Ok so…here’s the line up of this concert we’re witnessing:

  • Steel Panther
  • Ninja Sex Party
  • Dane Cook
  • Joey Fatone of NSYNC
  • Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Miley Ray Cyrus
  • Ron Jeremy, a famous porn star

…I’m just…whut

Bad news—J39 Mako appears to have a fish lure (a flasher, to be specific) hanging out of his mouth. The line, and probably the hook, are inside his mouth. We can only hope the hook is not embedded…

Photo via David Howitt.

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Heroes of Olympus law firm AU?

two firms, both alike in dignity…

  • the firms Romulus & Wolf and Olympia Law have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember 
  • both are run by groups of ambitious and talented young lawyers looking to make names for themselves 
  • unfortunately, a recent embezzling scandal has left both firms racing to save face with the public which happens in the form of a merger 
  • Romulus, Olympia, & Wolf is the result and while certain people draw battle lines, others focus on making the merger go as smoothly as possible 
  • Jason, Frank, and Percy take charge of the community outreach portion of the firm, which involves doing pro-bono cases so as to make the firm seem philanthropic 
  • Piper works as a reporter who gets a job as a paralegal at the firm, hoping to get an inside scoop on how the merger is actually going and not just what the firm’s pr people are feeding the press 
  • Annabeth, whose mother was a cofounder of the original Olympia Law, is on track to become a partner before age 30 and she couldn’t be more exhausted 
  • of course nightly shoulder rubs from her long time boyfriend Percy make the exhaustion a little worth it but still 
  • things start to look up when she is partnered with Reyna, a rising star from Romulus & Wolf, who is as ambitious and focused as she is 
  • after work they all head to Hazel’s Bayou, a restaurant owned by Frank’s girlfriend Hazel, for dinner and a drink (or 4) 
  • almost every night after work they all gather there for what they call “team bonding” 
  • but while they are all making the best of the merger, corporate law aficionado Octavian sits on his 12th floor office plotting how he can ensure that Romulus & Wolf returns to its former glory and leaves Olympia Law in shambles 

anyways, im changing my url to match my new identity, because i had an identity crisis again and had to figure out who i am.

and im gonna say right now if u bring this up in a negative way w/ me (i.e. make fun of me for changing it again, say how annoying it is for you, tell me to “stop”, or anything along those lines) u can honestly just stop talking to me altogether bc if u cant deal w/ the fact i have identity issues then u can honestly fuck off bc im not choosing this and it sucks and i dont need u constantly reminding me of it, and i definitely dont need anyone tell me that my mental issues are hard on them in any way (:

The Signs at the Drive Thru

Aries: speaking in an exaggerated tone because the person taking their order asked them to repeat themselves

Taurus: the one holding up the line because they’re getting food for everyone at the office

Gemini: taking forever because they can’t decide

Cancer: praying that someone they know doesn’t see them. probably is going to pull into a parking space afterwards to shove the food down their throat.

Leo: do u actually think they would even think about eating fast food leos are mf royalty

Virgo: doesn’t pull away from window until they check to see if their order is correct

Libra: “can I get a number 3 with a diet coke and large fries?… wait, no! can I make that a regular coke? I actually worked out the other day so I think I can treat myself this time! :)”

Scorpio: the person taking everyone’s order who literally wants to stab themselves in the neck with the nearest spork

Sagittarius: makes sure they hold the bag on the way back home so that they can eat from everyone’s box of fries and then take the fullest box for themselves when everyone goes to eat

Capricorn: complains about the line being long and ends up going inside instead

Aquarius: asks for 100 chicken nuggets but has to repeat self several times due to the loud music they’re blasting

Pisces: panicking because they forgot their wallet at home and they can’t back out and go get it

Some of our important choices have a time line. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed.
—  James E. Faust

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Recently I've realised that I was and still am, very sexual. (Age 9 )When I was with friends, I would make us role play and would make their characters give me wedgies ( I would do it my self, also most sexual thing I could think of) and I now realise that was my early interest in BDSM. Hope no one remembers.

my confession: i once got dared to snort a line of crushed up frootloops when i was 9 so of course I did and it burned like hell within an even hotter hell but my snot was multicolored after so it wasnt all bad

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how would rap line react if they see their girlfriend rapping for the first time and she was amazing at it

Namjoon: She spits some fire and he gets that slow, goofy smile on his face. I can totally imagine it! I also think he would be pleasantly surprised and somewhere in-between freaking out internally while trying to stay calm externally.

Yoongi: I think he’d be shocked at first, but then recover quickly, and ask for help on writing lyrics. I also think he’d be the person to correct her flow and try to intricate new styles into his rapping style by listening to her rapping. Then he’d tease her, “ You know, my tongue can take people to Hong Kong,” (Devi, this one’s for ya;))

Hoseok: Major freak out mode turned on for this guy! He would go ballistic, do that happy dance he’s been doing since BTS showed up on ASC I Need you Era, and then squish her in gigantic hugs. After the cuddling is over, he would demand a rap battle.

- <3 Bella

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You know how Miles mad that comment in last seasons commentary about "killing like one guy who had one line" and he was refering to how the fandom called him the GRRM of RvB and always worries about him killing characters even though he hadn't really killed anyone major. And after that kinda became a joke to still say he'd kill ppl even though he hasn't. Well, we can't really joke about that anymore...



I paced the whole apartment, muttering to myself, practicing my lines. I had a serious announcement to tell Sehun, I didn’t know how he was going to take it, or if he was even going to believe me, but it was important and he had to know.

I heard the door unlock and it slowly opened revealing my handsome boyfriend of 3 years.  He was wearing light blue jeans with a white sweater, his hair pushed back out of his face.  He looked tired.  He must have overworked himself at the gym.

“Jagiya?  What are you doing awake? Don’t you have work tomorrow? It’s 12. I thought I told you practice was running late tonight and not to stay up,” his eyes examined me.  

I took a huge breathe in, “I know, I know, I just really want to talk to you about something.”  I saw Sehun’s shoulder’s drop.  He wasn’t in the mood.

He made his way over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and planting a sweet kiss on the top of my head, “how about we talk about this tomorrow? I’m really tired.”  I couldn’t deny him sleep, he rarely got any and I would be selfish if I made him stay up.  I nodded my head reluctantly.  

The next day.  It was the same thing.  Sehun came in late, saying he was tired and went to bed.  We still hadn’t talked.

The next week, everyday.  It was the same thing.  Sehun came in late, saying he was tired and went to bed.  We still hadn’t talked.

I was siting on the couch strolling through channels.  I stopped at the news channel, they were on the gossip segment.  This is when they talk about famous celebrities and how scandalous they all are.  Within a few minutes, “EXO” flashed up on the screen.  Oh no.. What happened now? I reached forward to grab my cell phone, in case I had to make an emergency phone call to Sehun to find out what happened and how Chanyeol got hurt this time.  

A picture of a member that had been blacked out crossed the screen with the words “CHEATER.”  I felt my heart drop.  I prayed it was Baekhyun.  I was rarely ever selfish, but I was so scared.  There was only 2 people in public relationships in the group, Sehun and Baekhyun.  I am so sorry Taeyeon for wishing that on you..  But for right now, I hope it just isn’t me.

They revealed a picture of Sehun and you walking in the park from 2 years ago, when you first were caught and were forced to go public.  Then they showed pictures of Sehun with a girl in his arms.  He looked like he was leaning in to kiss her.  I couldn’t take it, but my eyes were glued to the screen.  I heard the door unlock and Sehun stepped in.  

“Jagiya, you’re still up?  I don’t know how you manag-” he stopped mid-sentence as he saw what I was looking at.  My eyes ripped away from the screen to stare into his horrified eyes.  “I can explain.”

“Explain?”  I was so confused, I didn’t know what was going on.  Had I not been a good enough girlfriend, had I not been there enough, what did I do? I didn’t notice the tears start pouring down my face until he was in front of me wiping them away.  I pushed him, I didn’t want to be touched with the hands that were holding that woman so close.  “I don’t want an explanation.  I want you out.  Now.” 

“Baby, please, just hear me out.  It is a simple misunderstanding.  You’re blowing this way out of proportion.”

“Public humiliation.. The world get’s to see that you are a fucking cheat, the world is now pitying poor little (Y/N).  How hard is it just to say ‘hey, I don’t love you anymore.  So, we’re breaking up.’”  I rolled my eyes.  Anger was boiling in my veins.  

“What? Who said I didn’t love you?”

“You! When you put your hands on another woman you basically were saying that I didn’t mean anything to you anymore.”  Why was I even arguing with him.  “Is this where you’ve been.. Every day you come home late, tired, were you off fucking some other girl?!  is that why you were so exhausted that you didn’t even have time to talk to me?!”

“(Y/N), stop you’re not listening to me! Let me tell you what actually hap-” I was pushing him towards the door. “No, you can’t kick me out without listening to me.  You’re really going to throw away 3 years because of some pictures?!”

“I don’t owe you anything, and yes.  yes I am.  Because you threw away 3 years when you were off with another girl when I was here at home, begging for attention, for some of your time.  You did this.  Not me.”  I slammed the door in his face.

I could heard him yelling as I sobbed for 30 minutes in front of the door.  He finally stopped and I heard him retreat towards the elevators.  After a few deep breathes, I rose, putting my hand on my stomach that hadn’t gotten any bigger yet.  “Well, I guess I’ll be going at this alone..  I’m sorry little one.  Mama’s here.  Everything is okay.  We’ll be okay.”  I slipped into some comfortable shorts and laid in bed, restless.  Afraid for the future.  I had just kicked the father of my child out, away, but he did cheat on me..  He obviously didn’t want to be with me anymore, I’m not going to force him to stay for the sake of a child..  I pulled out my laptop and began searching.

Sehuns POV:

I opened the door to our apartment the afternoon after our fight.  I was ready to fight for the love of my life.  Yeah, I cheated but it was a one time thing.  I was at practice every night.  “(Y/N)?”  It was empty and quiet.  

I went to the bedroom and saw that all of her clothing had been taken out, all of her possessions.  Only my things remained, all traces of her gone.  On the dresser there was a letter.


I have taken it upon myself to return to the United States.  Don’t bother looking for me, or trying to contact me.  I won’t be seeking any sort of money, or support from you,  I only wish for silence and privacy.  Why does it feel like I’m the one that should apologize?  Have a great life, Sehun.  Enjoy your second chance at youth.

With all of my heart,


My eyebrows rose in confusion.  Money or support?  For what?  Next to the envelope was a white stick.  I rose it up to my face and my mouth dropped.  “Sh-she… She was pregnant.”  I fell to my knees.  She was pregnant, alone, and hurt.  I must of remained there for hours, on the floor, with the pregnancy test in my hands.  What had I done? What had I done..

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoy.  Who knows there might be a part two.  Haha.  Let me know if that would be interesting for any of you.

-Admin Cindi!

I wanted to go with more of the story for this, so here’s Kerosene. Abused by his parents because he doesn’t look like a regular unicorn, he got his cutie mark by using an old lamp and buckets of oil to burn his house down with his parents inside.

Based on Monster by Meg and Dia

He’s absolutely gorgeous and his story line is so unique!! I love him!! Thank you so much. I’ll have yours done soon. ^^

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This is probably dumb because you've probably answered this before and there's probably posts surrounding this question but.. What program do you use? And how do you get your lines so smooth?

Paint Tool Sai + Stabilizer x Weeping