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Why did they delete the scenes in that movie that appealed to Loki’s true humanity? In the deleted scenes we see that he tells Thor he loves him, giving him this big congratulatory speech on his coronation day, and then later this scene where Frigga is actually the one to pass the throne on to him while Odin is trapped in the Odinsleep.

And then there’s the whole theory of what happened to Loki in between Thor and The Avengers. How did he discover the other worlds? Was he tortured into leading the Chitauri? Why?

THEY LEAVE OUT EVERYTHING TO POINT OUT THE FACT THAT LOKI MIGHT NOT ACTUALLY BE EVIL AND IT MAKES ME SO MAD. And then they pull the shit at the end of Thor 2 where he steals Asgard’s throne, which really doesn’t exactly fit his motives if you consider these missing subplots. His entire motive in Thor 2 doesn’t exactly add up. So they better explain some shit in later movies, or I’m going to be so mad because they did not put nearly enough effort into Loki as any of the Avengers. And they should have because he’s more complicated than that.

O: Oral


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The nickname “silver tongue” may be because he is clever with words, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only reason behind the phrase.  Loki enjoys misdirection and double entendres, so when the smell of your want wafts up into his nose, flaring his nostrils as you squirm underneath him, his saliva glands kick into overdrive as he slowly dips his tongue down, savoring every drop of you as he takes his time, making sure he’s sucked, licked, and hummed over every aspect of your depths, no matter how overwhelming the pleasurable sensations are for your body.

The oral sex is amazing because it is almost never for you.  His need to taste you almost daily is solely for himself.

But your pleasure in its aftermath isn’t a bad ego-stroke.  Especially when you plead with him that you’ll do anything for your eventual undoing.

What I learned from Avengers: Age of Ultron

The biggest  Steve’s fear is missed date

The biggest Tony’s fear is dying Steve

Captain America have fun all movie and give advices to Banner how to flirt with Natasha

In Thor’s vision there was no Loki

The biggest Thor’s fear connect with Heimdall