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Can we talk about Zico for a second like he became the leader of a boy group at the age of 19, having to take care of six other dorks, most of them older than him. There were so many nights when he didnt get any sleep, either because of worrying or because he had to write and produce the group’s songs (or both). He produced countless songs for Block B, for group albums, solo things and for Bastarz. He was next to Taeil, Bbomb, Ukwon, Jaehyo, Kyung and Po through all the shit they had to go through. He could have easily have a solo career, either as a kpop artist or as an underground rapper, but he decided to go on being Block B’s leader and rapper, while still doing other things he enjoys. And he still takes care of all the members, supporting them all the time, producing songs for them and so on.

And people still call him a shit leader. 

Modified Lyrics in Conduct Zero for Broadcast

You all give off that gisaeng’s brother vibe —> Hey misfit little Puppy, giving off that tacky vibe style

Going back and forth —> Follow me Follow me
I’m a rude bastard —> I’m a sharp guy, a sharp guy

Turn it all over, 4-9 the game’s void —> Continental, Japanese Islands, The Korean Peninsula

You’re just cheap imitations —> Every last one of you are just imitations

Don’t be acting like a loser —> Don’t be acting like a student
Don’t be acting like a lazy ass —> Don’t be acting like a crybaby

Let’s drive with wild abandon —> Live like you want, breath
Break the rules —> Everybody get up

Phan Squad 2.0 Member List

*breathes deeply*

So this is you right about now, looking at this list. 

Note: This wasn’t easy. You guys are really amazing and saying no was really hard. One anon asked if they could use the idea if they didn’t make it. Yes, you can! I encourage you to.

Now, with that out of the way.

The Amazing List is Not on Fire:































Now that that’s done, I expect my follower count to decrease by the twenty people or so I turned down. If you’re reacting like this:

Then I apologize. I didn’t get into the original squad (thus making this one) and this is what I did. If you want to talk, I’m here. I likely won’t be changing anything though. Thanks.

However, if you’re reacting like this:

Then yay! You made it! I’ll spend the next hour sending you all personalized messages about your acceptance. Expect a bunch of posts about me freaking out, and soon enough you’ll be connected with phangirls and phanboys just like you. If you filled out the form and changed your mind, let me know if you want to withdraw. You can quit at anytime, but now would be best if you were planning on it.

The blog is: @phansquad

Thank you, and please stay following,



I just… remembered I did these like… more than a year ago at least? idk anymore.

I honestly never watched all of Rock and Rule but this crossed my mind to do at some point (they already look so close to people and obviously rotorscoped and it was bugging me since it looks like they just slapped the noses and ears on most of the designs haha). I def like some of the songs and animation though.

Figured I’d shared after all.


I finally got around to finishing this! So the story behind this is: I saw a bottle of Eska water at Shoppers Drug Mart and was inspired to make this comic. Seriously though, water tribe selling water for a profit? it’s genius! I have a potential part 2 to this comic, but I am not sure if I should get around to it or not. I know it’s a little out of character for both of them, but I did it mainly cuz it amused me. I’m a loser I know.

I love Eska and Desna, they are my babies <3 

bloodshotengineering asked:

hey, will you ever have LordKat on the Drunken Peasants? I think you two would make a hilarious duo

Dude, that guy fucking DESPISES me. I don’t know why. I’ve never even met him or said a word to him, but he loathes me. He stays up nights, reaches over his flabby mass of belly jelly and has himself a hate wank over visions of himself hurling a shovel into my face and knocking all my teeth out. If that doesn’t get him to blow his load, he imagines his mom watching and saying, “Good job, son. Knock that loser’s teeth out so we can be together.” 

He hates me, man. He fucking hates me. 


I decided to do a follow forever now that my exams are officially over! This is really plain and simple but let’s put it all to the side and admire Oikawa being the adorable alien loving nerd that he is please(人´∀`* ) 

So thank you to all you lovely people for making my dash so wonderful every day! Everyone here is so cool and majestic I don’t even know why you follow a loser like me honestly but I do want to tell you that I appreciate it even if I don’t understand it! Thanks for sticking with me despite how I am!

Some of you I recently followed but I decided to put you in here too because your blogs are stellar and deserve recognition okay? Bolded are my favourite blogs and bolded + italicized are my lovely friends at least they are to me I really hope they consider me their friend too.

Thanks so much!

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