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I got tagged by begin–to-hope

1. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
Hahaha, noooo! As a matter of fact, my best friend xa6ear came over today and cooked grilled cheese, spaghetti, and brownies for me since I suck at cooking and my family is away. I can do some stuff but not really cooking.
2. Name a talent you’ve always wish you had.
Singing! I consider myself a decent actress and an okay dancer, but my singing suuuuuucks.
3. Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Why is it your favorite?
I don’t really drink coffee, so no; but my mom uses one that has my sisters, my cousins, and I all on it and it’s super cute so I’ll say that anyways.
4. Do you separate your Oreos before you eat them, or do you eat them as is (whole)?
I used to separate them but I haven’t done that in a rrreeeaaalllyyyy long time!
5. What’s your favorite thing beginning with the letter G? It can be literally anything.
6. Have you ever owned a slinky?
A long time ago but it would NEVER WORK.
7. Fave cupcake flavor?
Probably just classic chocolate but I’m always a sucker for red velvet with cream cheese icing.
8. What does your name mean?
Christian. Funny fact, my first and middle name together means “Christian who is like the Lord”. Weeeiirrdd.
9. Last movie that made you cry?
Movie? Um…. Probably like Catching Fire or something…
10. How many pillows do you sleep with?
Just one under my head, but I have another softer one next to me.
11. Do you wet your toothbrush before or after you put the toothpaste on? (This is a legit question, I’ve been arguing with Raine about the proper order of water and toothpaste for months)
Usually before, but sometimes I forget…
My new questions:
1. What was the first movie you remember seeing in the theatre?
2. Do you watch any YouTube channels regularly?
3. What was the first CD you ever bought or received?
4. Do you have a dream car you’d like to own one day?
5. What is your favorite gem/stone? (Sapphire, diamond, etc. Also I just realized this could be taken as a Steven Universe question, which it wasn’t, but feel free to put that in there as well if you want!)
6. Preference on book series versus stand alone stories?
7. Favorite accent?
8. What font do you like to use?
9. If you could do anything ever to your hair (even if it isn’t possible in real life), what would that be?
10. If you had access to all the money and/or materials you needed, what would you cosplay as?
11. If you had the chance to become a magical girl/boy (like Sailor Moon, Winx Club, Madoka Magica…), would you do it, and if so, what would your outfit look like?

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I always forget to say this but no pressure or anything. I hardly ever get to these myself, so I tooootally would not be offended if you don’t do this.

Lokita Laquandria {Loki X Reader Crack Drabble}

Originally posted by flicker-fly


Characters:Loki Laufeyson,Natasha Romanoff,Thor Odinson

Word Count: 302

Warnings:Cursing,Suggestive Language

I’m sorry,except I’m really not :P
This is a really stereotypical ‘ghetto’ characterisation,just for fun and jokes <3
~ Ry

“GET YO BITCH ASS BACK OVER HERE!” You holler at your best bitch Lokita,who’s strolling up to you in his Gucci boots.Dayum he looked fine.

“YAZ BITCH READY TO SNATCH SOME WEAVES?” He snaps his fingers and pops the gum in his mouth.

“GURL YOU BEST BELIEVE IT” You tie up your weave with a bandana,after a good weave patting.

You stroll up to your second bitch,Natashandala,who’s making dat booty shake in time with those beats.

“CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS BITCH THORETTA LATRESSA ALGORA LAFONZO?” She stomps,stopping her mad twerk skills to rant.This bitch is real angry.YOU LOVE IT.

“GURRRL?” You ask.

“GURRRRL!” She responds

“GURRRLLLL!” Lokita inputs,causing your bad bitch squad to move out.

You arrive in front of Thoretta Latressa Algora Lafonzo’s house,looking nasty and trashy as a fifty year old weave.

“WHO DA FUCK DOES THIS BITCH THINK HE IS?” Natashandala rants on,her make up dripping down her face.She looks rachet as all hell.


“HE THOUGHT” You add

“THIS BITCH IS DEAD!” Natashandala adds.

You roll up to this new skank’s door and give it a good kick down.No bitch is taking Natashandala’s man on your watch.

“YO BITCH,GET YO WHINY ASS OUT HERE” You call at this dumb bitch,looking like a chicken head.


“I HEARD YOU BEEN WITH MY MAN AND TALKING SHIT!” Natashandala lays down the smack talk.You and Lokita lay down a beat for your bitch.


That was the last time anyone saw Thoretta Latressa Algora Lafonzo again…

Una encuesta lokita

Zeldi tiene unas preguntas para ustedes nwn

-Les gustaría escucharme cantar un coversito?

-Soportarían la ruptura de tímpanos?  

- Y si hago el cover, alguien me ayudaria con la traduccion de la letra?

Bueno eso era todo lo que necesitaba preguntarles. Cuidense y los quiero. 

Y pongan este hastag el la cuenta de gore-makes-a-thing y ask-cosmofire-mrmuffins porfavor.