IRAQ. Baghdad governorate. January 28, 2004.

“When I think about Iraq, I think about Ayad Ali Brissam Karim. Driving around in Baghdad, I found Ayad with his father Ali (a former Republican Guard soldier during the ‘91 Gulf War) holding an ophthalmologist prescription and begging at the entrance of the Green Zone. Ali was trying to take his son abroad for treatment, injured at their farm during an airstrike in April 2003. It was heartbreaking when I first saw him. I decided immediately to shoot a story about his daily life. This school headshot is the only portrait Ayad had from before his injury. He stopped studying because his friends continually made fun of his facial burns. Almost two years later, I learned that an American family had been so touched after seeing his story published in The Washington Post, that they decided to bring Ayad to the U.S. for cornea treatment.”

Photograph: Mauricio Lima/Getty Images

“Never give up on yourself. Ever. That’s it.” – @AdrianaLima, via @victoriasport