So I was going through my followers list, cleaning it up ‘cause those pesky porn blogs crawl right over to my humble abode. 

Then came across some REALLY old followers. People….why are you still here? XD I’m surprised you still follow me at all. It’s just shocking to me. Thank you though! Truly, I’m quite honored you’re still here. Whether or not you actively interact with me anymore, just thank you for still sticking around. You keep being you, mmkay? Okay! 

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moonlightmagnus  asked:

alright could you rant to me about secretly dating jeliorn bc i feel like thats something that im going to spend a lot of time crying about

Yes binch yes!!!! (This got long so I’m putting some under the read more cut!)

  • okay so after Izzy figures out she’s a lesbian and breaks things off with Meliorn, the Institute needs someone else to keep up relationships with the Seelie to get information out of them
  • of course Jace agrees to do it because he wants to Prove himself
  • Meliorn is displeased to say the least when it’s Jace Wayland out of all people who enters his tent
  • ‘great, they sent the cocky one. I was almost hoping for the redhead.’
  • honestly there’s a lot of snarky remarks from both sides and they cannot Stand Each Other™
  • but like. Jace is kinda forced to spend some time with Meliorn because they are meant to be the bridge between the Shadowhunter world and the Seelie world so he figures they might as well get to know each other a bit
  • Meliorn is reluctant at first but Jace makes an offhand comment about his past and Meliorn picks up on the abuse he endured despite Jace never saying it with that many words
  • and, being half Seelie and half Mundane, he remembers his own abusive past with his Mundane family who saw him as an outcast and a mutation
  • so Meliorn grows compassionate of Jace, maybe even fond?? Bc after finally opening up to him, something he didn’t even do with Izzy, he realizes they actually have a lot in common
  • they’re both considered the best fighters of their kind, which puts a lot of pressure on both of them, they both feel like there’s some kind of darkness in them (jace with valentine as his father, meliorn as being half demon), they both don’t really know where they belong in this world (Meliorn might live in the Seelie kingdom, but he’ll always be ‘just’ a Half Blood, not really belonging anywhere)

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anonymous asked:

hey love your blog !! c: could ya rec me some aesth. blogs, maybe also write what they post, what thye are like ?? only friendly/nice bloggers though pls

ok so I just stared at this for 5 min bc I follow so many amazing blogs I just can’t recommend 10 or smth?? and all the ppl I follow are nice bc I don’t like to see negativity on my dash AND tysm for the compliment omg? my week has been shitty and this made me really happy! I’m gonna list some aes blogs that have photography, art, poetry and mythology/astrology/books edit ok? (+ they’re all make awesome stuff?? beautiful edits and writing and art??)

@ohtroyes @daniellewild @renneewalkers @mermaeid @andrewminyardt @aaronminyardt @asthreria @mrozova @athaenae @cassiophea@josteins @neitherheavenorhell @perspephone @mavencalore @rykemedows @rhysaend @hecaites @nebulaers @treeligths @lillabard @rxchardgansey @okayodysseus  @apolloduh @allisonjrenyolds @adamparrvish @richavdgansey @sargntblue

this turned into a mini follow forever but this list could go on another 10 paragraphs and i probs forgot a bunch of ppl!! (i also feel guilty for not tagging super lovely multifandom bloggers but u asked for aesth blogs rip)