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Momo x Reader



Word Count: 1169

Written by Admin LJ

(Author’s Note: protect timid bb Momo please)

Momo didn’t seem like a shy person. On stage, she was the dancing machine- fierce, sexy and confident, shining bright as she nailed every performance with her stellar skills, but off stage, she was just Momo, the cute girl who was too timid to make many friends. She had Twice, sure, who were closer to her than anything else in the world (except maybe her family, but Twice might as well have been a part of her family as well), but her bashful demeanor kept most other people from getting too close to her.

You had been an exception, but only over time. When Chaeyoung had introduced you two, Momo had been nearly silent, saying nothing more than a mousy greeting before keeping her distance, too shy to start a conversation with you. You approached her at some point again and tried to make small talk, which had been short and awkward before Momo wandered off to find Jihyo.

You hadn’t planned to get close to Momo, but with the amount of time you spent hanging out with Chaeyoung, getting to know not just Momo, but all of Twice, was inevitable. Time after time, you’d say hi to Momo, which she’d respond to with the same squeak of a greeting before going off to do her own thing.

Perhaps it was because she was a foreigner and not confident in her language skills, or maybe it was because she was just timid by nature, but regardless of the reason, you never blamed her for being on the shy side. It was who she was, and you thought it was adorable.

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PLEASE, tell me you're not writing the storyline where LJ makes a pass at Jamie. Because I don't think we can deal with that, huh.

Outlander is the story of Claire, Jamie and their relationship. To tell the story of people, you have to touch the ones around them, that define them - their friends, foes, lovers, colleagues, family. They do not exist as an isolated island. Lord John is very important in the books - he changes Jamie, he aids in shaping him as a man. He makes him more understanding and forgiving. I’m sorry, but I think that is one important story to tell - and I believe I can write it in a bit more complex way than “making a pass”. If you want stories that are solely about Claire and Jamie, there are plenty out there - mine and of other fantastic fanfic authors. 

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It seems I am the one making random asks but I really would like to know. If you had the power to choose one of the characters to have his one show, a spin off of Outlander. Who character would you choose: LJ, one of the Ians or MAster Raymond? Thanks in advance.

Um… I’m not sure I’d pick any of those characters. Having read the Lord John books, I’m really not a huge fan of his solo adventures; I find his brother, Hal, and Hal’s children to be far more engaging and my favorite parts of the Lord John series (holding out for that Hal/Minnie novella). I’m also not as interested in Master Raymond as a lot of the fandom tends to be, though I suppose it would depend on how much a series based on him explored the elements of time travel in this universe; those rules, I am interested in. Older Ian would mostly be adventures at Lallybroch which could be nice but I feel like we already know so much of his life’s story through the books. Young Ian’s time with the native peoples could prove interesting fodder for a series so I think by process of elimination––of those four––I would have to go with Young Ian. 

Looking beyond those four, however, I think I’d want a spin-off series with Geillis/Gillian. I want to see how she became aware of the stones, how she got drawn into her research and made her decision to travel, and if the Fraser Prophecy played a role at all, I want to know about how she learned about all that too. There’s her time in France post-Cranesmuir that could be explored as well as how she made her way to the Caribbean. Just so much material to work with since, like Claire, she is a woman out of her time but as far as what motivates her, she couldn’t be more different. 

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Hi there! Cat anon here. It turns out the cat was Geoffrey not George, which may have contributed to why it was so difficult to find! The fic is 'The Journal of Geoffrey the Cat, aged 3 years and 5 months' by magog_83 and is available on the kinkmeme as well as their lj.

Thank you very much, it’s sounds adorable so I’ll add it to my to read list!

The Journal of Geoffrey the Cat. Aged 3 Years and 5 Months

Summary: Modern AU in which Arthur has a pet cat called Geoffrey, who keeps a journal. Then Merlin moves in across the road. Yes, really.

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I'm really glad you seem to be doing alright in your path of recovery and well being and I'm really glad that you are a person that exists on this earth

Thank you, Anon. I’m glad I’ve stuck around also. Just today I found a post from 2013 about going through my 2003 LJ and realising just how bad things were back then, and how far I’ve come.

Hell in the last year since I started therapy I’ve been a much more steady person. Reducing drama, handling stress, pulling myself out of panic attacks instead of just waiting for them to end.

The world may be on fire but I’m at least fighting down the dumpster fire of my own life.

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