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Instrumental songs that make me sentimental

Me: That character is okay, you know? I’m not emotionally invested in them or anything. I don’t think other people like them, but I’m okay with them.


Me: …

Me: *begins to like the character and love them and believe they deserved better, in defiance of the unnecessary, over the top hatred towards their character by the fandom* 

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☾ songs to dream to ☽

  1. holocene - bon iver
  2. bloodflood - ∆lt-j
  3. sometimes - my bloody valentine
  4. the tides - slow no wake
  5. hillcrest park - nigel godrich
  6. cycle - beck
  7. ghosts, pt. 2 - slow no wake
  8. interlude 3 - ∆lt-j
  9. hiding tonight - alex turner
  10. flume - bon iver
  11. each coming night - iron & wine
  12. wave - beck
  13. the breaking of the fellowship - howard shore
  14. evenstar - howard shore
  15. hnscc - the 1975
  16. an encounter - the 1975
  17. requiem - slow no wake
  18. just like honey - the jesus & mary chain
  19. bye and stuff - nigel godrich
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Name: Kaitlin
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi there my name is Kaitlin, but you can call me Kait, or my rapper name $24KAIT$. Anyways, I am a 19 year old college student currently studying mechanical/aerospace engineering. I love space and space travel and science! Although, my biggest passion in life is music. I am a regionally and state ranked choir singer, former marching band nerd, classic rock enthusiast, and I am additionally in a two man band named Gimon & Sarfunkel. I absolutely would love to chat with anyone who wants to share/talk about music! I love basically every genre, and I also compose, i.e. what I am getting at is that music is my absolute everything. I am also a nerd for Lord of the Rings, The Twilight Zone, Wayne’s World, Stephen King books, and Marvel, just to name very few. To be truthful, I am looking for a penpal because I recently went through a very devastating breakup, and as I am very shy in real life I do not have many physical friends, so I am truly just looking for any sort of friendship I can possibly find. I would love to talk with anyone around my age, possibly exchange small gifts or trinkets in the future, anything really!

Preferences: Perhaps anyone around the ages of 18-25. I really really am interested in exchanging more letters than online interactions, I just enjoy the fun of it.


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Misty Mountains Cold (piano)
Original lyrics: J.R.R Tolkien, music: Howard Shore, Edit: wan4life
Misty Mountains Cold (piano)

Misty Mountains Cold (film adaptation lyrics)

Far over the misty mountains cold,
To dungeons deep and caverns old,
We must away, ere break of day
To find our long forgotten gold.

The pines were roaring on the height,
The winds were moaning in the night,
The fire was red, its flaming spread
The trees like torches blazed with light.

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Tolkien Characters as Orchestral Instruments
  • Strings: Elves (everyone else thinks they're divas but they are an integral part of an orchestra, whilst being able to stand alone).
  • Violin 1: Arwen (shines brightly over the orchestra)
  • Violin 2: Legolas (in the texture, hard-working and when accompanying, bouncing off the beats from the double bass...)
  • Viola: Elrond (in the heart of the sound, making everyone else sound amazing)
  • Cello: Aragorn (supportive role for the entire orchestra with occasional beautiful melodies that everyone wants to listen to)
  • Double Bass: Gimli(the percussion section of the strings, plodding along-also, imagine a dwarf playing the double bass xD)
  • Harp: Galadriel (not always there but when she is, you listen)
  • Woodwind: Hobbits and beings close to nature (not as in the limelight as strings/brass but they have very important solos that shape the mood of a piece)
  • Flute: Frodo (not the most obvious soloist but comes out of the texture with important melodies)
  • Piccolo: Merry & Pippin (supports the flute but sometimes is just a little too loud over the orchestra)
  • Oboe: Bilbo (Boboe :P) (tunes the orchestra-effectively starts the orchestra off; quirky with very occasional solos but usually in the background)
  • Cor anglais: Gollum (darker than the oboe, with haunting laments as solos but does not come out of the texture often)
  • Clarinet: Sam (literally sitting behind the flute, carrying the harmony as the melody from other instruments projects)
  • Bassoon: Radagast (can sound eerie or weirdly beautiful, usually supporting the woodwind and underpinning the bass line of the orchestra)
  • Bass clarinet: Fatty Bolger (not always aware that they are playing but a very necessary extension of the clarinet)
  • Brass: Men (loud and important)
  • Trumpet: Boromir (unapologetic and bold)
  • Trombone: Théoden (important but not as willing to be in the limelight)
  • Bass Trombone: Éomer (occasionally forgotten about but adds richness and depth to the section)
  • Tuba: Denathor II(underpins the section so has the power to mess up the section the orchestra, whilst not being immediately noticeable)
  • French horn: Éowyn and Faramir (sat on the other side of the orchestra from the brass, next to the woodwind and can support both sections; it doesn't solo often but when it does, no other instrument could do it justice)
  • Percussion: Dwarves (more in the background and doesn't usually team up with other sections but integral and will come to the forefront if necessary)
  • Timpani: Thorin (arguably most important percussion instrument for an orchestra)
  • Cymbals: Fíli & Kíli (loud, brash and sometimes exactly what you need)
  • Claves: Bifur (not easy to pick out of the sounds and just involves whacking)
  • Gong: Bombur (big, round and loud)
  • Tubular bells/chimes: Bofur (instrument with pitch but does own thing)
  • Xylophone/Marimba/Vibraphone: Balin (arguably most difficult/complicated instrument)
  • Bass drum: Dwalin (big and strong support)
  • Guiro: Nori (he is sneaky and you don't know he's there and nobody knows the name of this instrument, even though everyone likes it)
  • Castanets: Dori (he's fussy, prim and sharp)
  • Triangle: Ori (bright tone, trying to be a cymbal and highlights important moments)
  • Cowbell: Óin (shouts over the orchestra and his ear-trumpet looks a bit like one)
  • Tambourine: Glóin (a support to the section and sounds a bit like money, as he was the money keeper)
  • Misfits:
  • Recorder: Treebeard (was once very important but now does not fit into the orchestra unless very old music is being played)
  • Composer/bagpipes: Tom Bombadil (you could just imagine him coming on stage saying 'yeah this is my piece, I'm gonna improvise on the bagpipes')
  • Saxophone: Saruman (very charismatic, alone or with the support of brass but is out of place in the orchestra and can cause a disturbance in the texture)