Theatre Challenge ✻ [6/10] Performers ✻ Lin-Manuel Miranda

Why do you think theatre is important? 
I can only tell you why it’s important to me: I don’t ever feel more alive than when I’m in a theater full of strangers, and the magic that’s happening on stage makes us all scream, or laugh, or cry together. And those moments are rare because they’re hard to get right, getting all those different elements to coalesce. But when they do? In Phantom, during Masquerade, when it keeps building, and building, and then the Phantom shows up, and the horns BLARE his theme? Or the end of Act One of Sunday In The Park With George, when the painting begins to take shape? I can’t describe the feeling of when everything comes together just right, other than to tell you it’s overwhelming, and powerful, and it has NEVER happened to me staring at my computer at home. It is a uniquely communal experience.


LMM was not throwing away his socks as we heard JMI today

let’s also take this opportunity to relive the glory of JMI freestyling at the airport

it is supposed that a collection of the posts which have made their appearance in the blog of this tumblrs, under the Title of the FEDERALIST FREESTYLE, may be without chill in losing its shit over the momentous happening of the musical Hamilton, now playing for the audiences of Broadway.

there certainly was no chill to be had when I saw that tweet today! but mostly, I felt a real sense of community due to how not-uncharactertistic it was – not cuz my having no chill is so special but cuz LMM has always been so connected to the fan community… largely by being such an unabashed fan himself. while I’ve never been cool enough for it to really occur to me to tone down my enthusiasm, it still is so encouraging & heartening to see such a model combination of passion & respect, glee & professionalism. that love & sincerity can & will win.

so THANK YOU, linmanuel, for all that you have given & continue to give all of us – not just your remarkable artistic creations, but the immense love & respect that you show we can all cultivate with each other.

& also for the basketball vid.