anonymous asked:

Top 5 Bellarke Fics?

1. DARKEST OF MARKS by @important-metaphors  

I had the most emotional reaction to this one that I’ve had to any fic in a long time.  So good, I re-read it every few months.

2. We are Undone by Each Other by @lifeaquatic 

I almost put The Odds are Good BUT this is the first fic by Molly I read and it’s one of my favs to this day! But Odds is def up there too

3. Coastal Waters by Saem

super super good future fic, bellamy and clarke setting up their own village with the delinquents by the sea GOOD SHIT

4. Same Time Next Week by oseastarved

incomplete but READ IT ANYWAY. Probably my fav college AU.

5. Latin Club au by @ponyregrets (this is an 11 part series HA BENDING THE RULES) 

POSSIBLY MY FAV CAUSE I TOO LEARNED LATIN IN HIGH SCHOOL but actually my fav cause friends to lovers 25/7 and also one of those AU’s where you’re just like…YES THIS IS THEM like their dynamic is capture so perfectly and transferred to a different universe and it’s just perfect. As is the case with all of chash’s other fic so read all those too. 

lifeaquaticwashere  asked:

There's a Bellarke story that's told in twenty parts, not in consecutive order, and each chapter is a time they need to talk about something important. It takes place over the course of several years and it's a slow burn. Each chapter has a number at the top that tells you where it falls in the timeline. It's not complete yet and I forgot to follow it, it's driving me crazy not being able to find it. Any ideas?

Is it possibly Nothing, I know it began as 20 parts, and is now listed at eventually have 80.

edit: redqueenpendragon, thanks for this suggestion: King and Princess Talk <– I think that is the one you’re looking for!