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Queen of the Greenwood

Little sketch of Legolas’ Mother/Thranduil’s wife!
Middle Earth sucks me in from time to time (totally not complaining!) ;)

It’s a pity they took out most mentions of her from the movies as it gave a lot more depth into Thranduil’s character and his relationship with his son (also an interesting parallel with Tauriel’s business), even if, technically speaking, practically none of it was canon.


Today in Middle-Earth: Aragorn takes the ‘Paths of the Dead' (March 8th, 3019 T.A.)

 And so they came at last deep into the glen; and there stood a sheer wall of rock, and in the wall the Dark Door gaped before them like the mouth of night. Signs and figures were carved above its wide arch too dim to read, and fear flowed from it like a grey vapour. 

   The company halted, and there was not a heart among them that did not quail, unless it were the heart of Legolas of the Elves, for whom the ghosts of Men have no terror. 

But did you know that I’m corporate au trash who really likes the idea of Mairon being to prideful to accept a ride into work with the CEO upon which he was quite insistent one stormy morning?

I’m probably just suit trash.


Quick mini shoot that starship-amaura did for me at the start of April. I didn’t have proper makeup; I had just jumped out of an Usagi cosplay and into Galadriel because I had just received my wig in the mail. 
I plan to have better makeup and my ears will be much better blended next time I’m able to do a shoot. 

Galadriel - myself

Photographer - starship-amaura

anonymous asked:

So, quick question, is Star Wars your only fandom? If no, what other fandom are you involved in?

No Star Wars isn’t my only. It’s just the one I currently do the most in because, well, people talk to me and I have ideas to write.

Off the top of my head other main ones are:
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy (various - I finally have XV in my possession just aren’t allowed to play it until after the final exam but SOON)
Harry Potter
Ace Attorney
LOTR (+ The Hobbit)

Plus… fates know how many other small ones that I’m sort of casually into.

Also special mention to Merlin and Suits as being the two shows that I keep TRYING to get into but get through 3 episodes and then go a 3 day fanfiction binge only to have to take a 3 month break before trying again.