The Signs as Fleetwood Mac Songs

Aries: Rhiannon
Go Your Own Way
Gold Dust Woman
I Don’t Want To Know
I Need Your Love
Sisters Of The Moon
Monday Morning
World Turning
As Long As You Follow
Oh Daddy

Model Material

Title: Model Material

Prompt: “Hey I have to photograph someone for class will you be my model?”

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: Mild language (most of my imagines will most likely have some kind of cussing so)

Word Count: 1362

Authors Note: I was going to make it longer but I don’t know if anyone actually likes it I could make a part two? I’m new to writing Teen Wolf imagines, but there my fav so I felt I had to start writing some. Um, request? (: and give me feedback! Let me know what you think. Very appreciated. (: also i can’t find the website i got the prompt from. ): if anyone knows what it is help me out?

“Honestly, I cannot believe Lindsey (sorry if that’s your name) actually dared to wear that outfit today. Like, does she not get that those shoes do not match that top.” You heard from some fellow freshman girl talking to her little group of gossip girls next to your locker, resulting in you rolling your eyes. You hated that you were stuck next to such annoying girls, you couldn’t stand when people judged one another. Well, out loud at least, they could at least have the decency to keep it to themselves. You quietly laughed to yourself when you realized that this was high school and it was anything but a judgement free zone. You were finishing up putting your books away from the first half of the day and getting ready to head to lunch when a familiar voice spoke out behind you. You felt yourself smile when you realized it was your good friend, Liam. “Hey.” He greeted with a hand casually holding a single backpack strap on his shoulder and his other hand holding his sack lunch. “Hey, how are you?” you asked curious to know how the blue eyed boy was doing.

He chuckled, “Well trying my best to stay in a good mood. Everyone seems to have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” You looked him with lots of confusion. “Really? They seemed to be fine this morning when I talked to them?” you stated making him shrug. “I don’t know maybe something happened in first period and now they all seem to have a stick up their ass.” He said casually causing you to burst out laughing. “Oh Liam how I love your choice in vocabulary.” You giggled once more, making Liam’s eyes light up. The ringing of your choice was music to his werewolf eyes and it was just one of the many things he loved about you. “I know, who doesn’t?” he with a cocky tone, “but how are you?” he asked afterwards, his tone changing to a caring and thoughtful one. You slammed your locker and began walking to the lunchroom with Liam by your side, “I’m doing alright. The best I can be while I’m surrounded by a bunch of inconsiderate humans.” You said truthfully, giving a disgusted look to a couple making out to the side of the hallway. Your response making Liam laugh.

As the two of you approached the cafeteria Liam unexpectedly grabbed your hand, making you push your eyebrows together in confusion. “Actually I was thinking we could go outside and just hang out together, you know because everyone’s in a bad mood.” He said, hoping his nervousness wasn’t showing, the last thing he wanted was you to know that you made him nervous. “Uh, well I mean I guess but-” “Great, let’s go.” Liam cut you off and pulled you with him outside under a shady tree. “Don’t you think maybe we should see if they’re okay? Who knows maybe we could make them feel better.” You encouraged, mainly because you were a little nervous to be alone with Liam. Sure, the two of you were alone before but never without anyone around at all. There was at least classmates or random city folk around. “Uhhh, we can find out later. Let’s just eat out here and give ourselves a little break.” You shrugged and took a seat next to Liam, your arms touching slightly.

You knew you had to control your heartbeat around Liam since he could hear it and there was no way you were letting him find out about your crush on him. You knew it was going to be hard but you had a little experience from when you had a crush on Isaac. Now that was an embarrassing situation. After all of the pack, including Isaac himself finding out, you were so embarrassed you decided to learn how to at least not let it be so noticeable. Once you were introduced to Liam, you knew the second you laid eyes on him your heart skipped a beat, although lucky for you, you met him on the track and covered it up as you just got done running, which wasn’t a complete lie. Since that day Liam and you were pretty close, maybe it was because you had most of your classes together and liked to study as a pair, or maybe it was simply because you had lots of things in common. The two of you loved playing videos games, both had a hatred for Brett Talbot, had Mason as a best friend, and so much more.

“Hey so you know that photography class I’m taking?” Liam asked, breaking the silence. You nodded, chewing the sandwich in your mouth. “We got an assignment to have someone model for us. We have to make a slideshow with about 30 pictures.” He stated. You finished swallowing the rest of your sandwich and pushed your eyebrows up in amusement. “Oh really? That sounds fun! Who are you gonna have model for you?” you asked curiously. You loved photography yourself and the fact that Liam did to made you like him even more, another thing you two had in common. You took another bite your sandwich and looked eagerly at Liam, waiting for an answer. You watched him fiddle with his sandwich for a little. “Actually, I was wondering if you would be my model?” you chocked on the food in your mouth, surprising Liam. Once you got it down you looked at him in disbelief, “Your kidding right?”

“No. Your totally model material. Your beautiful and I think you’d be the best model.” He smiled, making your heart skip a beat, there was no way you could control it after that. You knew he heard but hopefully he wouldn’t say anything. “Liam, don’t be ridiculous.” You laughed, brushing off the crumbs that escaped from your lunch. “I’m not. Y/N, c’mon now your insanely gorgeous and everyone in the class is gonna be jealous cause I, Liam Dunbar, got you, Y/F/N Y/L/N, to be my model. And everyone will be drooling about every single picture on that slideshow. Please?” he said taking your hand in his. You were going back and forth in your head about whether or not he was doing this just to have be his model or maybe he actually thought you were pretty.  You knew you were blushing like crazy, but it’s normal for a girl when any guy compliments her. “But what about wardrobe and my hair and makeup and all that crazy shit models go through?” you asked trying to think of ways to get out of it.

“Don’t have to worry about it. I was thinking of just taking you out to the woods and we could just hang out and I could just snap some pictures of you being your normal crazy self.” You felt him rub his thumb on your hand, causing goosebumps to form along your arms. You sighed loudly, “Fine. When do we start?” Liam was about to answer until the school bell rang, telling everyone that lunch was now over. “After school?” he suggested. You sighed, making a face. You laid your head on his shoulder, not wanting to go back to class. You groaned and felt him laugh. He pulled his hand away from yours and wrapped his arm around your waist instead. “Fine, want to skip the rest of the day?” he suggested once more, your ears perked up at the suggestion. You lifted your head up to look him in the eyes to see whether or not he was lying, but once you did all you say was serious, making you smile. “Hell yeah I do. But, can we just relax here for a little bit longer?” you attempted to hid your blush as you watched him give you smirk. He pulled you closer, “Of course we can my gorgeous model.” He replied, his own heart skipping a beat once your nuzzled your head back in his shoulder. It was times like these where he thanked god you didn’t have the same super hearing abilities he did.

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