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Hank: Can’t believe any of these women wanted to be anywhere near this guy.
Nick: You know what? I’m betting it’s the toads.
Hank: Yeah, right, toads. If it was only that easy. Maybe I’ll get me some toads.
—  Hank Griffin and Nick Burkhardt - 01x04 Lonelyhearts

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“Art Is a Way Out. Do not let life overwhelm you. When the old paths are choked with the débris of failure, look for newer and fresher paths. Art is just such a path. Art is distilled from suffering.”
― Nathanael West, Miss Lonelyhearts

miss lonely(harts) au: harry hart is an anonymous newspaper advice columnist who answers letters on how to comport oneself like a gentleman. eggsy is a longtime fan and frequent write-in, especially in regards to his difficult home life and dismal life prospects.

after a chance meeting on the street, eggsy’s letters change in tone to ask advice on pursuing a romance with a hot missed connection who is totally out of his league. harry’s having a difficult time answering that question, himself.

kingsman inspires a lot of aus for me, and i’m not sorry: