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do u have any film recommendations? like what are ur fav films?

AAHHH okay short list in no particular order:

inception (2010)
rebel without a cause (1955)
beginners (2010)
the shining (1980)
león the professional (1994)
amélie (2001)
2001: a space odyssey (1968)
chungking express (1994)
whiplash (2014)
my own private idaho (1991)
romeo+juliet (1996)
taxi driver (1976)
trainspotting (1996)
the secret of roan inish (1994)
dead poets society (1989)
reservoir dogs (1992)
pacific rim (2013)
princess mononoke (1997)
inglourious basterds (2009)
the hunt (2012)
the fall (2006)
chicago (2002)
kiki’s delivery service (1989)
american beauty (1999)
kill your darlings (2013)
clerks (1994)
gone girl (2014)
drive (2011)
fight club (1999)
the social network (2010)
akira (1988)
electrick children (2012)
boogie nights (1997)
the princess diaries (2001)
free fall (2013)
sympathy for mr. vengeance (2002)
hedwig and the angry inch (2001)
zodiac (2007)
when harry met sally (1989)
pulp fiction (1994)
kill bill: vol 1 (2003)
battle royale (2000)
hairspray (2007)
beetlejuice (1988)
jesus camp (2006)
the sound of music (1965)
the virgin suicides (1999)
harold and maude (1971)
the wind rises (2013)
the place beyond the pines (2012)
heathers (1989)
the breakfast club (1985)
carrie (1976)
four rooms (1995)
atonement (2007)
being john malkovich (1999)
good will hunting (1997)
before the fall (2004)
pride and prejudice (2005)
i killed my mother (2009)
prisoners (2013)
no country for old men (2007)
the great gatsby (2012)
from dusk till dawn (1996)
brokeback mountain (2005)
the good, the bad, and the ugly (1966)
chinatown (1974)
footloose (1984)
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)
se7en (1995)
v for vendetta (2005)
her (2013)
lost in translation (2003)

those r all the ones i can think of right now but yeah!!! movies!

I hate how everyone is like “you dont need labels wuw” and stuff like that bc for me i really need them to feel vaild and when i don’t know my labels im comfused and i feel blank and my mind races but i dont think of amything

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What do u think about Louis and Briana?Do u think she's his friend and agreed to do this thing with the whole "Briana and Louis" shit? Do u think that Larry arent to come out yet so modest! Are keeping Briana until Larry are to come out? Plz answer!!

What do u think about Briana? Do u think she is gonna be Louis’ new “beard”?? Or is she just a friend?Or is she hired by Modest! To cover up for him a lil bit and confuse us until Larry are allowed to come out? I’m scared if we get more Briana+Louis!

Can u please calm me down a bit?I’m really anxious about all of this Louis and Briana thing going on. I’m a new Larry shipper, since this Jan. And i know about Elounor bearding and all. But Briana? Why now?Arent Larry supposed to come out this year?



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Second:  since all of these messages came around the same time I’m gonna guess they are from the same distressed/panicked person. 


Fourth: Why do you give two shits about a girl who means absolutely nothing to Louis? She will NOT be his next beard bc he’s not going to get another one. His next step is coming out with Harry

Fifth: Louis and Harry are together and have been for 5 years. The rest is just “noise” designed to distract us from that fact. Now…