Don Draper Mad Men childhood home by California to Chicago
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Victorian Homes Carroll Ave LA This is the house used in the last episode of one of the season. When Don Draper takes his kids to see his Childhood home that was the brothel he grew up in. They used a lot of CGI to make this look run down and surrounded by old industry buildings in the scene.


2x03 Useful Occupations and Deceptions ~ L'Hôpital des Anges

2x04 La Dame Blanche ~ L'Hôpital des Anges

2x07 Faith ~  L'Hôpital des Anges

Glasgow Cathedral (Glasgow, Scotland)

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Thank you to everyone at Scotland MCM Comic Con over the weekend! It was really lovely to see people from last year and meet new people. I have a ½ table at the Bristol Comic & Zine Fair this Saturday. Best zine fair of the year - see you there?! I’ll be bringing FREE MINI COMICS as usual!

If you can’t make it to Bristol, there’s a list of autumn events in the blog sidebar and don’t forget I have an online Etsy shop - ships worldwide

I managed to catch some great bands play in Glasgow on the Friday night before the event - Joyce Delaney, Crywank & The Tuts. More gig sketches on my music blog tag.