabbed her hand.

“It’s ok to cry Pearl,” Pearl realised Garnet must’ve heard some of her conversation with Amethyst, “I missed you too when you were gone.”

Utterly mortified, and sure her face was some shade of navy by now, Pearl merely nodded and leaned into the other gem as the world lit up blue and the floor melted away.

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i have to argue with the long post dissecting bolin's character because the "it's just a cartoon, not real life" argument they made in that is ridiculous. i'm sorry, but just because it's a cartoon does not mean we should excuse blatant issues like that. it's a cartoon that is watched by millions and very easily can influence the children that watch it. obviously they aren't nitpicking for minor details like we are, but they should really be more careful with the lessons they're presenting.

Okay, I think we all need to keep in mind 2 important things here…

1. This is one of the first movies ever.

Bolin is having a difficult time differentiating between what’s real and not real because this is such a new concept for everyone. 

So this idiot isn’t thinking in terms of “I’m playing a character” at all. He’s so caught up in the confusion of stardom that I think he really believes he is Nuktuk (he doesn’t even answer to “Bolin” anymore ffs). So when Ginger gives him the bedroom eyes on screen is all “Oh Nuktuuuuk *swoon*” his brain processes that as “she’s totally into me”… which really brings us to…

2. He’s always been really bad at reading people/situations.

He thought Korra was totally into him… he didn’t pick up on Eska’s creepiness (even though the first thing she ever did was hiss at him)… he’s made more than a few ill-timed jokes… he thought Ginger was into him despite her coldness towards him off-screen…

I mean I get what you’re saying, anon… I really do. And I agree that the “it’s just a cartoon, not real life” argument was in fact ridiculous; however,calling it a blatant issue is pushing it ffs it was a 0.2 second kiss that happened on screen and didn’t happen again. 

Honestly, I think the main reason people are getting so pissed off about the whole ordeal is because it knocked Bolin off of the impossibly high pedestal on which everyone had placed him last season.

But this fandom needs to take a step back and realize that in order for people to grow and mature (like all of us so desperately want Bolin to do), they need to make mistakes. Which is all that kiss was. A mistake. Bolin was being a diva and needed a wake-up call– and getting bitched out by his co-star for giving her an unscripted kiss was that wake-up call.

He’ll learn from this experience and move on from there.

Like, look, if he doesn’t learn from this experience and then does it again– then we can get angry. We can raise hell and write multiple strongly-worded analyses online and gather into circles and pray for the writer of that episode to step on about 5 legos in a row. But I know for a fact that won’t happen (maybe that’s because I’m one of the rare members of this fandom that actually trusts Bryke has a plan for everything they do).

On the for reals though… saying an ill-timed mistake of a kiss is promoting rape culture (not saying YOU’VE said that, anon, but most of the posts I’ve seen have been saying that) is pushing it a little bit too far. 

They kissed, he immediately got told “no”, and then he didn’t try it again.

I just ???? ? ? ? ? dont ? understand??? why this ? ? ? ???? is s??tiLL?? an issUE??? ? ? 

Hungry Incubus | baratieprince&santoryu-blog


Zoro rubbed his forehead looking around. ‘Kitchen?’ he thought suprised. At least he was in human’s home that was sure… He sighed loud and started going around the home to find a human. He was sooo hungry. He was too lazy to get into human’s world and he didn’t eat for the week. Zoro thought he’ll be okay but it was stupid idea. He didn’t excatly know why he took a brake. Propably it was something with what the last victim said but now he was okay. And Zoro was really hungry. A hungry incubus didn’t mean anything good. It means that he’ll fuck his victim until he won’t be done. So it’ll took a really long time. Especially that because he’s demon he don’t feel tired after sex. Nope. Not at all. 

When he was going around the home he walked into the bathroom bored a little. Did the house was empty?

“I only read the first paragraph of your response, so you might have made some good points, but I felt the need to respond immediately to say I disagree with your reading of Kaladin as depressed.”

Dude. There are six posts in this discussion and two of them are yours. How can you miss the part where I explained how Kaladin’s depression is canon?

(Oh, right. You don’t read beyond the first two sentences.)

Symptoms of reading good fanfic

~ Bloodshot eyes from staying up until 3am (it was just getting good around midnight!)

~ Uncontrollable smiling in public while thinking of your OTP (these dorks. I love them)

~ Giggling (sometimes cackling) at the most inopportune times. (Bus, class, church, bathroom…)

~ A desire to hide somewhere at work or school just to keep reading. (Oh, hi… I was just looking for some staples… For the last hour)

~ Forgetting that this isn’t how it actually happened in cannon… (What do you mean he’s dead? He’s not dead! *hysterical laughter*)

~ Loud sighing once finished with a fic. Followed by immediately looking for another fic.

  • elves with super curly hair
  • elves with really loud laughs
  • elves of colour
  • elves being hugged for the first time and not knowing what’s happening but knowing they’re enjoying it
  • elves forgetting to move for hours at a time
  • elves being really confused when you fall over or bump into someone
  • waking up from a nap just to have an elf staring at you all weirded out by the concept of sleeping
  • elves with freckles
  • elVES

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Hey can you recommend some GamJane fics? I can't really find anything good

Yooo bro, this is like the third ask I’ve gotten asking for pairing fic recs–but unfortunately all I’ll basically ever be able to say is “sorry i don’t know” because ahahaha I haven’t had time to read a fanfiction longer than like 500 words in months.  I see a lot of Gamjane art, that’s where I get the pairing mostly.

Basically, the fact that I write fanfiction and like a certain pairing in no way means that I can recommend fics for that pairing.  TuT  Sorry, asking me for fic recs is not going to get you anything.

In Sickness

For thekillianjones, I hope you feel better soon!

In Sickness

“I’m dying, Swan…” He groaned.

“You are not dying, it’s just the flu.” She mentioned as she headed to the kitchen. “I’ll grab you some water.”

“Love, Henry should keep the Jolly, take his children sailing in it. That is my parting wish…” He exclaimed as he lay on the couch, still in his pajamas, closing his eyes and a loud painful sigh escaping his lips.

Emma rolled her eyes. “Stop overreacting.” She said as she grabbed a bottle of water and looked at him, eyes closed, lying on the couch.

Captain Hook, lying on her couch, acting as if his world was coming to an end because he was sick. The man had crossed realms, defy death and faced dangerous unimaginable to the common man, only to commiserate on a simple flu!

Her hand played with the lid of the bottle. She wondered why all men were such softies that need constant care when they were sick.

And then her hand froze on the bottle as she realized one simple fact: for the last three centuries he had endured everything alone. Every sickness, every cut, every wound, every pain he’d ever felt, he’d endured alone. No one by his side, no one to take care of him.

She quickly and silently pulled her phone and sent a quick text before grabbing the bottle, pouring the water on a glass and walking towards the couch. He opened his eyes to look at her.

“Thank you, love.” He said as he gestured the water. “Have a nice day at the station.” He finished groaning.

She put the glass on the coffee table and bumped his shoulder with her leg. “Move over, sailor.” She said as he helped him lift his head and torso up so she could sit.

She pulled his head on her lap, her hands starting to massage his temples. He sighed, a small peaceful smile appearing at his lips. “That feels wonderful, love. But you are going to be late.”

“I called David and told him I was not going today…” She said simply.

He opened his eyes to look at her. She smiled softly at him, her hand moving his hair away from his forehead as she leaned in to press a soft kiss. “You are sick, I’m staying right here to take care of you…”

“Why?” He whispered, his eyes filled with awe and gratitude.

“You know why…” She whispered.