I was in B&N and I picked up a Force Awakens Visual Dictionary to flip through and I just wanted to share some things I haven’t already seen around tumblr so here we go (apologies for occasional lapse in photo quality and long post)

Maz is a space pirate I love her a lot

R2 and 3P0 are squabbling husbands even when R2 is inactive

BB-8 is adorable and loyal af to the point that it rewrote it’s own programming

Poe lovingly takes care of BB-8 and BB-8 makes sure the radio’s always set to Poe’s fave station

a) Poe’s idol is Leia like same bruh b) Poe’s at least a second generation rebel and probably learned how to fly from his momma like the boy’s probably been shooting down tie-fighters from his momma’s lap since infancy

Poe is the Resistance poster boy confirmed (and has a lucky life support unit like what a nerddd)


*silent sob for FN-2003 and the Finn/Slip ship*

*louder sob for FN-2003 and Finn/Slip*

Kylo literally stole Vader’s melted plastic mask from his funeral pyre like a) disrespectful and b) what a fuckin fanboy

Look at Jess my fighter pilot babe

and last but not least

keen blue eyes