*loud booing*


@champagnepapi gets a dope new chain from @benballer! Thoughts🤔💸💰 (video via @benballer) #Drake

I met @champagnepapi at the Apple Store in the Beverly center in 2008. From that day on I fucked with The Boy heavy. I was picking him up from the airport, getting him cars, trees and showing him my city like a real big homie does. #SoFarGone dropped and shit hit the fan. Then #ThankMeLater, then #TakeCare and He would take me on tour to be apart of the show giving out chains to random girls in the audience. One time at a sold out show in San Jose, Drake forgot where we were because he screamed out “LA what’s good???!!!!” And that Bay Area crowd boo’d 😭LOUD😩. It felt like that southwest commercial, Wanna get away? I back stepped off that stage dumb fast 😂
In 2012 I started my family and he became the biggest superstar in the 🌎 and we lost communication…
So 9 years later were here in Manchester U.K. to finally have our full circle moment. More life and more jewels to come bro
#OVO #TheBoyMeetsWorldTour #IFANDCO #StoneIsland (at Toronto, Ontario)

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BTS reactions to you randomly scaring them

It was the perfect plan - your boyfriend was coming home from a long day at work and thought he had the house to himself. Flicking off the lights and pulling on your demon mask, you positioned yourself behind a corner near the front door. Now all you had to do was wait for your unsuspecting boyfriend to arrive…then you would strike.


A loud “boo!” followed by the most air-splitting scream you’d ever heard in your life resounded through your still apartment as you jumped out from your hiding spot and lunged at your boyfriend. A split second later, there was a large thud as Jin’s plastic lunch container hit the wooden floor. The horrified, completely terror-filled look on your boyfriend’s face was enough to send you into a fit of snort-filled laughter. “Aigoo, jagi!” Jin said, recovering from his fright and hitting your arm. “What? That was good right?” You managed through your giggles. “No, that was not good. You nearly gave me a heart attack. And now you’re laughing? You’re so mean.”

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Your boyfriend opened the door, and a second later you jumped out at him, mask and all. Your loud, incomprehensible shout clearly scared him, as he flinched and pressed his back against the wall by the door. You both stood silent for a moment as you took off your mask, comprehending what had just happened. “Did…did you just scare me?” Yoongi stammered. “Did…did I just scare Min Yoongi?” You said slowly. “Oh my god, I did.” Yoongi recollected himself and rolled his eyes at you, playfully pushing past. “You did not scare me.” “You’re such a liar, I totally scared you!” You laughed. “Aren’t you a little old to be playing such childish games?” Yoongi questioned, smirking when you stuck your tongue out at him.

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“Rah!!” You yelled as your boyfriend, Hoseok, shut the door to your apartment. “AHHHH,” was his first reaction, sinking to the ground with his back against the wall was his second. “Y/N, why do you do this to me?” He cried, dramatically grabbing at his heart and looking up as you took off your mask. Giggling, you sat down beside him. “Because, your reactions are adorable. And hilarious.” Hoseok groaned loudly and shooed you away while he got his breathing back to normal. You returned to him a few minutes later - it seemed a steaming cup of hot chocolate managed to take his mind off how scared shitless he was a moment ago.

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The door handle turned slowly and in walked your half asleep boyfriend. You watched carefully as he shut the door, placed his bag on the ground, and yawned loudly. “Yahhhh!” You yelled, jumping from your spot and grabbing Namjoon’s arm. Through the small eye holes in your mask you witnessed a flash of panic wash over his face, but it was quickly replaced by a cheeky smile as he realized it was you. “That was cute, jagi,” Namjoon laughed. “What do you mean that was cute? I scared the living daylights out of you!” You claimed. “Naww,” Namjoon said as he pulled you, huffing and puffing over his reaction, into his chest. “That was a good effort,” he commented as you rolled your eyes. 

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Like a lion stalking its prey, you watched your boyfriend Jimin enter your apartment from your hiding spot around the corner. You counted down, guesstimating the time it would take him to come around the corner. You could hear him humming an unfamiliar song as he placed his keys down on the couch. Three…Two…One… “RAH!” You yelled as you saw Jimin turn the corner. Jimin launched the object in his hand, his cellphone, at you before letting out a loud, “shi- shiitake mushrooms!” His phone hit you in the forehead which was extremely painful despite you wearing a mask. “Owww…” you groaned, removing your mask. “Y/N? Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Jimin cried, bringing you into a hug and rubbing your sore spot on your head, although you could hear he was trying his very best to stifle back laughter.

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 probably jimin’s reaction to throwing his cellphone at you tbh 


You quickly re-positioned yourself behind the couch when you heard Taehyung enter your apartment. “Home home home, oh, I’m home~!” He sang out, almost causing you to reveal your position by laughing too much. Holding back giggles, you watched as Taehyung neared your hiding spot and then jumped out at him when he was close enough. “BOO,” you said as Tae took a quick step away from you. There was a moment of silence before you pulled off your mask and both you and your boyfriend started giggling. “Dang,” you said in response to his lack of reaction. Taehyung started laughing so hard that he could barely find time to breathe, and one look at your confused face sent him into an uncontrollable laughing fit. “Stoppppp,” you whined, although you laughed along with him. “You…teehee…you really think you can scare me, jagi?” Taehyung managed to get out before laughing again. 

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As you lay in wait, your silent apartment was suddenly filled with the muffled sound of rap music as your boyfriend opened the door. You listened to Jungkook rap a verse before you realized the music was coming from his headphones. “Jesus christ, Mr Jeon, you’re going to go deaf before you’re thirty,” you muttered to yourself. Upon hearing Jungkook’s loud footsteps, you jumped out at his legs and yelled “yahhh!” but it seemed you had mistimed your scare because he walked straight past you. “Oh!” He said, turning round to see you on the floor. “Y/N, what are you doing here? What are you doing on the floor? And why are you wearing a mask?” Jungkook questioned, a smile creeping over his face at your antics. “Nothing…I thought I dropped something on the floor,” you murmured awkwardly. “Were…were you trying to scare me?” Jungkook laughed, helping you up from the ground. “No way. Okay, yes. And you had a terrible reaction,” you admitted. “Gah, so childish, Y/N,” Jungkook laughed shaking his head, but you could tell from his bunny-smile that he found it cute. 

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You peeked around the edge of the doorframe, stifling a giggle as you slowly creeped up behind your father, keeping out of his line of sight. When you were close enough, you jumped out, letting out a loud “BOO!” Your father let out a yell of surprise, almost dropping the platter he was carrying. Whipping around, the only thing that remained of your presence was your echoing giggles as you darted away down the hall.

“Haven’t I told you to stop creeping up on people like that?” he bellowed after you, still recovering from his shock, “It’s bloody rude!”

“Can’t catch me!” you taunted over your shoulder, still laughing.

Alfred stifled a grin, placing down his tray and taking off after you. “Don’t be so sure!”

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I watched the State of the Union so you don’t have to
  • Obama: “I’m gonna keep it short this year lol!!” *doesn’t*
  • Uncle Joe Biden stands and claps whenever he can, while Paul Ryan sits and nods like a grim, oddly smug mole
  • Applause after every sentence
  • Standing ovation after every use of the words “troops” or “veterans”
  • A really heartfelt section about not discriminating against Muslims idk i got a lil emotional
  • Random shot of Dr. Jill Biden and the lady sitting next to her is wearing a bedazzled hat (respect)
  • “I’m guessing we won’t agree on healthcare anytime soon”
  • Kim Davis is there?!?!?!? For some reason?!?!?!
  • Several loud ‘boos’ when he talks about curing cancer. why 
  • Mispronounces ‘quagmire’ as ‘quogmire’
  • “Our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world” got a standing ovation from both parties even though it’s bullshit
  • “btw i killed bin Laden”
  • “btw i solved ebola”
  • Last few minutes of the speech are about all different Americans who represent hope for the future– okay I’m crying I admit that part got me real bad
  • The speech ends and the news anchors are talking about what this means for the 2016 election before Obama has even left the podium
  • Time goes on i suppose
3 Count
3 Count

this is a song I wrote last night about a wrestling loser who can’t communicate in any other way. i hope you enjoy

i wish i had paul heyman, screamin at my side
sayin all the things that, i cant when my throat feels tight
i wish i was a bella, i wish i had a twin
so when my hands are shaking, you could blink and theyd fill in
i wish that i was positive, i wish i was in new day
when im not feeling confident, they would clap the nerves away
i wish i was like ambrose, and i had a friend like reigns
so when im feelin crazy, he could tell me im still sane
coz my life feels like, the refs counted twice, but i dont think i, can kick out
coz my thoughts are loud, they boo like the crowd, but you make them sound so still now
if i had it in me, id tell you i really, just want you here with me, but i cant
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count

i wish i was like rollins, i wish that i could stop
worryin’ if you dont like me, coz i’d still come out and talk
i wish that i had kane there, to back me now and then
when im losing conversation, he would interfere again
coz my life feels like, the refs counted twice, but i dont think i, can kick out
coz my thoughts are loud, they boo like the crowd, but you make them sound so still now
if i had it in me, id tell you i really, just want you here with me, but i cant
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down

and i wish that we were scripted, so id know when to take defeat
coz  everytime i try it hits me like a dropkick to my teeth
and i wish that it was easy, just to tell you how i feel
but i cant find, the way thats right, coz all of its too real
i wish i had john cena, adjust my attitude
coz maybe you dont get me yet, but i cant stop trying to get you
if i had it in me, id tell you i really, just want you here with me, but i cant
coz im just not there,but someday i swear, that all of my doubts will be down for the 3count
all of my doubts will be down for the three count
1, 2, 3, theyll be down for the 3 count

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     SHE PEAKED OUT as he walked past, watching him as he walked over towards the table. She did her best not to laugh to loudly, pressing her hands a little harder over her mouth as high-pitched giggles escaped her. In her mind, when he peaked under the table, she’d already won, and so a second plan was formed in her little mind.

     As he looked under the table, Kairi left her spot, running towards him until she was close enough that she could press her tiny hand against his back before she let out a loud squeal.

       ❛ Boo!

The setting wasn’t exactly something he was opposed to, a party never killed anyone. As David walked around and looked at all the different people, some familiar and some not so much, he sighed a little. That was when he saw him and he couldn’t help but smirk. Creeping his way towards him, he placed his hands on both his sides and let out a loud “Boo!” to scare him.


More Dean/Cas + baby!Claire fic this time on the subway; written in pure indulgence for myself and in thanks to those who gave me support after yesterday, they know who they are.

Another day, another boring commute.

Dean’s standing on the subway on his way home. He’s just managed to miss the worst of rush hour so although there are no seats left, he’s not squished up against 5 other people in the car, and he likes it that way.

What he doesn’t appreciate is how mind-numbingly dull the ride is. He’d forgotten his copy of A Feast of Crows on his bedside table this morning so he’s left with nothing to keep him entertained now. Dean shuffles from foot to foot, tapping out the melody to Back in Black on his thigh as he watches the stations come and go.

“Ah! Ah!” Loud babbling from nearby draws Dean’s attention.

Looking around, Dean spots a baby girl strapped against her father’s chest in a baby carrier. She squirms, her little fists waving around.

“Hush, Claire.” The man rubs her back a few times and she settles down.

Dean can only see the back of the man’s head as the man goes back to reading his book, but Dean can’t resist grinning when he sees that said book is A Clash of Kings. He would strike up a conversation with the man to help alleviate his boredom, but figuring the man would hate being interrupted, Dean keeps quiet.

As he begins to turn away, Dean discovers that the baby has twisted around and is staring him with wide blue eyes. He gives her a small two-finger wave in greeting and watches in delight as she quickly hides her face into her father’s chest, but leaves one eyes still peeking tentatively at him.

Dean scrunches his nose a few times, twitching it a bit like a rabbit would. Claire lifts her head and faces him fully once again so Dean continues by sticking out his tongue. He lets out a soft chuckle as Claire’s own tiny tongue peeps out from between her soft, tiny lips in imitation of him.

Dean goes even further and covers his face with both hands before parting them with his mouth open in in an wide ‘o’ shape. A bright toothless grin spreads across Claire’s face and she stretches one chubby fist at Dean so Dean does it again, but this time he puckers his lips in an exaggerated kiss. Claire lets out a delighted squeal and waves her fist vigorously.

Dean is having too much fun playing peekaboo with Claire. He goes in for another round, spreading his hands beside his head like ears and sticking his tongue out to the side. He feels his stomach drop as he finds two sets of blue eyes watching him this time. Some time between Dean covering and revealing his face, the man has turned around.

Dean quickly drops his hands, cringing in embarrassment. “Sorry, I was bored,” he blurts out.

The man raises an eyebrow at him, but the corner of his lips twitch upward in amusement. “I see that.”

“No, I…” Dean takes a step back. “I’ll just leave you alone now,” he mumbles.

“I thought it was cute.”

“Huh?” Dean looks back at the man.

“I thought it was cute,” the man repeats himself, “and sweet. In my experience, not a lot of men will entertain a baby so freely.”

“Well, she’s a cutie.” Dean can feel himself relaxing as he realizes the man doesn’t think he’s a creep or weirdo. “I couldn’t resist.”

“You are cute, aren’t you?” The man lays a soft kiss on top of Claire’s head, and Dean’s heart melts a little. “I’m Castiel,” the man says, smiling back at Dean. “This little princess is Claire.”

“Nice to meet you, Claire.” Dean grasps one of Claire’s hands in a mock handshake.

“Oh sure,” Castiel snorts. “I become invisible when Claire’s around.”

“Trust me, you’re anything but invisible,” Dean says without thinking. His eyes widen in horror when he realizes he’s essentially flirting with someone who is probably a married man. “I’m sorry,” he backpedals. “I didn’t mean—“

“It’s just me and Claire,” Castiel interjects, seeming to have read Dean’s mind.

“Oh.” Dean lets this sink in. “Just you and Claire.”


Dean hopes he’s not reading the signs wrong as he asks “Have you two eaten dinner yet?”


“Then I’d like to formally invite you and Princess Claire to dinner with me.”

Castiel hesitates. Dean can practically see the wheels turning in his head, mulling over whether it’s worth it to try and start a relationship when there’s a child involved.

“Look, it’s just dinner,” Dean says softly. “We can get to know each other better and we can see if Claire is comfortable with me. If it goes well, we can decide where to go from there.”

Castiel studies his face for a second. He must see the sincerity in Dean’s expression because he smiles and says “Ok, then the princess and I would be happy to join you for dinner.”

Dean let’s a out a laugh. “Does that make me Prince Charming then?”