The endless Lirry bickering

Liam and Harry are those siblings who never stop annoying each other. Look…

Never miss a chance to take the piss out of each other. Remember when Liam could not stop talking about that leopard print dress the interviewer was wearing…(he was roasting her to be fair, lol)

Here’s Harry really pleased with his efforts in the serious lyrics game

This classic

Liam really loves to make fun of Harry’s hair(RIP)

Sometimes Harry just gives him a look to shut him up

How old are they again?

Anyways I love them

this is just like the time when liam was like ‘harry! you took my seat belt hole!’ and harry deadass looked at liam and did nothing. but instead, its liam announcing the birth of his child and harry letting everyone know he’s got stuff planned. i hate harry edward styles with every cell of my body.