@harriettstella we look like we’re about to drop the hottest tent-related indie album of 2016

(New LLL credits video is out everyone!! Make sure you check it out to see all the talented peeps who worked on it and get a look at Special Behind The Scenes pics!!)


Thank you to everyone who supported Lovely Little Losers! You’re all amazing <3

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*CRASHES IN* nooooo don't die (ᅌ︿ᅌ* ) ilovethisblogfartoomuchforittodieqvq

|| In short, I’ve fucked myself over with MORE blogs in addition to the new one i made :LLL I can’t spare any time for them since I have a lot to do and keep them fairly active. ||


“Also called Bisexual Pride Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day, CBD & Bisexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day, this day is a call for the bisexual community, their friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and all the bisexual people in their lives.” (part one)(part two - PoC)

EDIT: Jack is described as omni, which John Barrowman has said is the show’s equivalent for bi when it involves aliens, however interpretations of this as meaning he is pan are obviously very valid. Also, this is a mix of characters and real people which I understand may be confusing. Who they are is in the caption.