Where are the Hamilton shotglasses?

It’s so easy. Just label them with “My Shot” on one side, and the star logo on the other.

People will buy them solely to make I’M NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT jokes as they do shots.


please just remember that time Lin-Manuel Miranda promoted In the Heights by making a High School Muscial parody with Karen Olivo and Jonathan Groff

wildcats7066 asked:

I first discovered you on Instagram and I am going to start reading your invincible series very soon, but I was just curious how you got into the "comic work force" so to speak. In the past couple of months I have decided this is the career I would like to have. So I was wondering what major steps did you take to get to the career you have now? And where did you get your start? Thank you so much for your time, -LMM

Once upon a time there was a boy who had dreams of being a comic artist. That dream was smashed over his head with every rejection letter. So he gave up.
7 years later after being stuck in a terrible job with terrible people he got fired by talking back to a power tripping piece of human garbage. (I don’t hold a grudge!) at this moment he decided to take the employment checks and try again for his dream job! Hooray! After a year and a half of collaborating on short stories for anthologies and a webcomic, and a few other comic jobs, He was contacted by Robert Kirkman to draw Invincible. Which was about to be canceled. But they stuck it out, got the book on time and made it awesome. 12 years later, he’s still here drawing Invincible.

The moral of the story? Don’t be a pansy. Rejection happens. Keep trying.