*logs off forever*

A spooky flight rising story

You load Flight Rising on your phone. You immediately go to log in. But you’re already logged in. You go to gather…surely it’ll ask you to log in then. But no, you’re still logged in. Not believing the site actually kept you logged in, you log off. But then you’re still logged in. You refresh the page, and still your icon stares back at you. You clear your cache, you clear your cookies, but your 45 gems continue to mock you, the white glare of the website blinding you. You try in vain as the Auction Expired messages keep notifying you, even after you’ve already checked them. You do everything you can to leave, yet here you remain, the PST clock ticks ever away. You can’t log off. You’ll never log off. You’re here forever.

making this post for the 3rd time on my mac bc tumblr mobile is shit

so last fucking night, I was talking to Kaitlyn and I told her abt this HC I have for the Gay-dy bunch, where Astro goes to Quinnian and tells them that according to Atom, Tenma and Cindy have been making out quite often which he assumes is because they’re trying for a baby, as sort of an incentive to step up their (Quinnian’s) game…and Kaitlyn…turns it into a story about mpreg….and….I don’t think i’ve ever felt such an urge to step away and log off the internet forever until then…..