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So I'm having a super hard time rn. I'm hyper empathic in a very odd way and it's starting to really overwhelm me. Every time I see any display of affection, sadness, or care for another person even in movies I can't help but cry. Even just reading something that I relate to can make me get teary-eyed. Do you know any ways to help me cope with this? I'm so tired of crying. I want to be at peace. -Honeydew (yes it's still me I just.... Keep changing my blog sorry)

I tried asking a friend who is hyperempathetic, and their advice is to try to focus on something completely neutral “like lampposts”. For when it happens in a film, you can also try thinking of the person as their actor instead, for example when watching Titanic you could try thinking “oh Leonardo DiCaprio is trying not to move now. I bet he’s cold”

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