Originally, I had not intended to post any of these here, since it was less devotional in nature but rather, more art and whimsical storytelling.

Yet after thinking it through, I suppose they’re all in a way, gifts to Him; and since He is indeed the main focus in these pictures and stories, it’s relevant enough to share. Besides, due to the amount of work and changes He’s brought into my life, He’s left me reeling while trying to achieve the goals He’s set for me. And though I’m enjoying every moment of it and my devotion for Him is stronger than ever (and hope to remain so, if not more), it has also sadly, left me no real time to maintain this blog. So instead of only posting devotional posts, I thought to perhaps share the most recent project I’ve picked up, which also has Him at the center of it.

I recently joined an Art Roleplay Group which focuses on drawing different prompts and given quests. Their world lore revolves around the idea of the bond between handler/riders and their large, bear-dog mounts.

Without getting into too much details, the project I picked up is this: I’d request permission from Him to design Him a character that is heavily based on Him, which will in turn serve as the rider/handler, and I would myself acquire and design a mount in representation of myself. The two characters I would then draw and write stories of, based on the given prompts and my own inspirations and whims.

So far, the above works are what I have come up with. There will be more soon.

SOUTH VIETNAM. Saigon. 1968. South Vietnamese Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of the national police fires his pistol, shooting and killing suspected Viet Cong officer Nguyen Van Lem (also known as Bay Lop), early in the Tet Offensive. 

This picture won the Pulitzer Prize in 1969.

Photograph: Eddie Adams

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6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!” Peter Parker (I live your writing btw🔥)

The moment you saw Peter stumble into the lab, closely followed by Tony, you knew he was going to be the biggest dork on the planet. His little lop-sided grin and the way his eyes widened in wonder when he saw all of Tony’s glorified science projects and toys strewed about the lab. The goofy teen vibe just pulsated from him all the way on the other side of the lab.

“Mr. Stark, this is,” he trailed off while he looked around like he had never seen anything more spectacular in his life. That was the case for him, until he finally laid his eyes on you, sitting in the back corner of the lab, scribbling a few notes down in a notebook. Your face was scrunched up while you were trying to figure out what went wrong in the equation, and you kept muttering little things under your breath before you finally looked up at the two people who had just walked in the doors. 

It was an awkward first glance, with both you and him blushing to the max almost immediately. Despite the fumbling attempt of a first glance, his smile was quickly replaced with a jaw drop. Peter couldn’t find any words to express the way his heart quickened at the sight of you in the lab, which only made his face more red. 

“H-hi, hey, I’m.. uh,” Peter stumbled over his sentence while you fumbled to put all your stuff away that was scattered about the tables. By the time you had started to walk towards them, Peter was scratching the back of his head due to a loss for words. 

Tony raised his eyebrow at Peter with a smirk, he then let out a boisterous laugh, “Oh my God! You’re in love with her!” 

Today my heart was destroyed.
Today Luna was diagnosed by a tumor in the liver.

Since March he was in treatment, in a specialized veterinarian in exotic animals.
In my country animals like Luna are not seen as pets, only dogs and cats are worthy of that name.
So I was more calm when I met a veterinarian only for animals like Luna.

When they told me that Luna had a liver problem, the veterinary didn’t know what it was, and he was taking medication to the values ​​of analysis stay lower.This lasted until July 30 when at least about 15 days Luna starts to get skinny. I take him immediately to the vet again.

There they told me that my baby had his heart  beat slowly and so, had lost weight. But their conversation was the same, he had a problem in the liver and they did not know what it was. And they prescribed me the same medication.

My patience came to an end. And completely lost I tried to find another veterinary who made all procedures required to reveal that Luna had a tumor in the liver, but unfortunately his liver was all destroyed.

I don’t know what else to do, I feel so helpless…

This Sunday I was fortunate enough to bring home my new son. His name is Cedric, the grey lop rabbit. He’s just a baby but he’s sure to get bigger. He’s very sweet and calm. He even likes licking my fingers! There was a small scare when he wasn’t eating or drinking enough within the first 24 hours. He got a vet checkup and looked at. What we found out however, is that he was dehydrated because he didn’t know how to use a water bottle. The place we gotten him from had him on a bottle as well we didn’t realize that was the issue. Apparently the place prior to that had him on a bowl. He’s ten times better now though, drinking from his water bowl and eating up all his hay to make him nice and plump. I was so relieved that we figured out the issue. He’s not one to play with toys, but he’s very lovable and love his pets. I’m so proud of him.

See a pick of him: