Jess: Hello?
Rory: Hi.
Jess: Hi.
Rory: What are you doing?
Jess: Nothing, you? 
Rory: Nothing.
Jess: Why’d you call?
Rory: I… um, I wanted to…
Jess: I’m glad you called.
Rory: Yeah?
Jess: Yeah.
Rory: Why?
Jess: Because maybe you can explain what the hell this crazy woman is talking about.
Rory: Ah, The Fountainhead. 
Jess: Yes. Your fault, and you will pay.
Rory: I promise. Commit to it one more time and if it still is awful for you, I will make it up to you.
Jess: Oh yeah?
Rory: Yeah.
Jess: Okay. I’m gonna hold you to that.

Gilmore Girls Revival: Literati Sleepovers 1/?

This is a missing scene one-shot about Jess and Rory during the ‘Fall’ episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life. I was thinking about all of the possible funny/awkward/sweet moments we could’ve gotten had we seen how long and how often Jess stayed at Lorelai’s house. I’m not used to posting my work so this is a mess; however, if you actually like it let me know because then I’ll stop procrastinating on the other literati stories I’ve been working on! 

Not Sandeep’s Again

Luke was insistent that Jess stayed.

He hadn’t planned on staying in Stars Hollow for so long, he was only meant to help Luke get Liz and TJ out of that vegetable cult… only Liz would accidentally join a vegetable cult. But then the vegetable cult didn’t want them anymore and Luke was all alone because Lorelai decided to do Wild, and then they decided they were going to get married— only in Stars Hollow. Jess hadn’t stayed in town this long since high school but it was starting to feel like home again… this tiny snow globe of twinkly lights, and crazy people, and Gilmore girls.
He told Luke that he could stay in the old apartment above the diner, it wasn’t like anyone was using it lately, Luke moved in with Lorelai almost right after they got back together— it just seemed right. Luke wouldn’t have any of it though, he guilted Jess into staying with him rambling on and on about how he never came to visit and how Lorelai missed having him around. Lorelai Gilmore actually wanting to catch up is something that 17 year old Jess could’ve never predicted, but over time their relationship got better. Jess knew now how much of a jerk he’d been back then; it was no wonder Lorelai didn’t want him anywhere near her daughter. But now, he felt comfortable enough to be lounging beside her and Luke on their couch watching Willy Wonka with enough candy and take-out to induce a sugar coma.

“Shh!! Shh! This is my favourite part!” said an overly giddy Lorelai.

“Nobody’s saying anything…” Luke sat on the other side of her, “Would you stop hitting me?” he slumped even further into the couch as Lorelai pretended to be an oompaloompa. Jess reached over for a RedVine and smirked to himself; Luke was always happiest around her. Jess’ phone dinged, so he sat up to read the screen. It was an email about a shipping for the book press so he opened it and started typing up a response. All of the sudden, Lorelai snatched his cell mid-sentence and held it way above her head,

“Wha-?! Lorelai, what the heck?!”

“When I first met you, young grasshopper, you were more prissy about technology than my mother and now of all the times and all the movies you choose this exact moment to break the sacred oath of the Gilmore movie tradition?!” When Lorelai started pointing you knew she was serious.

“But it’s for work! I need to—“

“Ah-buh-buh-bah! No exceptions Jess! When little dancing orange people are prancing before your very eyes, you do not pull out your devices like Steve Job’s children!”

“Actually, Steve Jobs was very strict about how much internet his kids—”, Lorelai gave him a withering stare, “Luke! Will you back me up on this please?”, Jess pleaded to his uncle.

Luke, who had very expertly hidden from this couch convo took his fiancee’s side, “I’ve been through the Gilmore movie etiquette more times than I would care to admit. There’s no use, Jess, you can’t win.”

Jess sighed, “Guess the company will have to do without me…”

Lorelai looked vindicated and quickly resumed stuffing her face with popcorn when Rory burst through the front door and turned on all of the lights.

“Oh, I give up! My sincerest apologies Mr. Wonka.” Lorelai said to the screen. Luke and Jess turned around simultaneously to find a frazzled Rory Gilmore stumble into the living room, carrying huge bags of more takeout in her tiny frame. Her mom finally paused the movie and turned around to greet her daughter,

“Hey hun! How much time did Steve Jobs let his kids use the internet for every day?”

“I don’t think he let them use technology very much, mom.” Rory said. That was what he always noticed about those two, they were so in sync it was like they could read each others minds. No question was a weird question. Jess gave Rory a smug look at her response and Lorelai leaned into Luke like a five-year old who didn’t get their way.

Rory looked very amused as she placed her food on the floor beside the table full of junk food, “Have you been challenging her comical references again, Jess? You’re going to end up in Paul Anka’s doggy bed soon, you know that.”

“Paul Anka gets more freedom in this house than I do. Heck, he gets more pillows!” Jess argued.
Luke started to get restless, “Alright guys, I think that’s enough Wonka for me. I’m gonna head off to bed now, I have to be up pretty early tomorrow at the diner. Goodnight!” Lorelai kissed him on the cheek as he got up to walk upstairs. Rory quickly filled his spot on the couch beside her mom, “Jess, be a doll and pass me my food, please?”

“As long as your mom promises to give me back my phone!”

“Never!” Lorelai said indignantly before Rory could open her mouth. Jess accepted his defeat and reached down for Rory’s bags of food.

He instantly smelt what she’d ordered, “Ugh, really Rory? What is your obsession with Sandeeps?”

“You ordered Indian food again, Rory come on!” Lorelai chimed in.

“Oh you guys, stop being so dramatic! Pass me my food!” Jess tossed Rory the bags reluctantly

Lorelai pressed play on the remote control, “Are you planning on burning down the house afterwards?”

“It’s the only way to kill the smell.” Jess stood up and started clearing the table of the candy that no one was going to finish tonight.

“I’m an island.” Rory relented as she got up and carried her food to the kitchen.

“I’m guessing no more Wonka, then?” Lorelai called after both of them.


“You’ve got that James Dean day dream look in your eye, and I got that red lip classic look that you like, and when we go crashing down, we come back every time. Cause we never go out of style. We never go out of style.” - Taylor Swift, “Style,” 1989. 

in the details | literati

this is half wanting to experience some literati christmas feels and half counteracting lola’s supremely heartbreaking drabble from last night; i hope this works. :) 

for the sake of this fic, richard and emily did not go on their holiday trip until a week after thanksgiving. set mid s3, in between ‘a deep fried korean thanksiving’ and ‘that’ll do, pig.’

word count: 1224

“Hey,” Rory says, smiling wide as he opens the apartment door. She steps over the threshold, rising up on her toes to kiss his cheek. He grabs the edge of her open coat as she starts to move away, bringing her body back to his and giving her a deep kiss. She feels the tip of his tongue against her bottom lip, her body shuddering beneath his hands. “Mm, hello again.” She raises an arm to wrap around his neck, leaving the other hidden behind her back.

Jess smirks against her lips, rubbing his nose lightly against hers. “You look nice.”

She bashfully looks down, but smiles as her cheeks redden. “Thanks.” Backing away, she shrugs out of her coat, sticking her purse in between her arm and side, folding the fabric over her hands. She’s wearing a light blue sweater with a small v-neck and a black skirt that hits a few inches above her knee.

Her tights came off on the ride back after discovering a run down the back of one of her legs. She regretted that decision the minute she stepped outside because now she’s craving hot chocolate and just wants to wrap herself around his warm body.

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Chris Kohler’s Power-Up still has life in 2016 ⊟

I have only one explanation for how Chris Kohler’s book Power-Up, originally released in 2004, remains so insightful, so interesting, and so packed with stories I haven’t heard anywhere else.

Chris Kohler is a time traveler sworn to only use his secret technology to conduct interviews with game developers.

That’s the only way I can explain picking up a book written twelve years ago and reading an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto that I haven’t seen quoted endlessly. 

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Months ago I found this one quote and it was perfect for literati. Since then I was planning to do a gif set (actually it should’ve been my last gif set ever for GG) and so I was hoping that the revival would include one scene that would be fitting so I could finally make a gif set that would go with the quote. Well..

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