In Focus: Production Design

“I think of myself as the hand of the director. My real job is to understand how the director reads the script, and what he/she sees and wants to visually accomplish.”

Top industry production designers including David Gropman (Life of Pi), Barbara Munch-Cameron (Behind the Candelabra), John Stevenson (Burton and Taylor) discuss their craft and profession for BAFTA Guru.

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Bottleneck Gallery presents ‘Moments II’ by Alice X Zhang, a sequel to her first solo art show and will feature many brand new film-inspired paintings.

Signed limited edition prints will be available at the show and all remaining prints from the opening reception will be available online afterwards. Part of the proceeds from art sales will go towards a charitable donation to Partners In Health.

The opening reception is on Friday June 12 from 7-9pm at Bottleneck Gallery, 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249 and Alice will be in attendance too. The exhibition will be on display until July 10.


Exoplanets & the Search for Habitable Worlds

“So the planets are there, the rocky planets are there, the rocky planets at the right distances from their stars for liquid water are there… and everything seems possible. If our best estimates for these planets are correct, there are literally billions of potentially habitable worlds in the Milky Way galaxy alone, right now.”

But how do we take that next great leap? How do we go from “potentially habitable” to worlds that are actually inhabited? How do we find them?

The secret lies in directly observing these worlds – and their atmospheres – something that NASA’s proposed Starshade mission is capable of doing with present technology. And the PI of Starshade, Sara Seager, is speaking this Tuesday at 4:10 PM ET / 1:10 PM PT at Perimeter Institute’s conference, Convergence, with an exclusive live-stream and live-blog over at the main Starts With A Bang on Medium!