A kivételes alkalmak egyike, amikor egyetértek az #lmp társelnökével, Schiffer képviselővel: összekeverni a terrorizmus elleni fellépést a bevándorlással mérhetetlen felelőtlenség! (helyszín: Jászai Mari Tér Olimpia Park)

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Had a scare today.
The pain I have been feeling on my right side got worse, and then I noticed red spotting.
Called the nurse and they suggested I come in immediately.
Had to leave work and call my husband and mom to have them come with me to an emergency ultrasound.
I cried the happiest of tears when the ultrasound tech said, “Look, there’s your baby, and there is the heartbeat!”
Little one is right where it’s supposed to be, and has a healthy heart rate of 148.
Plus, my due date is still the same at 12/6/16! It’s developing at pretty much exactly the rate based on my LMP.
December baby, you are so loved. Barely over 10mm and you already have the whole family head over heels, strong little one!

As for the pain and spotting, they couldn’t pinpoint the exact source, but they wager it’s due to little cysts.
I couldn’t be happier. I finally have peace of mind

lmp if ur neck is too weak to keep ur fucking huge head up straight for more than 15 seconds

lm p if uve got a floppy head like me

a Jobbik után az LMP is támadást indít Magyarország független, az Országgyűlés alá tartozó jegybankja ellen. és csak beszélnek, beszélnek, de egyetlen törvénysértés gyanúját sem tudják felmutatni
—  Tállai