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Headcanon~ Everyone always acts all smooth (looking at hyung line with their constant pick-up lines) or just grabs J-Hope (Jungkook and V), but Jimin knows that he's cute so he just ups the 'look at me, I'm a maknae too' and gets J-Hope's attention without really trying while everyone else has to do the work to get half the cuddles he does.

Jimin is a shady bitch, anon. Istg. Hoseok is 10000000% whipped for Jimin okay? All it takes is a tilt of the head and a slight pout and that boy is goneeeee. Like, Hoseok I’ve noticed is very touchy and physical in general, but he’s also really picky. So if he isn’t interested in getting hugged or dragged around he’ll just shrug off the members without a second glance (tbh it’s really funny to watch he’s such a drama queen dakslfll).

BUT! If Hoseok gets in one of his Moods™, Jimin just whines out a soft “hyung~” and tugs on his sleeve, and almost instantly Hoseok is smiling and cooing at him while pinching his cheeks. Because Jimin loves loves loves loves LOVES attention and being doted on, and Hoseok LOOOOOVES doting on others, so it just works out very well. Jimin could just curl up in Hoseok’s lap and take a nap while he’s talking to another member or working on his mixtape, and Hoseok wouldn’t even bat an eye. 

Jimin knows the power he has over Hoseok and abuses it at any chance he gets.

You see, at first, I did regret you. I regretted ever giving you that satisfaction of having me so easily. I used to regret ever being so vulnerable for you. I would regret the memories we had created at 2PM as well as the ones at 4AM. Now, I’m just so thankful for you. You taught me that there is nothing wrong with showing a man just how crazy you are for him, it is not my fault you were incapable of loving me back. You taught me my worth. That I should not lose an ounce of sleep, crying over something that is completely out of my hands. You taught me how to love myself enough to let you go. Because of you, I know what I deserve now and I will never settle. You did that. I am forever grateful for you.
—  You were a life lesson. Thank you R.
  • Aries: Rarely ever lie, but if they do it's because they feel you aren't worthy enough to hear the truth.
  • Taurus: To get out of doing something that doesn't interest them.
  • Gemini: The truth just isn't as interesting as a lie.
  • Cancer: The truth is too hard to explain.
  • Leo: They want to protect someone they care about.
  • Virgo: They don't want someone to know the truth and look at them differently because of it.
  • Libra: They lie to make themselves seem a lot cooler than they really are.
  • Scorpio: The truth reveals something about their life.
  • Sagittarius: They don't lie... They just conveniently leave out the truth.
  • Capricorn: To avoid talking about a weird topic.
  • Aquarius: They lie to keep others interested in what they have to say next.
  • Pisces: The truth doesn't blend in with their perception of reality.
Hand me a cup of coffee, and kiss me tender on my head. Tell me that you need me, and I will believe you even if it is just another pretty lie of yours.
—  Lukas W. // Pretty lies

Tonight’s one of those nights that’s I was reminded of you and now can’t stop crying just by the sound of your name. You say you feel bad, but I feel worse. You don’t understand that, so if your gonna leave, then leave and don’t come back. I can’t handle the thought of you.

~ toeverybrokenheart

  • abuser, trying their hardest to guilt trip me: Yeah it's all my fault isn't it! I'm the true evil! I'm the worst person alive! I was the one who did *something they really did* and it's all my fault that you did *something you reacted with to their abuse*! I should be sent to hell for everything I do! I only want others to live in misery! Everything is my fault!
  • me: so finally throwing in some truth into the mix are we