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Prompt: Caskett being clingy or sharing a clingy hug because of some reason: danger, rescue, you choose ^^ Thanks! ♥

Set in Season 1. Hope you enjoy, love! <3

“Oooh Beckett! Look, they’re selling cotton candy!” Castle exclaimed, his hand already fumbling in his right pocket for his wallet.

Kate watched her partner scurry to the stand that was a contrast white to the light green of the grass that surrounded them. He turned around to speak to her, but with the music blaring from the tall speakers at each corner, she had no chance of hearing him, so she merely shrugged at his frantic hand gestures.

As he turned around to talk to the overly enthusiastic worker, who was stereotypically dressed in red and white stripes, she let out a loud sigh, covering her face with her hands, then removing them in order to be able to fan herself, a useless attempt to calm herself down in the New York summer heat.

“Not enjoying yourself, Beckett?”

She whirled around to meet the faces of Ryan and Esposito, the former looking unusually pale, whereas the latter was happily stuffing his face with peanuts.

“I would be. If I were aged seven.” She grumbled, to which Javier shook his head with a frown.

“It’s just a fair, we visit worse places than this on the daily.” He offered, but why the NYPD annual fundraiser had to be held at a fairground on a Saturday afternoon was beyond her.

Before she could argue this point, a shaky exhale from the other man caught her attention.

“You okay there, Ryan?” She asked with a smirk, to which the detective sighed as his shoulders slumped.

“Went on the Twister because McNulty bet $50 I wouldn’t,” He explained, “Should’ve just declined, I want to use this 50 on sickness pills and painkillers.” His hand rose to rub harshly over his forehead and eyes, and Beckett couldn’t help but notice Espo smirking by his side.

“Come on Irish, let’s get you to the bathrooms before you throw up all over the place.” He placed a hand on Kevin’s back, guiding them to the left without much of a goodbye.

Beckett watched them leave with a slight grimace as she witnessed Ryan place a desperate hand over his mouth, then sprint towards the blue coloured door.

Suddenly, two clouds of colour were placed in front of her.

“Pink or blue?”

She looked up at the writer, who was smirking mercilessly with reddened lips.

Kate gave a reluctant eye roll, “Blue,” She grabbed the snack out of his hand, “Because unless you spent the last two minutes making out with that worker, I assume you’ve already taken a bite out of the red one.”

A guilty look spread across his features, before he hastily wiped his mouth with the back of his hand to remove the remnants of the coloured sugar.

“Guess you really are observant enough to be a detective.” Castle huffed, then took another large bite of the cotton candy, not waiting before he’d finished his mouthful to speak, “So, which ride we goin’ on?”

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I saw you reblog a post about marvel movies, so I was wondering if you would do prompt 16 or 18 for whichever pairing is your marvel otp? Or if you keep your fics to Captain Swan, than one of those two for them please :]

A/N: I went with Captain Swan, because as much as I ship Clintasha and Scott/Jean, I don’t actually write for them. But if you change the names in this it could probably work for all three of these, soo…. :D

“It could be worse.”

He hasn’t said a word in what feels like hours, but his grip is tight in her hand as he leads her to the bathroom. He raises an eyebrow at her, silently telling her to sit on the counter, and she does with worried eyes and a nervous bit of her lip.

“Killian,” Emma lets out a loud sigh when he ignores her to bend down and grab the first-aid kit from the cabinet. She can see the tension in his shoulders so clearly from this angle, see the small tremble that rattles his hand. “Hey,” her voice is calm and tender, grabbing his hand once he’s standing. “I’m okay.”

He only nods, flipping open the box to grab the disinfectant, his reluctance to look her in the eyes fading with every move of her hand on his shoulder. “You shouldn’t have gone in there alone.” Killian finally lets himself truly look at her, “You should’ve waited for back up, love.”

“Probably.” Emma shrugs, because he’s right. She should’ve waited, but they threatened him and there was no way she was about to let the get away with it. She watches from under her lashes as he tends to the gash on her forehead. “It could be worse, you know.”

“How so?”

Did you see the other guy?” She offers, smiling once he shakes his head and kisses her head.  

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Izaya and Shizuo reacting to being sent a picture of the other one kissing their so (it's photoshopped)?

Izaya Orihara: Izaya saw he had a new email from an unknown email address. Curious he opened the email only to be disgusted. The email showed a picture of you kissing Shizuo Heiwajima. Izaya knew you wouldn’t kiss him so he knew it was a fake. He was going to find out who sent this to him and make them suffer.

Shizuo Heiwajima: Shizuo was waiting for you when his phone buzzed. He opened his phone to see he received an email. He opened it and saw a picture of you kissing that damn flea. He grew upset and snapped his phone, he dropped the pieces to the ground. He was going to kill the flea for touching you.

Extra: When you got to the place you were suppose to meet with Shizuo was gone and you noticed his broken phone. Then you heard a loud crash and sighed.

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i have to argue with the long post dissecting bolin's character because the "it's just a cartoon, not real life" argument they made in that is ridiculous. i'm sorry, but just because it's a cartoon does not mean we should excuse blatant issues like that. it's a cartoon that is watched by millions and very easily can influence the children that watch it. obviously they aren't nitpicking for minor details like we are, but they should really be more careful with the lessons they're presenting.

Okay, I think we all need to keep in mind 2 important things here…

1. This is one of the first movies ever.

Bolin is having a difficult time differentiating between what’s real and not real because this is such a new concept for everyone. 

So this idiot isn’t thinking in terms of “I’m playing a character” at all. He’s so caught up in the confusion of stardom that I think he really believes he is Nuktuk (he doesn’t even answer to “Bolin” anymore ffs). So when Ginger gives him the bedroom eyes on screen is all “Oh Nuktuuuuk *swoon*” his brain processes that as “she’s totally into me"… which really brings us to…

2. He’s always been really bad at reading people/situations.

He thought Korra was totally into him… he didn’t pick up on Eska’s creepiness (even though the first thing she ever did was hiss at him)… he’s made more than a few ill-timed jokes… he thought Ginger was into him despite her coldness towards him off-screen…

I mean I get what you’re saying, anon… I really do. And I agree that the “it’s just a cartoon, not real life” argument was in fact ridiculous; however,calling it a blatant issue is pushing it ffs it was a 0.2 second kiss that happened on screen and didn’t happen again. 

Honestly, I think the main reason people are getting so pissed off about the whole ordeal is because it knocked Bolin off of the impossibly high pedestal on which everyone had placed him last season.

But this fandom needs to take a step back and realize that in order for people to grow and mature (like all of us so desperately want Bolin to do), they need to make mistakes. Which is all that kiss was. A mistake. Bolin was being a diva and needed a wake-up call— and getting bitched out by his co-star for giving her an unscripted kiss was that wake-up call.

He’ll learn from this experience and move on from there.

Like, look, if he doesn’t learn from this experience and then does it again— then we can get angry. We can raise hell and write multiple strongly-worded analyses online and gather into circles and pray for the writer of that episode to step on about 5 legos in a row. But I know for a fact that won’t happen (maybe that’s because I’m one of the rare members of this fandom that actually trusts Bryke has a plan for everything they do).

On the for reals though… saying an ill-timed mistake of a kiss is promoting rape culture (not saying YOU’VE said that, anon, but most of the posts I’ve seen have been saying that) is pushing it a little bit too far. 

They kissed, he immediately got told “no”, and then he didn’t try it again.

I just ???? ? ? ? ? dont ? understand??? why this ? ? ? ???? is s??tiLL?? an issUE??? ? ? 

Help Me - Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: thought of this in class and needed to get this off my chest or mind oh my

"Baby?" Luke calls from the other room, our bedroom, next to our bathroom that I am in. His tone sounds almost whiney.
“Luke?” I answer back, curling the last piece of my hair.
I hear his footsteps coming closer and then his loud sigh.
Through the mirror in front of me, I see him lean against the door post.
I set my curler down on the counter top after turning it off and then face him.
“You look great, Luke.” I compliment while looking up and down his body, checking out his tuxedo. “Extremely handsome.”
He holds up his black tie in his hand, ignoring my kind words.
“Will you help me?” He asks, gently, before pouting out his lip.
I laugh a bit before pecking his pouty lips, wrapping my arms around him.
“I thought you knew how to do this by now, babe.” I say with smile, looking up at the string bean that I call mine.
Luke smiles a bit as his hands snake to my sides.
“Well, you’re great at it and every time I try to do it, I fuck up.” He admits while looking down at me, squeezing my hips gently.
I shake my head at him with a smirk, moving his hands away from me.
He smiles innocently at me as I take the tie from his hand.
“What am I gonna do with you?” I ask, playfully as I put his tie around his head and under his collar, standing in front of him.
“You love me though.” He mumbles like a kid while I grab a hold of the ties ends with my hands.
“Of course I do,” I say, looking up at him. “Now, pay attention, kid. This is important.”
His chest shakes as he lowly chuckles and then he gives me a nod.
“You put this end under this one.” I instruct, crossing the wide end under the narrow end, slowly so that he’ll remember.
“Okay, got it.” He says, nodding and watching me.
“Then take this big end over and under this little end.” I say, following what I say and watching my every move.
“Okay.” Luke whispers gently.
I feel him move his head towards me as his hands move their way to my hips.
“Pull the loop and-” I stop once his lips meet my neck. I close my eyes gently, moving my neck for him to have a better angle at it, and breathe in as he kisses my neck slowly.
“I’m listening.” He mumbles quietly against my skin, his warm breath sending me chills.
His hair tickles me.
I swallow and open my eyes to focus back to the tie.
“Y-You pull the l-loop and tighten.” I whisper squeakily, doing what I say shakily.
He knows better than to do this.
He squeezes my hips while he kisses my neck.
“Then you take the bigger end over to the right.” I instruct, finding my voice and trying to pay attention to my movements.
Luke moves his head to the other side of my neck.
“Mmhmmm.” He hums softly as he begins to kiss, pulling me closer to him.
I breathe in once more and close my eyes once he starts to suck on my skin.
What a fucking asshole.
“T-t-then,” I squeak out before opening my eyes again. “You pull the bigger end up behind the- Luke…” I moan out as he sucks hard. I tug at the tie a bit.
His breathing is heavy and my legs feel like jelly.
“Please continue, baby.” He whispers, blowing cool air onto the hickey.
“Fuck.” I mutter under my breath, focusing back to the tie.
“You pull the wide e-end up behind the l-loop.” I whisper, breathlessly, while watching my hands.
I flinch as he starts to nip at my skin.
“L-Luke, baby.” I moan with my eyes closed as he groans a bit.
“Finish, sweetheart.” Luke whispers into my ear, nibbling on my ear lobe.
I whine before opening my eyes again, returning back at that damn tie again as well.
“And f-finally, bring the bigger end through the k-knot and…and tighten.”
Luke chuckles a bit before giving me one last kiss on the neck before moving his head to look at me.
“What was that for?” I whine gently and breathlessly, releasing the tie.
Luke grins and shrugs.
“Thank you for the help, my love.” He whispers and then kisses my lips.
“Yeah, whatever,” I say against his warm lips. “But just remember, Hemmings. That isn’t the only thing I can tie up for you.”

my favorite kanye west is 808s and heartbreak era kanye west

he had a lot of fun with his staging 

he was a little bit fat and he had THE FRO MULLET (fave) 

also he was dateably fine like 

~*~*ooh la la 

*~*~so handsome 

also he did this

:( i miss this a lil bit :(

  • elves with super curly hair
  • elves with really loud laughs
  • elves of colour
  • elves being hugged for the first time and not knowing what’s happening but knowing they’re enjoying it
  • elves forgetting to move for hours at a time
  • elves being really confused when you fall over or bump into someone
  • waking up from a nap just to have an elf staring at you all weirded out by the concept of sleeping
  • elves with freckles
  • elVES

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Finally landing, she let out a loud sigh and fluffed her wings a little. Looking around. "Finally, now I may have a look around properly." she began to wander around, unknowing a devil was nearby.

He’s not going to lie buut he saw that cutie coming down before he was noticed. "Chickadee~"