Rumbelle Flight crew announcements

The flight attendants for the Rumbelle ship would like to make an announcement before continuing on:

For your ease, Scarlett Beauty shippers there are three exits:  one located at the front, one located at the back and one midship.  Rumbelle passengers seated next to you will be happy to help you disbark the ship with the proper flotation device, as apparently your ship is about to sink.  

Please proceed in an orderly fashion to any of the above exits.  Thank you for traveling with us.  But, this is your stop

Bye Bye Now, Bye, Bye,  Bye Now,  Bye Bye.  

Revenge-class battleship HMS Resolution and Illustrious-class aircraft carrier HMS Formidable underway, date and location unknown.


said: They’re operating with the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean mid-1942. Formidable was there between March 26th and August 24th, this was probably taken after May when Formidable wasn’t with the faster Force A and Resolution the slower Force B.

thotadmiration asked:

Is there a blog to meet other queer woc? Many blogs are majorly white. :/

I don’t know of any blogs that are specifically for woc, sorry. These are the blogs in our link list:



By location




By location –USA










It’s sandbox play time! It helps to treat sand like ve~ry slow moving water and I love how it behaves in regards to structures. Not the most stable foundation, but makes for an interesting location to build. Isn’t sand essentially a pile of eeny tiny rocks?

My new life goal is an image a day!
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page 02 | ode to ana

Named after the hipsterest hipster to ever hipster. I give you a responsive scrolling slideshow with moving captions. I initially made this with roleplay location pages in mind but it can be used for just about anything from character pages to about pages. Kudos to redfrost over at codepen for the original code and hipster ipsum for the filler text that inspired the theme. If you feel the need to customize, a visual guide is under the cut but you can still let me know if there are any issues. Enjoy! 

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Why I Love the Idea of the Task Force Breaking Up

Reiterating this because I commented on a post about this, but seriously, I’ve been in love with the idea since the end of last season.

  • I would LOVE to see the Task Force have to scatter and go off the grid because they went after a Blacklister or got too close to the truth about some important government figure.  It would allow the production to do something crazy like, idk, move the setting of the show to NYC, which would be great because scouting for locations to shoot would get easier for them, no longer needing to make NYC look like DC. 
  • Liz came from New York.  Instant opportunity to explore her back story, which is all I want in life.
  • Nick could be in flashbacks. Tom could be in flashbacks.  Get them out of the present storyline but keeps them around.
  • We’d get to see Liz interacting with people she used to know, and get a chance to see how much she changed.
  • Samar on the run/in hiding is probably just as badass as say, Natasha Romanoff.  I am here for that.
  • Threaten the safety of our beautiful and pure cinnamon roll Aram, his reaction to the situations they’re in = comedy gold the audience is invested in.
  • The contrast of Samar and Aram in the same situation would be hilarious.
  • Aram continuing to keep his diary but the entries are more like ‘Dear diary, today you learned to hotwire a car.  Do you still have to do that a lot, Future Aram, or do all cars feature keyless entry systems and fly?’
  • Ressler is such a golden boy, but he’s got nothing left but his honor at this point.  I would love to see how he reacts to the situation, what is he willing to compromise for his safety?  What will he refuse to give up? How many underworld denizens will make him out as a cop immediately?
  • Everyone would get to see what the other is willing to do to stay alive and try to clear their name.  Talk about eye opening and leading to questionable trust.
  • My money is still on Red being framed for things.  Will he help them try to clear their names/keep them alive if they do the same for him? 
  • The Task Force working with Red’s Army could be amazing.
  • You could still keep the Blacklist’s procedural aspect of the show, but you wouldn’t have to worry about following FBI/Police/CIA protocols for the characters.  Rule books are out the window.
  • Liz Keen in this situation is probably incredible.
  • Any and all ships would have some great trope material to play with.
  • Raymond Reddington spewing monologues against a proper Manhattan backdrop on a regular basis would make me so happy. Imagine him doing a scene in the Vanguard, people.

This concludes my Season 3 pitch that I hope is explored heavily in fanfic if we don’t get to see it on our screens. Thank you for your time.


Slow Architecture | Joshua Prince-Ramus (REX)
- NewSchool of Architecture + Design
San Diego, California, USA  | 26 Apr 2012 | Duration: 1:20:00

- Prince-Ramus described numerous real projects he has worked on to explain the concept of slow architecture. He explains that architects today don’t need to focus on form vs. functionality, but need to do them bother well; by taking their time to solve the core issues on every project.

Hahahaha welp. Here is the best I could do, lovelies.

I can’t tell if I am so upset about the them on the right (viewer’s right) because of the fact I can’t handle the way Link looks in ep. 6 and Rhett’s longer/but hard to tell it’s longer hair- or if it’s just that bad.


Ep. 1: *drinking coffee about to head to the stakeout location* “You know- this might actually be kind of fun” {1st date Personal Space Rules}

Ep. 6: “You know, you and I are really good at this!” {Married Personal Space Rules = Then the knee hits}

I hope ya’ll enjoy this: serpentjester daily-internetainers witchmulder

Feeling very overwhelmed today

Today I hate how my body feels. I’m all bloated and stretched and I’m carrying fat in places I never have before and I don’t like it. It makes me feel uncomfortable and very self-conscious. The two biggest factors that have been affecting my weight since the start of the year are:

- My location. I’m not really close to anything aside from houses. This wasn’t an issue when I had my own transport but being without a car it has become an absolute NIGHTMARE. I have no easy access to grocery stores or food shops which makes buying food and eating healthy hard and its honestly increased my anxiety around my intake dramatically since I started working full time, as my time is now as limited as my access. Then there’s the issue of my landlord making a fuss over two invisible marks (I’ve looked, as have a friend, we can’t find them) on the kitchen bench that she’s turned into a nightmare over that is increasing my anxiety around using my kitchen. I hate my house, I hate how trapped it makes me feel and I hate how bloody far away from EVERYTHING it is. Living here without a car has been a nightmare post car death. Its lead me to become more anti-social due to an increase in my anxiety as I no longer get out as much. It’s affected my friendships. The construction work on the property is STILL going 11 months on when I was told it would be completed in the first 3 months of my move. I hate it. I’m over it. My sanctuary has become a place I’d rather avoid at all costs and that is really starting to take a toll on my mental health.

- The end of daylight savings. This meant that instead of getting home with ample daylight hours left to workout, or getting up early to workout, it’s dark at either end. A gym trip for me requires walking through either a poorly lit street or a poorly lit park to reach public transport, going after work which means walking the same areas at nighttime or workout out in my own area which still faces the same problem. The fact my current unit is very small due to its layout meaning space is a massive issue and I have a lot of anxiety being at home period atm after all the roof leaks/issues with my landlord last week I have zero motivation to work out there as I don’t want to be there at all.

Trying to juggle all the stress I’m feeling about my volatile home life made worst by my landlord since my roof leaked, the stress of having to actually find somewhere else and make that fit around my work, not feeling safe in the dark and just generally feeling a bit worn out has led to a continual weight gain I’ve begun to feel very out of control about. It’s made me cry, it’s given me nightmares and I’m working INCREDIBLY hard to not let it lead to a toxic self-relationship, though it’s starting to lean that way.

I’ve made moving my utmost top priority and truly hope I get some good news on a new place to live soon. I’m tired of my anxiety being so high due to my surroundings, of feeling trapped and stagnant and how that’s affecting my motivation.

Sorry for this rant being a bit negative, but I got really upset this morning about my body and shark week just showed up and I promised I’d always try and be as honest about my journey as I could, the good and the bad.

Here’s hoping for some good news!

Bravely Second: The Importance of a Good First Impression

WARNING: Contains mild spoilers for the first few hours of the game. I make sure not to spoil any of the major twists though.

It’s no secret that I adored 2012′s surprise hit, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I adored the cast of characters, I enjoyed the story, and I thought the core battle system was stupid levels of fun. 

That being said, there’s a lot of things that its sequel, Bravely Second, needed to address. By setting it in the same world of Bravely Default (two and a half years later), players will inevitably end up seeing lots of familiar locations and characters. It’s not entirely unlike the same issues Final Fantasy X-2 of XIII-2 faced. How do you make a direct sequel feel brand new again without completely redesigning everything from the ground up?

As it turns out, the secret is in making a good first impression.

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Did a Pokevariations thing! I saw another that was treeko and treeko is one of my fave starters so have some more! can you guess the gecks?

 I’m going to draw more of these because it was really calming to just color the same lines tbh 

I also want to draw all of my babies as variant pokemon, that would be cool… 

Once again, the best part of watching GoT for me remains taking various scenes/locations and being like, “WELP AT LEAST THERE IS FICSPIRATION!” Last week, it was, “I should write People Doing It In A Wheelhouse,” this week it’s, “Aaaand now I need Jon dealing with Winterfell Stuff in the Great Hall, clearly getting frustrated/irked, and Sansa shooting him the look of, ‘If you get through this without losing your temper and/or murdering someone, we can go straight to our chambers after we’re done here.’”