*lion king 2

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1. Be Prepared The Lion King / 2. Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears for Fears / 3. Murder! Murder! Jeckyll and Hyde / 4. Alive Jeckyll and Hyde / 4. Bad Boy Good Man Tape Five / 5. The Headless Waltz Voltaire / 6. Girl Anachronism The Dresden Dolls / 7. I Can’t Decide Scissor Sisters / 8. Crazy = Genius Panic at the Disco / 9. Don’t You Dare Forget the Sun Get Scared / 10. S&M Rhianna / 11. Problem Natalia Kills / 12. Hit and Run LOLO


Favourite Disney Songs → Not One of Us - The Lion King II
“Born in grief, raised in hate, helpless to defy his fate. Let him run, let him live, but do not forget what we cannot forgive. And he is not one of us, he has never been one of us, he is not part of us, not our kind.


You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.

~ Can you feel the Love tonight ~

{{ Modified scene redraw for @smolderingempress who thought there wasn’t enough Lunastra art on tumblr o3o }}

{{ Also a wink to @elderchameleos who did something similar once, which helped bringing inspiration to me; and to @nuclear-brachy who compared my drawings with Disney’s style and omg that’s a huge compliment in my opinion ;w; }}


Hey we know those actors