I would like to apologize in advance.

I am breaking rules as an askblog for this Hide and Kaneki/Haise asks, there for there will be a lot of story telling / shit tons of headcanons and also a lot of Hide’s point of view. I wanted to make things more clear with where Hide stands with Haise and there for, its hard to only write “Haise’s side”. This is solely based on my opinion and observation from reading TG and also note that it is extremely hard for me to write about Hide since there is nothing to go off of.

With that being said, I hope the upcoming post is something you guys enjoy.

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My favorite KCer is Anastasiadreams. Her writing is impeccable and so beautifully Klaroline that it makes my heart pitter patter. Every single of one of her KC fics is makes me daydream and I find myself sighing out loud. For those of us who live in fanon, it's the greatest gift. She is also so amazingly sweet. She never loses her patience or gets snarky like other writers even when we harass her for more or criticize her work.

I love what you’re doing for the fandom! It’s excellent! Thank you so much. I love that we get to showcase our favorite KCers in your blog. Can you give a shout out to Anastasiadreams? She writes some of the best Klaroline fanfiction there is out there. Lead Us Not Into Temptation, Blood Roses for the Devil’s Queen and The Heart Gambles On A Kiss are great stories. I stalk her inbox for updates.

I got two messages about anastasiadreams in under 24 hours!

The love is more than deserved because the fics are AMAZING! If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be The Heart Gambles on a Kiss just because historical romance novels are my jam. I’m loving the background mystery that’s being teased and the sexual tension that’s building between Klaus and Caroline is painfully delicious in all of the best ways. Link to her ff.net profile. READ EVERYTHING!

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i have to argue with the long post dissecting bolin's character because the "it's just a cartoon, not real life" argument they made in that is ridiculous. i'm sorry, but just because it's a cartoon does not mean we should excuse blatant issues like that. it's a cartoon that is watched by millions and very easily can influence the children that watch it. obviously they aren't nitpicking for minor details like we are, but they should really be more careful with the lessons they're presenting.

Okay, I think we all need to keep in mind 2 important things here…

1. This is one of the first movies ever.

Bolin is having a difficult time differentiating between what’s real and not real because this is such a new concept for everyone. 

So this idiot isn’t thinking in terms of “I’m playing a character” at all. He’s so caught up in the confusion of stardom that I think he really believes he is Nuktuk (he doesn’t even answer to “Bolin” anymore ffs). So when Ginger gives him the bedroom eyes on screen is all “Oh Nuktuuuuk *swoon*” his brain processes that as “she’s totally into me”… which really brings us to…

2. He’s always been really bad at reading people/situations.

He thought Korra was totally into him… he didn’t pick up on Eska’s creepiness (even though the first thing she ever did was hiss at him)… he’s made more than a few ill-timed jokes… he thought Ginger was into him despite her coldness towards him off-screen…

I mean I get what you’re saying, anon… I really do. And I agree that the “it’s just a cartoon, not real life” argument was in fact ridiculous; however,calling it a blatant issue is pushing it ffs it was a 0.2 second kiss that happened on screen and didn’t happen again. 

Honestly, I think the main reason people are getting so pissed off about the whole ordeal is because it knocked Bolin off of the impossibly high pedestal on which everyone had placed him last season.

But this fandom needs to take a step back and realize that in order for people to grow and mature (like all of us so desperately want Bolin to do), they need to make mistakes. Which is all that kiss was. A mistake. Bolin was being a diva and needed a wake-up call– and getting bitched out by his co-star for giving her an unscripted kiss was that wake-up call.

He’ll learn from this experience and move on from there.

Like, look, if he doesn’t learn from this experience and then does it again– then we can get angry. We can raise hell and write multiple strongly-worded analyses online and gather into circles and pray for the writer of that episode to step on about 5 legos in a row. But I know for a fact that won’t happen (maybe that’s because I’m one of the rare members of this fandom that actually trusts Bryke has a plan for everything they do).

On the for reals though… saying an ill-timed mistake of a kiss is promoting rape culture (not saying YOU’VE said that, anon, but most of the posts I’ve seen have been saying that) is pushing it a little bit too far. 

They kissed, he immediately got told “no”, and then he didn’t try it again.

I just ???? ? ? ? ? dont ? understand??? why this ? ? ? ???? is s??tiLL?? an issUE??? ? ? 

“I only read the first paragraph of your response, so you might have made some good points, but I felt the need to respond immediately to say I disagree with your reading of Kaladin as depressed.”

Dude. There are six posts in this discussion and two of them are yours. How can you miss the part where I explained how Kaladin’s depression is canon?

(Oh, right. You don’t read beyond the first two sentences.)

  • elves with super curly hair
  • elves with really loud laughs
  • elves of colour
  • elves being hugged for the first time and not knowing what’s happening but knowing they’re enjoying it
  • elves forgetting to move for hours at a time
  • elves being really confused when you fall over or bump into someone
  • waking up from a nap just to have an elf staring at you all weirded out by the concept of sleeping
  • elves with freckles
  • elVES

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Hey can you recommend some GamJane fics? I can't really find anything good

Yooo bro, this is like the third ask I’ve gotten asking for pairing fic recs–but unfortunately all I’ll basically ever be able to say is “sorry i don’t know” because ahahaha I haven’t had time to read a fanfiction longer than like 500 words in months.  I see a lot of Gamjane art, that’s where I get the pairing mostly.

Basically, the fact that I write fanfiction and like a certain pairing in no way means that I can recommend fics for that pairing.  TuT  Sorry, asking me for fic recs is not going to get you anything.