Infinite List of Movies: [31/??] The Parent Trap (1998)
↳ “So, if your mom is my mom and my dad is your dad, and we were both born on October 11, then you and I are, like, sisters.”

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how did annie cartwright die? is she from the seventies? was she really the woman in the red dress? did sam's dad kill her? or was she from a totally different time? was sam just projecting a face he knew onto his own memories? we saw alex doing this with gene in a2a so sam could also have been doing this? speaking of a2a, who did save alex after the explosion? was it elliot? did annie go into the pub with sam? did she remember what happened to her, or did she choose to believe her husband? are there many different versions of this world? is this a concept for exists for other emergencey services other than the police? how did jackie get pregnant in that world? is the baby a figment? is it an actually baby? what happened to jackie even? who was gene married to? did she leave him or did she also go into the pub? I need to know-