The moment that Richard is signing your LLL program and you have no thought but to say “I’ve been a fan since North and South” and he says “Awww thank you” and you try to get a selfie with him but forget how to camera. STILL - pretty amazing :’)

As for the play - I loved it - lots of laughs, even though the subject matter was really quite dark. Richard played 19 through 65 like a boss. Amy Ryan was great, as were Zoe and Ben.

What a great birthday weekend in NYC! I’m angry at myself that I didn’t even think to figure out when Lee Pace would be passing by our place in Fort Greene-the marathon went directly in front of us!


stop creating ocs, ava >> ย delilah potter

Even though sheโ€™s sister to the almighty Chosen One, the hero who will lead the Wizarding World to victory, Delilah Potter is barely a witch. ย And thatโ€™s on the good days. ย 

When her letter came in the mail, she was ecstatic. ย When she was (sort of) kidnapped by the Weasleys, she was excited. ย But when she becomes Gryffindorโ€™s most disappointing student and her brother reveals he can talk to snakes, sheโ€™s less than enthused. ย Stumbling her way through magical education, Delilah encounters a lot of misadventures that she definitely didnโ€™t ask for - werewolves, the return of the monster who murdered her parents, and a pretentious jerk who probably keeps the hair-gel industry afloat all by his lonesome. ย While Harry is off saving lives and defeating evil, Delilah is doing her best not to drown in her schoolwork. ย 

But then, thereโ€™s the ordeal of the Triwizard Tournament. ย 

And thatโ€™s when everything reallyย goes to hell. ย 

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He says he feels like he has been waiting for [the role of John Proctor in The Crucible] all his life. “It’s such an epic role. It feels as big as Lear to me in terms of what that man goes through.” (x)

RA:  The Telegraph Interview (photos © Dan Burn-Forti)

I meant to post this last night but Tumblr wasn’t working so I just went to sleep aha

I haven’t watched The Flood in a while but I like the scene were LKJ and Sneezy are just sitting and looking off into the ocean is nice

Also I suck at drawing water ;;


Talking about ‘The Americans’, you’re working with your girlfriend, Keri…