things from today’s periscope
  • hansol told us that his new mannequin (the upper body one) is called “g” and is a guy, from what i understand g has a body like a woman but mind like a man = is a man with afab body basically. he/him pronouns.
  • hansol talked about marry and kiko again but i forgot which one is which again
  • hansol asked not to ask for songs (unless he asks us to suggest some first). PLEASE RESPECT THAT!
  • he also played X or Y with us some of his choices included:
    • both p!nk and rihanna (he said he couldn’t choose/it’s too hard to choose)
    • pink or blue
    • batman or joker (lmao he made a disgusted face at just the thought of choosing batman)
    • black or white (this one took him p long to decide?)
    • harley quinn or joker 
    • cat or dog (i am so… saddened by this)
    • love or hate (he stared us down and hissed hate lmao)
    • fire or ice (he chose ice first…)
    • soju or beer
    • cool or cute 
    • hansol or oppa 
    • rap or jazz (took him a long time to decide)
    • ml or hansol
  • hansol asked not to make him pick between members. RESPECT THAT! also DON’T TELL HIM TO SLEEP! it annoys him.

anyways if you want hansol to keep streaming, please be mindful and treat him as a person <3 love!

Little Mix are shooting a new music video REALLY soon

And we are happy they’re not going to skimp on the girl power.

“We’ve always loved girl power,” Perrie told. “We’re all about feeling independent, feeling confident and strong in yourself. It’s honest and stuff that we’ve experienced. We want to write about things that we can always relate to.”

“It’s cool. It’s still very Little Mix,“ Jade added. "We want to keep our stamp but obviously you change with the times, so I think it’s the best of both really.”

And a the new music video? They’re off shooting a new one very soon indeed. Two weeks in fact, according to Jesy, who remained mysterious about what we can expect.

“It’s all under wraps,” she told.


intrusive thoughts can be anything unpleasant or anything deemed ‘unnatural’ or ‘abnormal’ way of thinking that impede your progress in normal functioning. is your brain repeatedly telling you to eat something inedible to the point that it’s distracting you, upsetting you, confusing you, scaring you? intrusive thought. violent scenarios playing in your head about yourself, the people around you, or the world, the future? intrusive thought.

 they’re intrusive, they intrude on your ability to cope and function and they come from mental illness, from abuse, from trauma, they make you feel “other” or “wrong” or “bad” or “inhuman”. 

i hate the dichotomy that you can only have one or the other (nonviolent “~cutesy~” intrusive thoughts i’ve seen them called - or violent) - with the other being fake, or not important. 

here’s the thing: both can be just as detrimental to a person’s health. having the image of being covered in grime replayed over and over in your head, a burning and overwhelming desire to eat something for whatever reason, or the idea that if you go to X place X will happen, causing a sequence of events… can impede a person’s life just as much as thoughts of violence. and they DO. 

there IS a particular stigma against expressing violent intrusive thoughts and the posts formatted like ‘what people think mental illness is: X what it really is: X’ absolutely need to stop, everyone experiences things a different way. every disorder manifests differently in each person - in mechanisms, in chemicals, in trauma, in fears, and acting like there aren’t an overwhelming amount of people who are continuously harmed and marginalized and thrown under the bus enough as it is for being ‘unacceptable’ by ‘normal’ standards is insulting at the very least.

but any type of intrusive thought can be detrimental to a person. we don’t need to isolate anyone based on their intrusive thoughts. all of us already feel isolated enough. stop perpetuating the idea that nonviolent intrusive thoughts are any less frustrating, terrifying, alienating, confusing, and upsetting for those who experience them and they’re allowed to talk about their experiences and frustrations with it. vice versa.

I remember when I made an extremely long and emotional post about why I wanted to call myself a princess and that it helped me cope with child abuse

And Maya almost immediately was like “call me a princess or hell a queen that’ll piss him off” like white sociopathy is alive and real and Maya is a lovely example of it

PSA About the F Slur

The f slur (f*ggot) can only be reclaimed by sga amabs (get called f slur whenever deviating from the norm of hypermascuilinity and heterosexuality), trans girls (often grouped with cis gay men, compared to them, get called the slur all the same), and sga trans boys (again, since they are boys and are able to be called the f slur for being an sga boy). PLEASE dont say it if youre not any of the above because otherwise, youre not really affected by this word on the scale that we face it on and it is very damaging.

the sausage party kincourse is obv fake and on the off chance it isnt you’ve taken it too far regardless it was funny for like. 3 minutes at best