And I have been waiting for you…

i feel like the mv tackles on very important aspects of our lives; it tells a lot about issues that people deal with everyday: depression, constriction, insecurities, addiction, suffocation, abusement.. and i think i need you ’girl’ is just a figurative metaphor, ‘girl’ could be friends, happiness, purpose, armys. it’s really ironic how the scenes are all dark but not from jin’s. and the part where he opens the curtains, and cries, is when taehyung kills (and commits suicide?), jimin drowns, jungkook get beaten up and crashed, hoseok collapses, yoongi burns and got burnt, namjoon blows up (?) the place with his lollipopalized cigarette. i think symbolically, this part tells us a lot about what they deal with everyday, like internal struggles, and incapacities, weaknesses.. 

and how throughout the mv, everyone has a storyline except for jin. but then, he is the one that holds six petals of white flower lilies, burns them in the beginning but they bloom in him in the latter part of the mv. like a rebirth, they say the flower symbolizes chastity and virtue, and most often associated with funerals, symbolizing that the soul of the departed has received restored innocence after death. and that is beautiful. it’s like the the most beautiful moment in life is when they’re together, which can be seen throughout the song. 

the ending scenes seem dreamy to me, kind of light and airy, and happy. jin might’ve died at the end or not, idk, but i like how jin is the one that looks to the camera at the start of the song, and also at the end. he is the one that holds the flower. jin’s the story teller.

lmao gettin real tired of every adult in my life making me feel guilty for taking “sO MANY TRIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” when it’s like whoa I go see my girlfriend like three times a year???? SO MANY!!! STOP TAKING TIME OFF WORK STOP SPENDING MONEY ON THINGS FOR YOURSELF STOP DOING THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!!! YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO WORK UNTIL YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE GONNA DIE AND SIT IN YOUR ROOM FOR ALL OF ETERNITY AND ROT THERE FROM DEPRESSION

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How are you only a year older then me? I legit thought you were like 20. You seem a lot wiser then the 18 year olds I know

i think when it comes to wisdom and age, we gotta remember that it is something that can take others time and i’m sure they (even if it is consciously or whatever) appreciate any patience we have with them. I know i appreicate people who understand that i need time to learn/process stuff :) But at the same time, wisdom and age do not always have to be at the same level. Ngl, I know of 20 year olds or older who are still ignorant in some areas, but again, i’m all for giving them time to learn. Learning is good! Patience is key!

but ahh like overall just this makes me like really happy to hear you say in relation to me being wise and all because i have a lot of worries about being really naïve / foolish with what I say/do so like thank you so much for saying this ahh it’s very reassuring and supportive <3

(may i ask what sparked you to say this? :0 was it a post i made? just wondering!)