What I listen to while studying - Part II

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1. The Shire Theme from LotR

2. Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize

3. Rains of Castamere instrumental (sadly only 1 hour, but it’s the instrumental - the normal one distracts me too much)

4. Banjo Kazooie - Freezey Peak (maybe some of the 90′s kids here remember Banjo Kazooie, it was a game back then, there are also many other soundtracks from the game!)

5. Vikings Theme (If I Had A Heart) (there used to be a 10 hour version, but it was removed so this is only 1 hour)

Alright that’s it for today. Let me know if you are interested in more of these! Have a productive day everyone

ravenreyamidala  asked:

oh my god were you involved in the harry potter fandom during the msscribe phase? sorry if you were that seems horrific

Well – I mean yes, I was in HP fandom when a lot of that was going down, but if ALL you read is the charlottelenox history of msscribe, then you’re developing a skewed view of the fandom.

Don’t get me wrong, HP fandom is easily in the top five most unhinged fandoms of all time.* But it was possible to be in HP fandom and have a good time and write fanfic and not get embroiled in the wank, or even be aware of its existence.

I was aware of drama in the fandom, through friends and through readings of fandom_wank, but there was a LOT I didn’t know about – the archive quibbles with each other, the most vicious aspects of the ship wars, all of that barely pinged my radar. And yeah there was unpleasantness, but I really enjoyed being in HP fandom, or I wouldn’t have stayed. There was a huge community of creative people; we ran promptfest chats (where there would be a prompt and everyone in chat would write for ten minutes, then post what they’d written) and charity writing fests and all kinds of fic challenges. It was like any fandom, only the sheer size of it meant there was more diversity of choice in what you did and who you hung with. Some people were targeted or bullied, and that’s tragic, but most people in fandom could choose to join the wank or to abstain, and not miss out on anything if they chose to hang out in other corners of fandom. 

HP fandom was crazy and intense and full of wank, but it was possible to have a good time, and while I talk about “escaping” it to some extent, I’m still glad I was in it. And honestly, those of us who were in HP fandom in 2003-2005 wear that like a badge of pride. :D

* Sam’s personal opinion of the top five most unhinged fandoms of all time:

1. LotR
2. Harry Potter
3. Sherlock Holmes
4. Supernatural
5. Probably An Anime Fandom

The thing about fandom is that until we moved INTO the LJ model and after we moved AWAY from it the same level of insanity just wasn’t possible, for reasons that are too long to go into here. But for me, personally, the list is really like LOTR, then Harry Potter, then a HUGE GAP to the next most-unhinged fandom, which is mostly there because a) many Holmes fans regardless of specific Holmes canon are super obsessive and b) Sherlock is a thing. 

LOTR and Harry Potter pretty much blow the crazy of most other fans out of the water. No other fandoms that I know of have full-on books entirely dedicated to a single wank in the fandom – ”When A Fan Hits The Shit” in LOTR, “The MsScribe Story” in HP. (Be aware that “When A Fan Hits The Shit” and related media contain transphobia; one of the starring players is a trans man who was frequently deliberately misgendered at the time of the wank and still is by some people involved).

Mind you, if there are other wankbooks about fandom out there, send them my way, I love a good scandal.

I was in B&N and I picked up a Force Awakens Visual Dictionary to flip through and I just wanted to share some things I haven’t already seen around tumblr so here we go (apologies for occasional lapse in photo quality and long post)

Maz is a space pirate I love her a lot

R2 and 3P0 are squabbling husbands even when R2 is inactive

BB-8 is adorable and loyal af to the point that it rewrote it’s own programming

Poe lovingly takes care of BB-8 and BB-8 makes sure the radio’s always set to Poe’s fave station

a) Poe’s idol is Leia like same bruh b) Poe’s at least a second generation rebel and probably learned how to fly from his momma like the boy’s probably been shooting down tie-fighters from his momma’s lap since infancy

Poe is the Resistance poster boy confirmed (and has a lucky life support unit like what a nerddd)


*silent sob for FN-2003 and the Finn/Slip ship*

*louder sob for FN-2003 and Finn/Slip*

Kylo literally stole Vader’s melted plastic mask from his funeral pyre like a) disrespectful and b) what a fuckin fanboy

Look at Jess my fighter pilot babe

and last but not least

keen blue eyes


sharon+lena+zane+i watched this today


wait is it new years?