• Ty: I like-
  • Kit: WAIT *gathers cushions, popcorn, clears space, closes the blinds, points reflector at ty*
  • Kit: okay go ahead
  • Ty: *blinks*... I was only gonna say I like this weather...
  • Kit: *single tear* beautiful
  • Julian Blackthorn: is ruthless, raised 4 children, ran an institute by himself, has spent 17 years training, literally fucked Emma Carstairs against a wall.
  • Stan Twitter: *fancasts average looking cinnamon rolls who have probably never worked out in their life as Julian*
okay so i really hope none of The Blackthorns get into a deep depression after what happened in the end of LoS. ESPECIALLY TY!!!! I FEEL LIKE HE IS GOING TO BE BROKEN INTO PIECES!!no. please, no. my babies.

“I do not love you as I love Cristina. I love you as I love you,” said Mark. He bent his head. “I wish that you could see my heart. Then you would understand.”

It seemed she could not think of Mark without thinking of Kieran, too. Could not see blue and gold eyes without seeing black and silver. 

 "Mark needs kindness,” Kieran said, after a long pause. “And so do I.”

“Hot faerie threesome,” said Emma cheerfully. “I can say I knew you when.”