Tony Abbott has told employers that they can “try before you buy” long-term unemployed workers by keeping them on the dole up to a month into employment.

“Ever had an employee but you didn’t like the shape, size, or colour? Did it not have enough USB ports? Is there a strange high pitched sound coming off from their exhaust port? Well never fear!”

“Just remember to keep the receipt in case you decide to return the worker to the unemployment line at Centrelink,” Tony said to the abstract concept of businesses. Onlookers could swear he seemed to think the very concept of a business was a person, which would explain why he thought of people as objects.

Magi 268 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, so I cannot guarantee the following snippets are completely accurate. In other words, these can be completely wrong, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Also, feel free to repost them anywhere - just link back, please :)

In which we get huge armies lining up… and little else. But hey, is that some shiptease I’m seeing? Ho, Ho… .

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I saw An Act of God! And I met Jim!

Good gracious, what an experience. We arrived at the theatre, and stood in line to be seated. I kept thinking, ‘Jim Parsons is in this building right now’. I don’t know if that helped me or made my excitement worse! My husband got a drink, and I should’ve as well. I was too nervous to drink or eat. When he came out on stage, I thought my heart would burst through my ribs. I have a heart arrythmia anyway, and trust me…seeing him in the flesh made it go haywire. He is just…beautiful. Plain and simply. We had center row seats 11 rows back, and I could perfectly see his blue eyes an perfect skin. I was slackjawed the entire time. The show was hilarious. I won’t give it away for spoiler reasons, but Jim’s dry humor and wit shone through. He owned the stage; the audience loved him. And when it was over, he took three bows. About 90 percent of the patrons exited through the lobby doors leading to the gift shop kiosk, and I looked to my left and saw the outside sidewalk. Something told me to go that way instead of buying a stupid mug. As I was going down the stairs, a stagehand said the stagedoor is to the left. I couldn’t believe it, I ran outside and was like twentieth in line behind the barricade. My husband followed me, and asked me if I was really going to stand there and wait an undetermined amount of time for an autograph. He was excited for me, but knows I was overly excited and about to faint from nerves. I said yes, of course, and he went to buy me a bottle of water. It took about fifteen minutes, but the stagedoor opened, and out walked Jim. Dear Lord. I was on the verge of fainting. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything for hours and lets be honest…I was seeing Jim. He was very gracious and soft spoken, walking down the line and signing for everyone. I wanted to snap a photo of him, but was terrified I’d either drop my I phone, or risk him moving past me. So I waited and he finally came to me. OMG…He said 'hello’, (he sounded JUST like Sheldon) and I said it back. I handed him my sharpie, and my hands were literally trembling. He looked at me and said sweetly 'how are you?’ I think he knew I was on the verge of collapse. I said 'good, thank you for the play’ and he said 'oh! thank you!’ He handed me my sharpie back and I just stood there, my legs feeling like jelly. I turned to the lady on my right and said 'wow’. She said ’ i know, right?’ I couldn’t even feel my legs. I did snap a picture of him from the back as he signed autographs, which I will post. But here is my signed playbill. I can’t believe Jim Parsons spoke to me. After writing The Chaos Cognizance all of this time with him as my inspiration, to meet him and talk to him was priceless. He was just lovely. Sweet and lovable to all, and gorgeous up close. It’s an experience I will never forget.

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear.
—  Run, by Snow Patrol (from back when their music wasn’t sheer commercialized suckiness, i.e. pre-A Hundred Million Suns). These lines wafted into my head this morning while I sat with my tea and pancakes. I discovered Snow Patrol exactly 10 years ago, and I still love their first three albums. Pure poetry.

softer-days asked:

If you don't mind my asking, what notebooks do you usually use for your journals? And where do you get the inspiration for what to put in them? :)

hi no i dont mind at all 😊 well i have like lined notebooks (any brand), a dotted grid notebook from muji, and the normal moleskin like notebook (this is rlly my journal) but i dont have the moleskin brand. i use “venti” which is somehow like a moleskin (cheaper too) but of course moleskin are better! hehe and i have a sketchbook too 😋 and as for inspiration i get it everywhere, i just look things in a different perspective from simple receipts to dried plants or flowers or even candy wrappers. tumblr has been a great help too with giving me inspirations! 😊 there are great blogs with great art journals like @smallplum and starbugscoffee and deshanoir and a lot more!! you can also check thejournalclub for more!! ✨

i hope i helped b!! xo

Where did my show go?

Who remembers that arc in season 1 that in retrospect was the first Ripper arc? It ended with Elena talking down Stefan from taking off his ring and walking into the sun. He was so consumed with guilt. Did he kill anyone during this time? I remember Bonnie gave him an aneurysm when he attacked one girl. She was either his only victim or almost one.

But Stefan was so overcome by his lack of control that he wanted to destroy himself.

What happened to that show? Now human life is worthless of it doesn’t belong to a member of they inner circle. Caroline goes from murder-karoake to planning a wedding in a week. Damon kills a pregnant woman but we know he’s sorry because he bakes pancakes.

It happened so gradually but somewhere along the line the show that started out as the anti twilight now makes Edward and Bella look like heroic bad asses. Give me Bella Swan hunting mountain lions anyday to vampElena needing to be rescued for the millionth time. Give me Edward moving his whole family out of Forks because his human girlfriend gets a paper cut to Damon going on a murderous rampage when KElena breaks up with him.

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My take on the “Delete This” Twitter Saga

So,because of this,what can I really call it? scandal is too big of a word,you get what I’m saying;on Twitter yesterday I got 1 hr of sleep despite needing to attend my Uni classes and I decided to jet home early so I can get some things off my chest.I’ve been on Twitter for 2 years now,but I only took my account kinda seriously in the past couple of months mainly because I am a fan of ‘The Flash’ TV show and also a big fan of Grant Gustin,and in that time I have made friends, who like me,love the show and also ship WestAllen and it has been really fun interacting with them in such a forum.

This ‘thing’ that went down was the first time I witnessed a celebrity,an idol of mine,really blow a gasket on social media.It was scary,but also I admit really exhilarating for me to see Grant Gustin not just place one line tweets from instagram about his dogs,he was full out mad,and at first I was in shock.Now one thing I think he and many need to realize is that, yes,The Flash is a show,it is make-believe as Grant said,but the fact that they are deviating from the “norm” in terms of bringing in a more diverse cast,there is an extra attachment to not only the fictitious characters but to the actors/actresses themselves.Grant talked about bullying.Yes bullying is wrong,no one should make another person feel sub-human regardless of their reasoning or the principles they have to back it up even if it is done in jest and I think this is what GG was trying to say but the message got received in the wrong way,because he acted in haste and out of fustration without thinking of the backlash it would cause.Despite him almost having a million followers,his fame is sort of new-founded because of The Flash and this being his first role as a regular on a show.He has stated on many occasions that he isn’t well versed in social media engagement,but he broke out of that shell because he wanted to be closer to his fanbase,which I applaude him for doing.On that note however,it makes him vulnerable to getting emotionally riled up by people within the fanbase he so desperately loves.Some take the storyline too seriously and cannot distinguish the man from the character,but in this instance I don’t think it was the case.What the fan in question wrote ie ‘delete this’ on his post of a photoshoot with Danielle,disturbed him a great deal n I am of the opinion that it wasn’t her that he was super angry at,it was him constantly being beraded by people he can’t see, to do things he doesn’t want to do that just made him say ‘enough is enough’.The girl,just happened to be in the firing range of his discontent with the whole situation.On that note however,part of being a public figure and a celebrity is knowing  when to step back from a situation.After the girl’s comment,he went on her personal page and spotlighted a comment she made where he was not tagged or mentioned,which was very juvenile.He was hurt that she said he had the ‘body of a stringbean’ and wanted to expose her as a bully.Now I don’t think she should have written that,because it was kind of mean,but GG shouldn’t have stalked her page and gotten himself further upset either.

Things escalated when a few WA fans brought up the fact that there are more vile forms of bullying going on Twitter with racial discriminatory tones surrounding his co-star Candice Patton,that he is turning a blind eye to and blowing his lid over a “delete this” comment was outrageous when Candice deals with a million times more hate in a single day.Although her fanbase is smaller than GG’s she does have to deal with a lot more hurtful things thrown at her,but she handles it with poise and grace.She is Beyonce in the elevator while her sister is smacking the black off of Jay Z, calm and zen,not because she doesn’t see it,but coz she  knows how reacting to a situation never ends well especially if you are in the celebrity spotlight.The point is,people will say horrible things,but how you deal with the situation shows your true colours and character.I was actually scared at one point by GG’s retaliation, you could almost envision the scowl on his seemingly adorable face whilst trying to make this girl pay for her “crime”.I’m not saying he wasn’t justified in getting upset but he could have just blocked her and called it a day,instead he stalked the girl’s page and when she cried out for help from Candice,he told candice to block her too.what a mess.The show hasn’t even been on hiatus a week and we have this drama looming like a nimbus cloud over the entire fandom.

For my fellow WA fans who believe he should address the racism Candice gets,you should know our girl CP is strong,she is smart and a lady,she can handle herself pretty well without Grant’s help.They might be macking on TV but GG isn’t her boyfriend,he is not required to be her “Barry Allen” in real life situations and with a million followers who probably tweet at him several times a day,blowing up his phone and other devices,he can’t combat every problem and instance of discrimination.He has a life.He has a girlfriend,bills to pay,dogs and he is trying to recuperate from a very intensive period of acting for The Flash that took a huge physical and emotional toll on him.So be a little sympathetic.Even the girl who was blasted by him,said she still loves him and can’t wait for season 2,so if she can see passed this,I don’t see why the rest of the fandom can’t.Both parties were at fault here,but we need to act mature about this.Yes we can be very protective of Candice,but she will be ok.She is enjoying herself and her journey to stardom,despite it being wrought with fans of the show who are racially intolerant.GG might have seen some tweets attacking her and im sure the ones he saw doing so,he blocked,but didn’t make it a public spectacle.Like I said,I’m pretty sure him lashing out at this girl,was not sth personal, he had just had it with people unable to differentiate his character on The Flash from other works he is doing.So with that stay well,love one another and let’s learn to forgive and forget because one thing we ALL have in common is that we adore the show,so let that be the focus.

Anti-austerity parties soar in Spanish elections as Greece threatens default

Two new, anti-establishment parties (including one that grew out of the indignados movement – a kind of Spanish precedent to Occupy) took key seats in regional and municipal elections in yesterday’s Spanish election, which is a kind of dress rehearsal for the upcoming national elections.

Meanwhile, in Greece, the Syriza anti-austerity government has been in power for about four months, and has largely held the line on its refusal to sacrifice human rights, pensions and social programs to satisfy its IMF, EU and World Bank creditors. As a result, they are set to default on their loans as early as next month. This would likely mean that Greece would stop using the euro and restore the drachma, wiping out the majority of its debts in the process. Germany, one of Greece’s largest (and most intransigent) creditors did a similar thing upon reunification in 1990, when the new Germany defaulted on its debts to Greece.

The new crop of Spanish regional and municipal leaders are drawn from Podemos, an anti-austerity, left wing party; and Ciudadanos, a center-right party. They clobbered many of the previously safe seats that had belonged to the ruling People’s Party for decades. In Barcelona, the new mayor is an anti-eviction activist. Madrid’s mayor, an aristocrat who idolizes Margaret Thatcher, may lose to a coalition led by a socialist retired judge.

Spain will hold its next general election in December. The Greek debt and austerity situation will redound through the Spanish political scene between now and then. If the troika crush Greece for its insistence on people before usury, the Spanish anti-austerity movement will be able to use their situation to drive hostility to austerity’s advocates and sympathy for renegotiation of its debts. If the troika allow the Greeks to renegotiate, Podemos can use this to soothe Spaniards’ fear of punishment if they take on their debts.

Complicating matters are Spain’s separatist movements in Catalan and Basque country. The Catalan independence movement has only strengthened since the beginning of austerity, its leaders arguing that rule from Madrid imposes economic hardship on the region. The central government has responded with brutal crackdowns on the separatists, including high-profile cyberattacks on the movement’s electronic communications and infrastructure. These high-handed tactics only make the Catalonians’ point that the central government is unfit to rule.

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate Crowley?

I mean, he’s a dark character, but he’s got funny lines

He’s also extremely sarcastic which is fantastic

And let’s be honest

The nicknames he gives the boys

Make us grin until our faces hurt

Hell, Mark Sheppard doesn’t even need to say anything and he’d make me laugh

But at the end of the day, whether we’re crying over Sam and Dean or Castiel and Charlie, we have to thank Supernatural for bringing Crowley into the show.

I’m not a painter, so I wouldn’t tell a painter how to paint. Or a butcher how to butch. Or a carpenter how to carpent. Observe the double yellow lines.

The Signs as Quotes from "Planes, Trains, and Plantains: The story of Oedipus"
  • Aries:Some versions say that the rude Laius drove over Oedipus's sore foot, making him lose his temper. This is bull shit don't believe it or I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU, AND YES THIS IS A WRITTEN THREAT!
  • Taurus:The greeks invented anal lube. This is my conclusion.
  • Gemini:He told them that they were dissin' him so he grabbed his 12 sided double dildo and left town
  • Cancer:The king has a bad case of the limp dick
  • Leo:He snorted two lines of pure cocaine off his dead dad.
  • Virgo:This is a folk tale not a god damn Oxy Clean Commercial
  • Libra:A man can only justify his actions if he regards his demeanor with deductive thinking. This man was not Oedipus, mainly because he was a fucking douchebag. This is my thesis statement.
  • Scorpio:She aborted a kitten into a toilet in the back of a Denver Denny's
  • Sagittarius:They were dumb Greek dudes, what did you expect an atomic bomb?
  • Capricorn:Diamonds, gold, and the all mighty dolla, Im Opedipus bitch, the original balla
  • Aquarius:Infact the only reason Dr. Dre produced, "The Chronic" because the Bible tells you to smoke lots of pot, and Oedipus used to blaze with the makers of Aqua Fresh tooth paste.
  • Pisces:Oedipus will be remembered though out time because he suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease, and that's why he couldn't play base ball in the first Olympic games.