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Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Dashing Duke and Pirate Lord of Tatooine

This is for you @jerseytigermoth

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, know aliases Ben Kenobi, Ben Kryze, Old Man Kenobi, Obes Kenobes?”

The Jedi Master/Pirate/Rebellion General smiled at the befuddled expression on the Prosecutor’s face opposite of where he stood, hands cuffed and resting lightly on the bar in front of him. He chuckled. “Ah yes! That alias was given to me by a very lovely woman. She was quite nice.”

Shaking his head in a mix of confusion and disgust, the Prosecutor continued on. “Also known as Captain Kenobi, the Pirate Lord of Tatooine, High General Kenobi, the Dashing Duke and the Sass Master of Mandalore?”

“Is that all of them?” Obi-Wan asked. “Are you certain you haven’t missed any? That list seems a little short. Did you include the Scourge of the Outer Rim? Oh! For a while I was calling myself Arulas because someone thought it sounded cool.”

There was a snort from back in the gallery of criminals and a sullen, “It did sound cool.”

Flabbergasted the prosecutor tried to reassert his authority. “Your list of crimes against the galaxy are…”

“Ah! Rako Hardeen!” Obi-Wan nodded, reaching up to scratch his nose. “I knew you forgot one.”

The presiding judge banged his gavel and leaned forward, peering down at Obi-Wan. “That’s enough out of you, traitor! You’re far too old for such childish antics.”

“Quite right, your honor,” the Jedi Pirate Rebel nodded with great dignity. “Please continue, Tanver.”

The Prosecutor stammered out a puzzled, “What?! How… how did you know?!”

Winking, Obi-Wan replied. “Jedi Secrets. Also your name was included on my arrest documents. You have a most artistic signature, Counselor.”

There was a low-level snicker coming from the gallery and the Judge hammered his gavel.


“My apologies, your honor,” Obi-Wan smiled and turned to look back over his shoulders at the assembled criminals, hoodlums, rebels and pirates behind him. “Do be quiet, dear friends. Prosecutor Tanver Seabright is trying to charge me with grievous crimes against the Empire.”

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Trump reportedly pulls Iraq from new travel ban, delays its signing

  • Late Tuesday, the Trump administration abruptly pulled Iraq from a list of seven majority-Muslim nations whose citizens were to be subject to a temporary travel ban to the U.S., the Associated Press reported.
  • Trump, despite strong opposition, defiantly vowed to forge on with a new order blocking travelers — including refugees — from the seven nations.
  • However, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond quoted a senior administration official saying the signing of the ban would be delayed until “later this week,” so it could have its own “moment.” Read more (3/1/17 6:57 AM) 

Trump’s VOICE is trying to paint immigrants as criminals. Heres why that’s wrong.

  • During his first speech to Congress Tuesday evening, Trump announced the creation of a Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE)— an office dedicated to serving victims of violent crimes at the hands of undocumented immigrants.
  • Audible boos and loud groans followed his announcement.
  • While victims of violent crimes deserve support, Trump’s use of these limited examples to paint violent crime committed by undocumented immigrants as statistically significant risks stoking xenophobia. 
  • The epidemic he was trying to highlight, and the idea that immigrants steal Americans’ dreams, just isn’t the reality. 
  • Immigrants in the U.S., including undocumented immigrants, commit fewer violent crimes than the general population. 
  • Studies show that not only do immigrants commit fewer crimes than those born in the United States, but also they go to jail less, at a rate of about one-fifth of native-born Americans. Read more (3/1/17 7:16 AM)

could you pleaaasee write an imagine where dan’s doing a live show and y/ n joins in and dan sort ofjust dazes at them as their talking to his younow audience and the comments blow up about heart eyes howell and then they share a cute lil moment with everyone watching??? thanks!

A/N:I am so sorry that it’s so short, the next one is going to be longer I promise

Dan looks down on his phone, and then back at the screen of his computer:“It’s already 11pm, and I guess some of you have school tomorrow.”,he runs a hand through his hair and can see how the comments start to focus on his ‘Hobbit Hair’ :“So now I’m going to do 5 more minutes, but then I’m going to watch anime or something.”

He looks at the comments and isn’t realising that his girlfriend,Y/N, comes into the room.
She goes up to him as quietly as she can and holds a finger on her mouth
And then, with a loud ‘BOO’ she jumps right next to his chair.

“HOLY MOTHER OF-MY GOD Y/N!”,he screams and Y/N starts to laugh hysterically while the comments explode once again.
Now every second one is about the face he made.

“Yeah haha funny.”,he says ironically and looks in the camera of his computer:“haha.. shut up..”

Y/N gives her boyfriend a soft kiss on his cheek and starts to look on the comments.

At first Dan and Y/N thought that the Phandom would hate her,
but they didn’t.
To be honest it seems like most of them are truly appreciate what you do for him and Phil.

“How are you?”,Y/N reading one comment out loud:“Well today was a little bit stressful, but-”

Dan cant help himself so he stares at her.
His brown eyes trail from her eyes down to her pink lips, and back up.
In this entire universe there’s nothing-and when he says nothing then there’s really nothing- more prettier than her.

And he don’t know why, but he starts to think about their first meeting in the supermarket.
She talked about her roommate, and how she kept eating all of her Cereal.
And Dan knew immediately that she’s the one for hi-

“Dan?”,a voice brings him back into reality:“Is everything alright?”
Her eyes are locked with his and instead of giving her a answer, he just stares at her.

The following silence is comfortable, and after a few minutes Y/N looks back at the computer.
With red cheeks she sees that everyones just writing one sentence.

“ Heart Eyes Howell.”

Prompt by @softestisak: “write me a cake fight drabble u brat”

Ak, I don’t like you. But lucky enough, I like the prompt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVEN!!!! (also where is the fucking trailer?!?!?)


“So, you’re going to… bake a cake?”

Eskild’s voice is dubious, eyebrows raised to epic proportions and mouth set in an incredulous line.

Which, fuck him very much, because Isak is not completely helpless. And how fucking hard can baking a cake from scratch be? He has a printed set of directions in front of him, he has all of the ingredients spread out over the counter, and the oven is happily pre-heating.

What could go wrong?

“Yes,” Isak answers with a narrowed look, “I’m baking Even a birthday cake. It’s not rocket science.”

Eskild swallows and puts his hands up, like he was approaching a spooked horse or a small child, “Isak just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you automatically get Martha Stewart powers.

“Who the fuck is Martha Stewart?”

Eskild sighs, “Oh god, this is not going to end well. Are you sure we can’t call Noora in here to help you?”

“Nei,” Isak grabs the empty mixing bowl off the counter and away from Eskild, hugging it to his chest like a shield. “He’s my boyfriend and he made me promise not to by him anything, so this is what I’m doing. Jesus, you make it sound like baking is hard.”

Eskild whimpers but leaves the kitchen in peace.


Okay- so as it turns out, baking is a little harder than it looks. It really wouldn’t be, but there are phrases like sift the flour and fold in the eggs.

What the actual fuck does any of that mean? And Isak is too proud to google it on his phone because he is seventeen years old and baking will not conquer him.

Also, is there really a difference in between baking soda and baking powder? And like, between regular sugar and confectioners sugar? Isak hopes not because Even will be here in two hours and Isak doesn’t have time to run back out to the store.

So he just kind of puts all the ingredients together and hope it works


It doesn’t work. It very much does not work.

And Even is laughing his ass off, arms securely around Isak’s waist as he takes another bite of the shitty Moulin Rouge inspired decorations Isak had turned into stick figures and laughs some more. “I love it,”

“You suck,” Isak groans, batting the fork away from Even’s mouth, “Stop eating it, you might poison yourself.”

“But what a way to go,” Even leans down to kiss at Isak’s pulse point, ignoring the loud boos of their friends. Isak flips them off, but Even doesn’t look ruffled at all, “Baby… you baked me a cake. You, yourself. God knows it was yourself because Noora never would have let this happen.”

Isak groans and Even’s attention is pulled away for a hot second by Sana, who’s just arrived to the apartment.

Isak glares at the failure cake. He worked fucking hard on it and now what? They’re just going to throw it out? Over his dead body is the cake he spent hours slaving away for going to be dumped into the trash.

So he cocks his head to consider, eye slanting right to note that Even isn’t wearing anything to expensive, just his favorite button up (read Isak’s button up) and a pair of jeans. 

The arms tightens around Isak’s wait again and Isak has an idea, He steps out of the embrace. Even swivels his head to look at him.

“One more surprise.” Isak gestures down to the sugar monstrosity, “Look at the cake closer.”

Even raises his eyebrows, but glances down at it, “I don’t get it.”


Even gets a little closer to the cake, now intent on finding whatever mystery clue Isak had hidden in the frosting. When he shifts his head down, just a little bit, Isak pounces.

He hooks a hand around the back of Even’s neck and pulls his face into the cake, waiting several seconds before releasing and stepping back.

The cheers are almost instant and Even is pulling back, wiping frosting from his eyes and laughing again, bright and happy laughter and this might just be one of the greatest cakes ever baked in the world.

“Little shit,” Even grabs a handful of the corner piece and- oh fuck no, Isak didn’t anticipate that. Even hurls the cake at him. Isak dives out of the way and-

The fucking cake splatters against Vilde. Oh my fucking god the look on her face. She screams and everyone goes silent. 

Or at least, for about fifteen seconds and then Even is grabbing another chunk of cake and hauling Isak to him by the waist and smearing the frosting down the length of his face.

By that time, everyone had gotten the idea and Isak’s perfect fucking cake was flying across the room, smearing over every surface available and every person available and Isak and Even were still half-wrestling on the floor trying to escape each other’s frosting clad hands and-

Fucking best birthday party ever.

They’re lounging on the couch when he feels it. A tickle of fingers on his arm that send the hairs jumping straight up.

“Daaannn, I don’t think I’m gonna make it through the night. Can you let me know who wins?” Phil’s voice is barely above a whisper, his ice blue eyes drooping more and more with each passing second.

“Aww come on, you spork. You told the whole world you were gonna stay up the whole night. Anyway, I need someone to hold me when Moonlight inevitably loses to La La Land and I lose what little faith I have left in humanity. Please? For me?” Contrary to Phil, Dan’s entire body is buzzing. This time of night, when the whole world is asleep, is when he feels the most energized. There’s just something about the twilight that fills him with endless possibilities.

“So…sleepy…too much Final Fantasy last night. I’m sorry, Dan.” And Phil’s eyes finally blink closed and remain like that, even as Bryrony lets out a loud boo at the TV. Dan merely shakes his head, rolling his eyes in mock defeat.

He reaches down to the coffee table in front of them, opening the sliding glass doors to pull out a pastel-coloured patchwork quilt. Thank God for his friends and their cosy blankets. Dan tucks the blanket carefully around Phil as soft snores escape the man’s mouth, somehow sounding almost melodic coming from him. He makes sure to lift Phil’s arms up gently and rest his hands on top of the blanket, as he knows how his limbs have a tendency to fidget when he sleeps. With his glasses still on and a stray bit of fringe curling on his forehead, Dan is sure he’s gazing at the face of an angel. Then he snaps out of it suddenly.

Wait a minute. Phil had told Twitter of his plans to stay awake for the whole show this year, but of course he had failed yet again. This was the perfect time for Dan to get his revenge on all those sleeping pictures Phil had posted of him over the years. He picks up his phone from the couch and switches on the camera, quickly flipping it to the back lens. No accidental front selfies tonight–especially not at this ungodly hour, when he had already pushed his fringe back and his eyes were likely rimmed with red. He stretches his other arm out, curling the fingers slightly in a “this guy” gesture, then quickly snaps the photo. His mouth curls up wickedly as he opens up Twitter and quickly finds Phil’s tweet, replying merely with the photo and two simple words: “he failed”. Phil may kill him when he wakes up, but hey, the world deserves to know.

And with that, Dan locks his phone and tosses it down on the sofa, cuddling up to Phil’s safe warmth and directing his focus back to the TV. Tonight was all about his friends and celebrating the triumphs of cinema–and as a massive film nerd, Dan wants to be present for every minute of it. Still, he presses a tender kiss to Phil’s head, gently pushing the stray curl back to where it belongs with the rest of Phil’s fringe. That man is just so damn cute–and honestly, the world deserved to know that. But right now, in this vulnerable moment, he’s all Dan’s–and Dan truly couldn’t be more grateful.

The Sunrise Part 2 (Sirius Black x Hufflepuff!Reader)

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The Sunrise Part 1
The Sunrise Part 3

Part 2 Requested By: @impossibletodealwith @susie2710 @lostxghirl @arielizzlewizzle @itswilma

Word Count: 2,630

Warnings: Minor injury, mentions of bullying.

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post. Most people who asked for it probably forgot they requested it…hehe sorry. ♪~ ()


“Bloody hell, Pads, what are you looking for?” James asked Sirius as he noticed him scanning the crowded hallway yet again. This had been happening a lot recently and as much a Sirius liked to believe, he was not subtle about it and it was piquing the gang’s curiosity. Sirius narrowed his eyes at James and opened his mouth to speak.

“Not what, who.” Remus corrected before he could say anything, making James wiggle his eyebrows at his scowling friend.

“Does our dearest friend finally have a love interest?” He asked, cutting Sirius off once again as Peter nudged him playfully.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Sirius said, shrugging his shoulders, acting a little too nonchalant.

“Every time you go anywhere, you take a good long look before turning back to us.” Remus said as they walked into the courtyard for their break and, as Remus said, Sirius subconsciously gave a quick glance around the courtyard before focusing back on the conversation. James, Remus and Peter shared a knowing look.

“It’s true.” Peter chimed. Sirius stuffed his hands into his pockets and kept his head down for lack of a comeback. He couldn’t deny that he’s kept his eyes peeled for a certain head of Y/H/C hair for the past few weeks. You two had been meeting every morning on Wednesdays and, by his insistence, Fridays, but he had yet to see or talk to you during the day. It was as if you just appeared to watch the sunrise and disappeared for classes.

He had actually begun to think that you were one of the castle ghosts and never came out during the day, but he just brushed that off as crazy thought. Hopefully it was crazy thought. It’d be just his luck to have feelings for a dead person. And yes, he had finally admitted to himself that he was feeling deeper emotions than what you should feel for ‘just a friend’. It came as quite a shock to him, he had never felt this way for anyone else. Sure he flirted and…did other things but it was never with any feeling behind it. He just never connected with someone on that level like he did with you and it made him feel a whole bunch of things.

“Who’ve you been looking for?” Remus asked. Sirius debated telling his friends about you but he liked having you and the sunrise to himself, so he decided to keep it a secret. At least until he sorted out his feelings and you and just the whole situation. He also didn’t want to deal with the extensive teasing that was sure to come out of them knowing about it.

“Just this girl, we had a pretty good snogging session last week and I wanted to see if she was up for another round.” Sirius lied and gave the group a cheeky smirk. Peter seemed to accept this and brushed the whole topic off. James and Remus weren’t as convinced, but after a quick look between them, they decided to save the topic for later. Sirius gave a breath of relief as James shrugged casually and Remus started a new conversation.


You were turning into the courtyard with your two best friends when you spotted Sirius’ familiar frame and quickly spun around and hid behind a pillar. Your friends gave you a confused look. You just ignored them and gave a quick peek around the corner only to see him still there. You didn’t know what you expected, it’s not as if he would disappear in the space of 2 seconds. Your friends, though still confused, looked amused.

“Care to explain?” Your friend, Dovie, asked.

He’s there.” You hissed, gesturing behind you. Your friends turned to look and realisation dawned on their faces. Unlike Sirius, you had told your friends about him and how both of you watched the sunrise together (something they had disapproved of but thought was adorable). You had been avoiding him during school hours, not wanting your happy little bubble to burst.

You were also afraid he’d act differently with you outside of your time together. Maybe he’d be embarrassed by you being a Hufflepuff? Or by you being a muggleborn? You had yet to tell him that though. You weren’t ashamed of your parents or how you were born but he did come from a family infamous for their hatred for muggleborns. He was different though, right? After all, he was sorted into Gryffindor and not the signature Slytherin house of the Blacks. He also seemed kinder, though he was snarky, he seemed more…accepting?

“So? I thought you said you didn’t like him?” Your other friend, Annabelle, said. You felt your face grow red.

“I-I don’t” You lied. You very much had some feelings for the troublesome Gryffindor, but you didn’t want to admit it. You knew that your friends disapproved of him as a romantic…interest… and you didn’t blame them. He had a very long list of broken hearts and flings and you knew that he might never actually have sincere romantic affections for anyone but you couldn’t help it. He was just so interesting and funny and annoying and you loved spending time with him (something you would also never admit).

“You can’t.” Dovie said, her face becoming strict. You groaned, you hated it when she became all motherly on you. Both her and Annabelle had a suspicion that you had developed feelings for him and were both worried. They didn’t want you to come out of it with a tear stained face.

“I don’t need a lecture, mum.” You said, rolling your eyes.

“Right. Because you don’t like him.” Dovie said. You nodded your head


“And you don’t wait impatiently for Wednesday and Friday mornings.” Annabelle said.


“And you don’t love it when he playfully teases you.” Dovie said.

“R-right.” You said, a little quieter this time.

“And you don’t love how he seems to be different with you than with anyone else.” Annabelle said, her brows furrowing with sympathy for her obviously lovestruck friend.

“Right.” You mumbled, your eyes focused solely on your feet. You regretted agreeing to all of those things but what could you do? You couldn’t have feelings for Sirius Black, you just couldn’t. Everyone knew it was a stupid thing to like him and whoever did was bound to end up broken hearted, but he made it so easy to fall in love with his playful smirk and genuine smile, with his witty comebacks and moments of kind sincerity.

“So is that why you’re hiding behind a pillar right now, rather that facing him?” Dovie asked. Dovie, unlike Annabelle, was more of the tough love kind of friend, maybe it was the Ravenclaw in her. And as much as you loved her, you did not want that right now. You stayed silent, not knowing what to say and keeping your now sad eyes on the floor.

“Oh, Y/N.” Annabelle said, enveloping you in a tight hug. “It’s ok to have feelings. It’s ok.” She said, rubbing your back comfortingly. “Just - just don’t get your hopes up, ok pumpkin?” You almost smiled at her nickname she used for your and Dovie. She was such an old lady.

“I don’t like him.” You mumbled hopelessly.

“Of course not.” She said, humouring you. “Of course not.”

“Watch out.” Dovie said, breaking up the moment. “Bullies, eleven o’clock.” She nodded her head in the direction of the approaching condescending pureblood Slytherins that loved picking on you and your friends. You and Annabelle were both muggleborn and Dovie was a halfblood so you were easy targets for pureblood obsessed wizards, especially the ones that were coming down the hallway now, they just loved bullying muggleborns.

You and Annabelle quickly separated and the three of you scurried away. You gave the boy that had captured your attention one last longing look before continuing your escape.


A few days later, Sirius was creeping into the courtyard at 5 in the morning, lit wand in hand. He had changed into his school robes before sneaking out, not wanting to give you more ammunition about his pyjamas. He felt his heart race in anticipation of seeing you, an almost giddy expression on his face.

You were already there, reading a book, sitting under the same tree he first saw you under a few weeks ago. He stopped moving for a moment, watching how your hair fell into your face and how you blew it away softly, only for it to fall back to the same spot again. As much as he loved talking to you, he could just watch you forever. There was something gentle yet daring about you, how you held your head up high and kept yourself open. You were a light in a sea of darkness and he loved you for it. But he’d push that down, that feeling of grabbing you and kissing the living daylights out of you, for he would not be the one to corrupt the bright light. So friendship would be the place he’d settle for.

He quietly crept up behind the tree you were sitting against and jumped in front of you with a loud “boo!”, making you shriek and drop your book onto your lap. He chuckled as you groaned and slapped his arm.

“Merlin’s bear, Sirius! Don’t do that.” You exclaimed. He smirked as he sat down across from you, running his fingers through his hair (a habit you had noticed and thought quite endearing).

“Loosen up, Huffles.” He joked, making you glare at him.

“I’d really prefer it if you’d call me by my real name.” You said, raising an eyebrow at him.

“But Huffles is just so much more fun to say, Huffles.” He replied, enjoying how you rolled your eyes at him.

“Well, if I have a nickname, shouldn’t you have one too?” You asked, rubbing your chin, pretending to be in deep thought.

“Mr. Attractive?” He suggested, making you snort. “The Great Lord of Hotness?”

“Oh, Merlin, please stop.”

“Sexy? Sir Dreamy?” He kept going, making you laugh uncontrollably.

“What have I unleashed?” You cried out.

“Goooood lookin?” He said, grinning.

“Please stop. What about sloppy?” You suggested.

“I don’t know what you’re insinuating but I’m just going to steer us back to Sir Dreamy.” Sirius said, leaning back on his hands.

“I don’t know how this much arrogance can fit in one body.” You said, shaking your head. “And sloppy fits you perfectly!” You said, gesturing to his shaggy, dark hair, loosely hanging tie and messy uniform. Sirius glanced down at him self and just shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him and tucked a lock of stray hair behind your ear. In that one motion, your uniform sleeve slipped down a little, exposing messily tied bandaging over your wrist. All playfulness disappeared from Sirius’ face. He leaned forwards, a worried look on his face.

“What happened there?” He asked, pointing to your wrist. You, not having noticed your bandages were showing, quickly tugged down your sleeve. You were hoping he wouldn’t notice that.

“Nothing. I - I fell.” You said. That wasn’t a complete lie. You had fallen. Down some stairs as well. It wasn’t your fault though. The same pureblood Slytherins you and your friends had run from the other day had cornered you alone just as you were walking up the stairs. You didn’t want to remember what had happened after that, just that you had ended up with bruises and a cut on your wrist.

“Tell me.” Sirius insisted. You sighed in defeat.

“Remember when I told you I didn’t like bullies?” You mumbled quietly. Sirius’ eyes narrowed dangerously as he nodded. “Well now I’m not overly fond of stairs, as well as bullies.” You waited for him to say something, but he was just sitting there, anger evident on his face. You didn’t even know how angry he was though. The thought that someone hurt you, had caused you to fall down stairs, was enough to get his blood boiling and fingers curling into fists. He tried to tamped down on his anger.

“Who?” He said, his voice deadly quiet. You kept your head down, not wanting to meet the fury in his eyes.

“I - I don’t want to say.” You mumbled.

“What?” He asked incredulously.

“What would you do to them?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He lied.

“Sirius…I don’t want to say.” You whispered.

“How can you not want to say?” He exclaimed, shock and anger building up inside him. “Just so that I don’t hurt them?” You kept quiet, still not meeting his gaze. He released a frustrated groan. “Did you tell anyone?” He asked. You shook your head. “Did you go to the infirmary?” You shook your head again. He suddenly shot up, his hand running through his hair again. You eyes flew up at his sudden movement and watched him pace around frustratedly.

“Sirius -“ You started but was cut off by him.

“Why wouldn’t you tell anyone, Huffles?” He asked, turning on you, making you shrink away from him. “You do realise that this just encourages them to do this more, right?”

“Yes, but -“

“And if you hate bullying so much then why are you protecting them? The people that hurt you? And others most likely.” His voice rising.

“Sirius -“

“Who physically hurt you! Are you too much of a Hufflepuff to get them into trouble? Is that it?”

“No! That’s not it! Merlin’s beard, Sirius, do you not get it?” You exclaimed, standing up yourself to meet him head on. “Do you not get it? I’m not telling anyone about this because I’m scared, Sirius. Ok? I’m scared. I’m scared that it’ll anger them, make them even more aggressive. Do you know how terrifying that is? To always feel threatened and never feel like they would be punished for what they were doing to you?” You almost yelled, shutting him up. He stared at you for a moment, taken aback by your admission. Your hand flew to cover your mouth as you released a sudden sob, tears falling from your eyes. Sirius’ heart broke for you and he felt so guilty for yelling at you, for releasing his anger on you. So so guilty.

“Oh, Y/N, I’m sorry.” He said, rushing towards you and crushing you in a hug. Your eyes went wide with shock. Sirius was hugging you. Sirius Black, the boy that never showed affection, was hugging you. You buried your face into his chest as more tears continued to fall. “I’m sorry.” He repeated. You nodded your head and he pulled you in even tighter if possible, but you didn’t mind. You loved being pressed up against him, being comforted by him. The thought that you couldn’t do this romantically with him prompted even more tears to shed.

“Y/N, you can’t let them get away with this though.” He said, resting his chin on your head and rubbing soothing circles on your back.

“Why do you even care?” You asked.

“Because I love you.” He whispered, almost too quietly, but you heard it. You for sure heard it. It had slipped out before he could stop it but he didn’t regret saying it, screw the consequences.

“What?” You asked, eyes wide as you pulled away from him to look him in the eyes.

“I love you, Huffles.” He said fiercely. You stayed silent for a while, a giddy laugh escaping your lips. He loved you. Sirius Black loved you. The boy who you’ve had feelings for for weeks loved you.

“I love you too, sloppy.” You said, smiling as the first rays of sunlight flitted over his shoulder.


I AM FINALLY DONE. GOOD GOD THAT TOOK FOREVER SORRY. I don’t know why I typed that all in caps lock. Anywho, I uploaded this just in time for Valentines Day (well, where I am anyway). I hope you enjoyed it and I appreciate any feedback you have. Especially on how to characterise Sirius, tips would be helpful.

Constructive criticism is welcome.


GD: “What are you doing?”

Words: 1463

Short summary:

The famous group BIG BANG had a concert in Japan… They all knew about one surpirse just not their leader G-Dragon. 

Was he surprised? What was the surprise?


As you saw yesterday I made a post about my trip to Germany and I shared it on Facebook and one of the older students at my school told me I should be ashamed of how poorly I made the post so I deleted it…

Please wish me all the luck for the exams in this month because there are a lot. 

btw will you watch Eurovision song contest tonight? I’m so excited about it!

Let me know who are you cheering on!

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I mean, I’m not saying William hasn’t ‘changed’ but I mean I can see why some abuse survivors may need a little more convincing than a five minute clip and two texts. 

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idk why but he prefers sleeping on a hard floor than a dog bed, he rly only likes to get in the bed if chuckies in it, or he prefers a pile of clothes on the floor, since i got him he’s mostly slept in the living room in my laundry lol, but i moved all my things to the sub-basement today and found him down there laying next to my laundry baskets, he couldn’t drag the clothes out

Accelerate (M); Jungkook

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There’s a new racer in town; he’s incredibly rich, hot, and talented. And you can’t stop staring.

Part 2 ○ Part 3

inspired by this vine and fueled by the encouragement of @zephyoongist and the help of other kind souls (who I’m not going to tag bc like…I don’t want to spam you all)

smut, 2.4k words, jungkook/reader, racer/playboy/rich kid au

Getting in is never hard; after all, the illegal racing scene isn’t new to you. It’s as chaotic as ever, and you love it. People call out bets, bicker, toss money and who knows what else about, while in the background, music blasts. You push past people–scantily clad girls, half-naked men–as you make your way to the bar. The bartender greets you with a smile and a nod as you slide into a vacant seat.

“Hey there,” he says. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” He has to raise his voice to be heard above the din of the pre-race excitement.

“Jin,” you say. “Things got busy. I’m glad to be back, though.”

“You didn’t miss much. You excited for tonight’s race?”

“You know it,” you say, smirking. Someone roughly pushes past, jostling you; you turn to glare at his retreating back before turning to Jin again. “It’s so crowded here. More than I remember it being.”

He shrugs. “Yeah, well, this is how it usually is whenever Jeon and his other rich friends come by. I hear he’s racing tonight, too.”

You give him a confused look. “Jeon?”

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I just read the rules!~ Thank you for making them. Can I ask what happens on movie night? Does Saeran choose a scary movie? Does Saeyoung hog the blanket?! WHAT GOES DOWN?! :D

Saeran: Saeyoung always picks chick flicks. Every time.

Saeyoung: What?! They’re good!

Saeran: I usually go for horror films, yeah. But Saeyoung can never go to sleep after watching them, so he keeps me up all night.

Saeyoung: Th…the doll is scary! What if it sneaks into our house?

Saeran: You have seven layers of security, you idiot! Who would be stupid enough to try and break in here anyway?!

Saeyoung: (´;д ;`)

Saeran: Anyway. He does hog the blanket. And he throws popcorn at me. And he always predicts the ending and spoils it for me. Really, he is the worst person to watch a movie with.

Saeyoung: It’s more fun that way!

Saeran: No, it’s not! I hate it when you spoil the ending, even though I usually can guess the same thing! It’s just worse when someone says it out loud!

Saeyoung: Boo. You’re no fun.

Saeran: You’re too much fun. Maybe I should duct tape your mouth next time we watch something so I can actually enjoy the movie for once.

((Thank you for reading them omg!! It makes it so much easier on me when everyone knows what’s going on, thank you :D))

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KiriDai and Haizaki notice their s/o is staring into space, lost in thought. How do they get her to snap out of it?

Haizaki Shougo

“Hey [Y/N]?” he waved his hands rudely in front of your face, poking your side to make you jump away, “you bored of me or somethin?” 

Yamazaki Hiroshi

He had noticed you were lost in thought a little while ago yet, as you absentmindedly brushed hair to be behind your ear, he preferred watching you in the little, peaceful, moments.

Hara Kazuya

As soon as you faintly turned your head away, Hara wrapped his arms around you from behind- laughing as you jumped and tried to push yourself away.

Hanamiya Makoto

Although he wouldn’t admit it, Hanamiya had enjoyed staring at you blissful, whimsical, expression. Only a little while later, did he scare you with a loud “boo” and a smirk to match.

Furuhashi Kojiro

He hadn’t really cared that you were staring into space, he liked the peace; it was only when he had asked you to come pick something up with him and you hadn’t heard that he elbowed you harshly and asked again. 

Seto Kentaro

“Yo [Y/N], you chill?” he asked, leaning against you. When you gave a shy nod, he sighed and decided to let you get lost in the world of daydreams. 


Seventeen: Crazy kids (and very talented)

Short description: They’re pretty nice guys, all of them are in the “Pledis” classroom. Everyone wants to talk with them and they’re know in every classroom because the teachers always bring them up. They are a bit noisy but they have good grades, they’re always together or in small groups. If you ever want help, you can ask them.


Choi Seungcheol (aka. S.Coups)
Has a strong leader feeling, actually the leader of the “group” they called ‘Seventeen’. Is very good at sports and literally can do anything, has a really soft heart even if he can be a little flirty. Has strong arms so he’s usually the one called to help teachers -or even girls- to move notebooks here and there. The one who usually leads the “Pledis” classroom when they need to do any event.

Yoon Jeonghan (alias “Angel *1004*”)
His beauty features would kill every girl, and his giggles can even make the teachers have a heart attack. He had long hair but some bad guys put gum in it so he had to cut it off. He’s the “angel” of the group, but he can be a bit lazy too. He makes the girls feel comfortable around him so they always come to ask for anything for him. Actually it’s pretty manly, and it’s considered the mom of the group.

Hong Jisoo (aka. Joshua)
Has a really soft voice, he’s a transfer student and his English skills would kill everyone. He’s the “gentleman” of the classroom, but actually is a bit shy. He can be dorky though, he’s one of the first people to reach the music classroom always, so when no one see him he plays his guitar. The teachers love him so much and so do the girls. Is usually following Jeonghan everywhere.

Wen Junhui (Aka. Jun)
He’s from china but his Korean is pretty good. Actually everyone was a bit scared of him at first because he looked like he could kill you, but then when everyone tried to talk with him he was like: “I’m scared, I’m new, I don’t know what to do” with such a puppy eyes and being really cute. He can be a little sassy and he appeared in a film when he was a kid, everyone thinks he’s very cool. He can dance and he’s very sweet with the girls.

Kwon Soonyoung (aka. Hoshi)
The one who is always smiling and is very energetic. It isn’t easy to follow Hoshi, he’s always moving around and even changing his seat. He can be slightly shy at first but after that prepare yourself. In the lunch time he can be seen in the dance room, dancing is soul out. He’s really funny so even if the teachers get mad at him for not doing homework he just need to say something and they’re laughing automatically forgiving him.

Jeon Wonwoo (Alias “sweater paws”)
He’s the book guy, always reading and visiting the library in the free times. He, like Jun, has a cold gaze so sometimes he’s misunderstand as someone mean but he’s just a cute cotton candy. He likes to look after the school’s garden, taking care of the little flowers and watering them, putting fertilizer, etc. Puberty hit is voice really hard so he has a really low voice, sometimes you can hear him sing and even rap when he’s taking care of the garden.

Lee Jihoon (aka. Woozi)
Cute face, scary af. That’s what their classmates think of him. In reality he’s a really hardworking kid. Someone made a bet with him and he lose so he has his hair orange now. He’s always hearing music in his seat, but because he always do his homework the teachers don’t say anything to him. Everyone was surprised when they found out that he could write songs and sing, no one believe him until they hear him playing the piano and singing in the music room. Is too shy with girls.

Lee Seokmin (aka. DK/Dokyeom)
He’s the sunshine of the classroom. Always smiling, helping people out and he helps the teachers when they need it. He has a really good voice, so every time they need help in festivals they ask him and Seungkwan to sing for the people. He’s very funny, he’s one of the “three dorks” with Hoshi and Seungkwan. He can be a little sensitive too, when he stepped in the garden of Wonwoo one time by accident he cried all the day.

Kim Mingyu (Alias “Big handsome tree”)
Tries to be sassy, but he can’t. He seems like someone ultra cool with a lot of confidence but in reality he’s just a dork puppy with a kind heart. He’s totally a kid, even if he’s the most tall guy in his classroom. He knows he’s handsome and all, but he doesn’t know how much it affects girls. Everyone likes him, he’s the one in charge to carry Jihoon around the school. He’s really close with Wonwoo. Actually he’s pretty caring, and he knows how to cook.

Xu Minghao (aka. The8)
Pretty quiet. He’s Chinese and he was a transfer student like Junhui, he has a really cute face but he has some temper too. Tries hard to learn Korean but he’s still struggling with it. He’s that one guy who is always in the file on the cafeteria and everyone passes him leaving him at the end. Misses Chinese food a lot so he and Jun go sometimes to Chinese restaurants. He’s always following the “seventeen” group and doesn’t say much. He participated one day in a festival and everyone was surprised by his b-boying skills.

Boo Seungkwan (Alias “Boo Diva”)
LOUD & SASSY AF. This guy can talk with everyone and be totally normal about it, he has a great sense of humor too. Because of that, he’s always the one who represents school in festivals. He with Hoshi and Dokyeom can have all the group smiling and laughing. Some people heard him sing with Wonwoo to the flowers and everyone freaked out because; hey, he was SO GOOD. He pretends to be confident but he isn’t. People said that they’ve seen him talking in the phone with his mom in lunch time.

Hansol Vernon Chwe (Alias “Di Caprio”)
Half Korean, Half American; this guy is pretty popular with the female students but in reality he’s really awkward. In music class he showed his singing skills and when everyone didn’t say anything he just starting rapping and everyone was so surprised. He has a lot of swag, like everything he does is very hip-hop. The “theater club” always wants him because they want to make a realistic version of the “titanic”.

Lee Chan (aka. Dino)
He’s a young kid but he’s really good at dancing. He’s a really good student and all the female teachers go all: “awww” with him. A fanboy of Michael Jackson, has notebooks with his face in the cover. He’s pretty funny too, he’s Jeonghan’s baby. He convinced all the guys to participate one day in the festival and everyone loved their performance of “dangerous”, leaving the whole school waiting for more.

So after some time I continued these again! It was seventeen turn now :) Remember guys that request are open ^^ (We haven’t receive anything :c) 

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Imagine going to a lacrosse game with Lydia and Allison to cheer on Scott and Stiles.

“It is so loud!” you yelled, laughing as everyone around you cheered. Allison smiled before leaning closer to you to whisper in your ear.

“Just wait till the other team scores, you’d never imagine how loud the boos can get,” Allison laughed, looking over at Lydia who was still clapping enthusiastically.

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You scared me, boo (Dan Howell imagine)

This one was not requested, I just came up with this one myself! Hope you enjoy reading it!


I grabbed the woolly blanket from the corner of the sofa as Dan inserted the DVD. It was movie night over at the Phan household except, it wasn’t Phan and me, it was Dan and me. Phil was up north visiting his family and friends for the weekend, so we were alone.

Me and Dan weren’t exactly dating. I mean, that’s not to say I didn’t have the biggest crush anyone could ever have, but it just wasn’t possible. He could never love someone like me.

I felt the couch dip as Dan’s figure came in contact. He grabbed the remote from the coffee table and pressed play, then leaned back, grabbing the bowl of popcorn in the mean time.

“Right, are we all set, have you gone to the toilet?” He asked, chuckling as if it was a joke (Let me tell you, he wasn’t joking)

“Yep!” I replied “Let’s start”

The film was “Nightmare on Elm street” one of the most scariest movies of all of history. At first, I was very weary of the idea. I mean, I was never really the horror type. Every jump-scare, killing and disturbing silence made me shit myself. So, being scared in front of Dan was not the type of impression I wanted to make. So I stupidly said yes. And now look at me. Bumping my knee up and down nervously while biting my nails to the brim.

After the film was over, we both went to bed. I slept in the guest, while he slept in his own. Well, I say slept. What I really meant was stare at the ceiling above me and pray to god I wake up the next morning. I tried every position, listened to music, scrolled through tumblr. Nothing seemed to be working.

Then I had an idea.

I quietly got out of bed and walked down the long hallway to Dan’s bedroom door. I quietly counted to three before bursting through the door with a loud, BOO!

“JESUS CHRIST” Dan screamed before dropping his MacBook and landing on the floor with a huge thud. I burst out laughing, while he got up and sorted himself out. “What the hell Y/n!” He half yelled half laughed.

He ran towards me with a devilish grin on his face. It was obvious he wanted revenge but I wasn’t going to give in that easily. I ran off into the living room, grabbing as many pillows as I can just to protect myself. He ran in after me, his grin even wider, now showing his beautiful teeth. I loved his smile. It was like the sun was right there in the apartment.

Still daydreaming, I didn’t realise that he was a few centimetres away from me. Just like a cat, I dived out of the way before he could grab me. I didn’t realise how fast I actually was!

Just as I said that, he lunged out again, this time catching me and holding me in a tight brace around the hips. He started tickling me, causing me to fall to the ground in laughter.

After our battle was over and we had both stopped laughing, he sat down beside me. “I really like you Y/n, you do know that don’t you?” He said, just above a whisper. Before I could reply, his lips met mine.

They were a bit chapped but I couldn’t have it any other way. I guess you could say it was perfect. For me anyways.


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