Masters of Sex | ‘Partners’ Official Clip | Season 4 Episode 7

Elizabeth Stark
Can one can truly escape where they come? This is the central theme of Peaky Blinders.This question posed by SK is one that he wants to answer primarily through Tommy’s journey within the show…

Love these posts! Lizzie mirrors Grace by helping Tommy deal with trauma on whatever level. John is in the background. This one is ultimately a question of class and trust and misplaced affections…

The Curse of the Dark Forest - Chapter 3 - levele3 - Strange Magic (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Captain Bog King has been looking for a way to get his beloved ship, The Dark Forest, back in his hands for years. Now that it’s fearsome Captain, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scales has taken a Governor’s daughter hostage it seems like the perfect time to strike. Bog has found his (not ideal) crew in a naïve blacksmith, a mute boy, and a feisty run-away bride he may just be falling for.