okay i just saw the vine, and seriously?? this is what the shitstorm is about? you’ve got to be kidding me. it wasnt a “"dick move”“ and he shouldnt delete it bc youre offended. it was a JOKE. if you dont like the joke, you dont like the joke. that should be it. i’m also sure that at least half of you are only offended bc everyone else is offended. ask yourself: if you only saw the vine and not everyones reactions, would your honest opinion be the same? if it wouldnt, you should just shut up and stop complaining. if it would, you should still shut up and stop complaining. saying that he should take it down bc "you dont like it” or “youre offended” is stupid. last time i checked, the world doesnt revolve around your opinions and you should just get off your high horse and stop being an egotistical dickhead now before you come crashing down/before everyone is tired of you

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I think Beyoncé is really overrated.

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She’s lovely but holy shit she’s not any better than anyone else out there. And honestly her music is not my cup of tea at all, except for Halo which is nice. She’s alright. 

Ok I’m done posting the Alberta messages.

I only ended up losing about 20 followers. Oh, well; I enjoyed the discussion.

Sorry if I missed your messages. Tomorrow will be more normal content wise.

I’m happy to do these events where I post a bunch of messages from followers, but I’m only ever going to do them late at night just so it won’t bug those who aren’t interested (since most people will be asleep).

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Regarding hate mail, the only time I get any is if I post down with cis, so you can try that lmao

Well… I AM cis so I think I would just seem weird but why the fuck not? :-)

Watch me lose 20 followers lmao