Colt LMG

An interesting clone build that the owner appeared to be attempting to mimic the Canadian Deimaco LSW. Original Colt LMG examples are very sought after collector items but there is a copy made by Blackthorne which is substantially cheaper. The LMG’s barrel is incredibly thick, making it difficult to use aftermarket gas blocks and handguards. (GRH)


Analysis of the Stoner 63

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical takes a look at the legendary Stoner 63 modular weapon system.  With eight variations and the ability to have everything from a medium machine gun to a light rifle in one package it is an amazing feat of engineering for the period in which it was developed. 

Arguably Eugene Stoner’s masterpiece, far more complex than the earlier ARs. Larry looks at both a Stoner 63 and the later improved Stoner 63A.  It’s a great video, hopefully I’ll get round to writing something in-depth about it here on Historical Firearms eventually.



The Bren

This brilliant British Pathe Newsreel dating from 1940 shows the British Army’s Bren gun in action. The Newsreel begins with a brief overview of earlier machine guns including the Colt-Browning M1895, the Hotchkiss, Chauchat, the BAR and the Lewis Gun. The Newsreel them briefly shows the Bren being assembled before it explains how the Bren’s gas piston system cycles the light machine gun. 

MkI Bren Gun (source)

The Bren was adopted by the British Army in 1938, developed from the Czech vz.26 light machine gun, by the time this film was filmed by British Pathe Czechoslovakia had been consumed by the Third Reich and the British Expeditionary Force was in France fighting what became known as the Phony War, awaiting Germany’s next move - the Battle of France in May 1940. 

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Suppressed BAR
This makes me happy.