listen sometimes i think about how karen olivo is going to play angelica (lies, i’m always thinking about this) and i think about how lmm said he might fill in as hamilton in other productions and then i think about the possibility, however slim, of lmm and olivo playing hamilton and angelica together and have to quite honestly find the nearest cliff to go pitch myself off of

Get to know me tag

I wasn’t actually tagged by anyone but I saw my friend @obscenebunny did it so here we are

Name: Fatima 
Nicknames: Timmy 
Gender: Female 
Star Sign: NO 
Height: about 5′4 
Age: only 19 but my mind is older
Time: 10:55 pm 
Hogwarts House: Slytherin 
Birthday: April 10th
If you had a cat what would you name it: Maybe “my parents approval” so I could finally say I have that (sorry I had to do it to em)
Favorite color: I don’t even know anymore, forest green is nice
Average hours of sleep: 7
Lucky number: don’t have one
Last thing I googled: Odd by Julia Nunes lyrics
Fictional character you want as your younger sibling: None 
Blankets you sleep with: 1-2
Favorite bands/artists: LMM, NWA, Hozier, Marina, Panic!, LORDE
Dream Trip: I love cities but maybe something like backpacking through Europe with someone I love
What I’m wearing right now: Pokemon shirt I got in the kids section of target and paint covered sweatpants 
When I made this blog: a little more than 3(?) years ago
How many blogs I follow: 174
What do I post about: Memes, shows/movies I like, a wide variety of things
Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your tumblr name: Fart 
Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, why don’t you guys ask me things
Why did you choose you URL: Bc the moon is gay
Sexual orientation: Hm well I love my gf a whole lot 
Favorite fictional character: Maybe Carmilla from Carmilla
Dream job: Probably something in social work as nerdy as that sounds. I would love to #gitgood at art and make that a bigger part of my laugh scratch this I plan on becoming an elementary school art teacher when I retire from social work
Current amount of followers: 395, thanks porn blogs
Who is your most active follower: I’m on mobile so I can’t check 
When did your blog reach it’s peak?: idek
What made you decide to get tumblr?: memes
Siblings: An older brother and three younger sisters
Pets: none 
Wake Up: 8:45 for work but later if I’m free that morning 
Go to Bed: 12-1am 
Phone Type: iPhone 6
Love or Lust: LOVE
Lemonade or Iced Tea: I don’t like iced tea so lemonade I guess (thanks Beyoncé)
Cats or Dogs: cats but I’m super allergic to both
Coke or Pepsi: I like both but usually Coke. But then I start drinking Pepsi and have a hard time drinking coke again it’s a whole thing
Day or Night: night
Make-Up or Natural: The only makeup I do on a daily basis is filling in my eyebrows so there’s that 
Intelligence or Attractiveness: Get u a girl who can do both, I know I did. Also I don’t like this question
Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick. I really couldn’t go without it
City or Country: City!!
Last Movie Watched: Nerve. I definitely recommend it
Other blogs: @howthemightyhave @clothesforbuisness @virginsbloodlesslove and a private one where I yell

I tag: @randomkat97 @aishaisnotfamous @huemanbean @swagisa-kaworu-kun and @squadofsquirtles

At dinner just now, my 14 year old son asked, outta nowhere, ‘so groffsauce right, is that a real thing?’ And I was like well yeah baby, they’re kinda bff and he said 'no but, like, they could be a thing. Does Lin like boys too? Because Groff is really really gay but I think maybe Lin likes both? Or just him? And that’s called something but I don’t remember what.’ And then he asked me what the first thing was that comes up when you type groffsauce into youtube, and so we watched that video, the compilation. And my child said 'they’re so cute. Lin is married to a woman and super happy, right? Because I feel like that’s me. I like girls so much, but if there was a boy, that’d be okay, especially if it was like him and groff. But like, even if they aren’t into each other like that, they’re not afraid to be dudes who hug and I’m all for that.’ And guys, I just. My kid. My kid is awesome. Lin and Groff and the rest of the Ham family are awesome too but my kid? Yeah. I’m proud of that one.

Hamilton Act II: A Summary

What’d I Miss: french fry is back, this time with jazz

Cabinet Battle #1: my talents include looking snazzy, quick comebacks, and eliminating all chances for friendship upon first meeting people

Take a Break: I will try to get away *doesn’t try* well I did my best I think

Say No to This: let’s play a game called ignore the ensemble

The Room Where It Happens: I’m going to continue my theory of “maybe if I just stand here nothing bad will happen ever” but this time I’m going to be standing next to senators

Schuyler Defeated: I’m sure he already knows *looks out window to see Alexander lighting Burr’s house on fire*

Cabinet Battle #2: you must be outta your gODDAMN MIND

Washington On Your Side: salt squad assemble

One Last Time: you’re all exhausting I’m taking a permanent vacation try not to kill each other

I Know Him: *gets out a bucket of popcorn* I’m ready to watch your life fall apart

The Adams Administration: in addition to dressing snazzy, having quick comebacks, and being bad at making friends, my talents also include getting fired and not handling it well

We Know: it’s a good idea to tell a bunch of people who hate you something they could use to ruin your life

Hurricane: we’ve established that I don’t make very good choices but just in case you don’t get that yet I must do another stupid thing

The Reynolds Pamphlet: oh shit wait I shouldn’t have done that maybe

Burn: these letters are on fire and you will be too if you mess up again aka FEELINGS

Blow Us All Away: “what if he shoots me” “why would he do that, here take some guns see you at dinner”

Stay Alive (Reprise): get ready folks, once the tears start they aren’t going to stop for a while

It’s Quiet Uptown: no more politics for me they ruined my life

The Election of 1800: ok maybe just a lil bit more politics what could go wrong

Your Obedient Servant: shit that’s what could go wrong aka sass

Best of Wives and Best of Women: meeting means both meeting and gun fight apparently

The World Was Wide Enough: shooting your friends generally results in the realization afterwards that it was a bad idea

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: if you thought you were done feeling things you were WRONG. feelings time lasts until you’ve run out of tears