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Hello~☆ This list contains all my finished work so far and will get updated monthly so keep checking in to see if you haven’t read one of my posts yet! 


M-Rated: NSFW
Fluff: For the innocent sinners
Angst: Sad
Scenarios: S 
Text Messages/Snapchats: T


Partner flinching away from them
You being nervous
Your kink being scratching
Girlfriend siting in a closet 
Girlfriend hating Halloween
MTL to get excited over Christmas
You falling asleep on them

[Individual Members☆] 

Oh Sehuh - Boyfriend material


Girlfriend dancing sexily 
Taemin & Onew to you dancing in Yoga pants


Getting asked about having a baby 
Their shy crush confessing to them
You liking neck kisses
You fainting due to stress


They are not your bias
You sitting in a closet
Being Jealous
You dancing in your underwear
Hitting you during an argument
How Monsta X would be in Bed [M-Rated]
Finding out about your tongue piercing
You having a dirty mind
You purposely not wearing a bra
You only wearing their shirt
You swearing a lot
You being unconfident about your body
You admit your crush on them
Hitting you during a fight
You having a dirty mind
When their child asks how babies are made 
Choosing between a Handjob and a Blowjob [M-Rated]
Distracting you from a phone call [M-Rated]
You getting scared during a movie 
How Monsta X would sleep with their S/O…
Their Best Friend being abused
You having miscarried
You playing hard to get

[Individual Members☆]

As your Best Friend


You saying I love you for the first time
Seeing you again after a long time
You feeling paranoid
You falling asleep on their shoulder
Girlfriend feeling safe around them
Girlfriend wearing their shirt ½
Girlfriend wearing their shirt 2/2
Your kink being scratching [M-Rated]
Seeing you in your traditional dress


300 Days Anniversary
Girlfriend being on her period
Visiting your home town
You feeling paranoid
Pumpkin Carving
Falling in love at first sight
You being unintentionally cute


Seeing your baby photos
Taking you to the fair
You moaning another members name [M-Rated]
Being Teased in Public [M-Rated]
Surprising them at their show
Waking You up with oral [M-Rated]
You self-harming
BTS Kinks [M-Rated]
Getting distracted from a phone call [M-Rated]
You accidentally sending nudes to another member [M-Rated]
Getting scared with a creepy mask 
You dancing when you’re bored
You secretly crushing on them
You coming out as asexual
Taking your virginity
You crying over TWD 
Getting send nudes [M-Rated]
To you having a bad day
To you being kidnapped
MTL to get annoyed at their S/O for constantly needing skinship
Falling in love with someone younger
Which Member is the best in bed?
Becoming a Dad
Which Members are still virgins?
What costumes they would get you
Buying you costumes
You’re nervous about confessing to them 
Loving you when you’re in a relationship
To you not liking your reflection
Getting beaten up by your Ex-Boyfriend
Needing attention
How long it would take them to introduce their S/O
You giving them a sassy comeback
When another member touches your boobs
When you take photos of them
Distracting you from a phone call
When you’re nervous about confessing to them
Seeing you for the first time
BTS in bed
Your boobs pressing against their chest [M-RATED]
You accidentally mess up your haircut
When their someone asks what they like about them 
To their girlfriend moaning when they spank her playfully [M-Rated]
To another guy touching their girlfriend’s boobs [M-Rated]
Messages from your Bangtan Boyfriend….[T]
You initiating a makeout session but leaving halfway through
Boyfriend getting a tongue piercing
Girlfriend being in pain during sex
Girlfriend grinding on them during a makeout session
You being bullied by someone shorter
When their someone asks what they like about them
You leaving after a fight 
Their S/O wanting to be in charge
You giving back their shirt
You stroking them under the table [M-Rated]
You not wanting to hold hands
Finding you in their favorite underwear [M-Rated]
To a new girl member
Your abusive boyfriend hitting you
Pushing you during a fight 
You saying ‘I hate you’ during an argument
You hiding your pregnancy from them
Their S/O liking skinship
Another member flirting with you

[Individual Members☆]

As your best friend…

As your best friend…

As your best friend…

Boyfriend material 

Boyfriend material

[Hip Hop Unit] to you being scared
Night in with Vocal Unit
[Vocal Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to you admitting your crush on them 
[Vocal Unit] to you wanting a puppy/kitten
[Vocal Unit] to you scaring them
[Performance Unit] to you debuting w/ sexy concept
[Vocal Unit] being scared of you
[Hip Hop Unit] to you wearing a sexy costume
[Vocal Unit] to Girlfriend getting excited about Christmas
Girlfriend being a rap goddess
Seeing you for the first time
[Vocal Unit] to you not having a fixed style
You being scared of thunderstorms
[Hip Hop Unit] falling for a girl
[Vocal Unit] sharing a bed for the first time
You swearing a lot
You walking around in their oversized shirt
You being crazy funny
You getting hate from fans
To you being clumsy [Mingyu, DK, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Woozi, Seungcheol]
[Vocal Unit] sleeping together with their girlfriend for the first time 
You being a savage
[Hip Hop Unit] Angsty Break Up
[Performance Unit] Angsty Break Up

[Individual Members☆] 

As your best friend…

As your best friend…

As your best friend…


Girlfriend playing video games
Girlfriend being a Victoria Secret Model
Girlfriend being clumsy
Boyfriend cheating on you
Lovers Baby Photos
Being called Daddy [M-Rated]
Recieving Oral [M-Rated]
Teased in Public [M-Rated]
You being in a abusive relationship
Girlfriend suddenly eating healthy
Waking you with Oral [M-Rated]
Making you feel better
S/O smiling about something they like
Waking up to oral [M-Rated]
Cuddling after a stressful day
Girlfriend being a trained assassin
You not feeling like yourself
You needing a hug
You scared of loud noises
You’re purposely not wearing a bra around them [M-Rated]
Being horny while you’re on your period [M-Rated]
You waking up screaming 
Your abusive boyfriend hitting you
You not sharing your food
Girlfriend having stretchmarks
MTL to push you against the wall
Getting jealous
To you walking down the aisle
To you being stalked
When you have a anxiety attack
When you reveal your singing voice to them
To you being in a abusive relationship before
When their child’s first word is not daddy
When you wear lingerine for the first time [M-Rated]
Breaking up with you…
You only walking around in their oversized shirt
Their someone secretly being a cuddle bug 
When their crush licks their cheek
Their S/O being depressed because of their school grades
You not laughing at their joke

[Individual Members☆] 

As your best friend…


Reacting to your boobs pressing against their chest
Reacting to you not wanting to be carried
Kinks [M-Rated]
Reacting to you not sharing your food
What costume they would get you
You giving them a back hug
When you’re scared of thunder
You being into BDSM


Falling in love with their childhood friend

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Jaspearl seductive kiss? >:D

8. Seductive kiss 

What’s more romantic then licking your crush in front of your NOT Diamond as a testament of rebellion?

I used >>this template<<. I’m posting the last prompts I finished over the past week. Please don’t send more for the time being.

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Got7 reacting to their crush licking their cheek and running away.

//  Got7 reaction when their crush licks their cheek and runs away. //

He’d look after you in confusion and try to figure out what just happened as your laughter echoed through the apartment. He’d turn to the members to see them grinning at him widely. 

“…what just happened?” 

Originally posted by got7europe

After he hears you running away quickly, he’d let out an annoyed sigh and wipe your salvia off his cheek before contiuning with his tasks, yelling after you.

“If you want to kiss me, just do it. There’s no need to lick me.” He wouldn’t be able to stop a smile from spreading on his lips.

He’d look after you with a surprised look on his face before wiping the wetness of his skin and yelling after you,

“Why would you do this to me?” 

He’d immediately run after you and tackle you to the ground while yelling, “REVENGE IS MINE” in a really deep voice before licking a stripe up your cheek. 

Originally posted by defwang

He’d start laughing loudly as soon as he sees you dissapearing behind a corner, feeling his chest warming when he realizes what you’ve just done. 

Just…whatever. Did you seriously just do that?”

Originally posted by softseong

He’d immediately grab ahold of your wrist before you can run away and turn to you with a devilish grin tugging on the edge of his lips. 

“You wanna play? We can play all day long.” he’d say before letting go off your arm and giving you a head start, chasing you around the city and laughing loudly.

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

He’d look after you in surprise, trying to figure out what just happened before it hits him and he looks back at the members, seeing them laughing at the scenario in front of them. He’d laugh silently before continuing with his work.


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anonymous asked:

Ok, three different things, but all the same pairing: What if UF!Sans's crush just came up and sat on his lap for no apparent reason while they were watching TV or a movie? What if said crush mentions at one point (probably in response to something on the TV) that they find fangs sexy? What if at some point after this (probably days to weeks later) said crush got drunk and LICKED UF!Sans' gold tooth. Just. Leaned over and licked it.

UF!Sans: lap-sitting & sexy fangs

He jumps when they sit on his lap and starts sweating all over his skull, trying to be as still as possible lest they decide he’s too bony and move back to the couch cushion.  He’s no longer paying attention to the movie in the slightest.  Why would they want to sit on him?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Is his crush comfortable?  He finally shifts just enough that their back touches his chest.  He still doesn’t relax, and he’s too scared of ruining it to speak.

When they make the comment about sexy fangs (probably because of the dumb vampire movie), his skull begins to turn red enough to match his eyelights.  However, he’s got his confidence back and gives them a sharp-toothed grin.  “you do, huh?  welp, sweetheart, that must mean you find me sexy because i’ve got plenty of fangs.”  He wags his bone brows and thinks about giving them a little bite to showcase his point, but actually loses his nerve. UGH! Maybe if their face wasn’t so close right now!  

He spends the rest of the night in his bedroom, periodically looking at his fangs in the mirror and regretting the missed opportunity.  

UF!Sans: … licked?!

Red and his crush are both on the drunken side, but years of slacking at Grillby’s has given him one hell of an alcohol tolerance, so he’s definitely more sober than they are.  They’re both sitting at the bar, and Sans is letting his dark humor fly, telling terrible jokes and stupid puns in an effort to make them laugh.  He doesn’t even notice that they’re staring at his mouth… until they lean over and just straight up lick his gold tooth.  

Yeah, it’s lights out for Red.  Literally, his eyelights vanish and he freezes up, unable to process what just happens.  It takes a full minute for his eyelights to come back, and when they do, he locks eyes with his crush.

… Then, he slowly runs his magical tongue over that tooth, right where they licked it, keeping eye contact the entire time.  

He’s sweating, but he’s got liquid courage on his side as he leans in with a grin, his bright tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and says,  “my turn.”

I See You Kitty- Miraculous Ladybug Fic

  This is my first fic I’ve ever posted online and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes and if anyone likes it. Marichat all the way. Possible reveal? I’d love some feedback? Enjoy?

                                                      Chapter 1

          “Someone’s at the door Alya.” Rose shouted from the living room. “Do you need me to get it?”

           “I got it, thanks Rose.” Alya said as she left the kitchen to answer the door. “Oh, hi Chat Noir! I didn’t think you were coming.”

          “Sorry I’m running a little late.” He smiled and looked around at the room full of his classmates. “My Lady sends her apologies that she cannot attend, but she did ask me to give you this.” Chat Noir bowed to Alya in the doorway as he presented Ladybug’s red wrapped present for her to take.

          “Oh, that’s okay. I know you guys have important things to do for Paris so I was expecting either one of you.” Alya smiled as she took the present out his hand and took a step back so he could enter. “Thank you for coming Chat!”

          “Of course. I’m honored that you allowed this alley cat the chance to join in the purr-ty,” he chuckled at his own joke and Marinette groaned. “Annnd this one is from me,” Chat Noir held out a black box to the journalist.

          “You have some serious bow making skills Chat,” Alya laughed as she took in the size of the green bow on top of the present. It was larger than the box itself and pretty elaborate.

          I wonder if he had to resist the urge to play with all of the strands dangling from it, Marinette thought as she smiled to herself.

          Chat stretched an arm behind his head and chuckled. “Yeah, playing with string is a hobby of mine.”

          Alya sat the superheroes presents down on the table with the rest of the gifts and told Chat to make himself at home. He didn’t even get a foot away from her before Nino was at his idol’s side asking him dozens of questions. At least one of us got to show up today. Marinette felt bad that Alya couldn’t have Ladybug at her party, but she knew that she couldn’t miss her bff’s birthday bash or Marinette would never hear the end of it.

          “I can’t believe she sent me a gift. She so did not have to do that.” Alya grabbed a can of Sprite out of the fridge. “I wonder if it will give me another clue as to who she is under the mask.”

         Marinette’s hand shook slightly so she set her piping bag down on the counter beside the birthday cake she had made for Alya before she messed it up. “I can’t believe you’re still trying to figure them out. It’s been three years.”

          “Oh, I have made it my life’s mission girl! Besides,” she dipped her finger in the orange icing and licked it, “you’re still crushing on Adrien three years later.”

          “Th… that’s different.” Marinette felt the blush creep up her neck as Alya stared at her.

         “At least you can finally talk around him like a normal person,” she laughed before hip bumping Marinette. “It sucks that he had a shoot and couldn’t be here today though.”

         “Yeah, we haven’t hung out as a group in a while since we are all so busy with work and school.”

         “I don’t know how you keep up with it all Mari! Your internship at Agreste Designs, fashion and business class and helping your parents at the bakery- I get tired just thinking about it.”

          “Yeah, it gets hard sometimes,” Marinette dried her wet hands off with the pink towel next to the sink, “but I love it. I’ve never been happier!”  

          “Now if only we could get you to start dating a certain handsome blond model. Then everything would be perfect!”

          “Alya,” Marinette squeaked, reaching out to smack her friend as she danced out of the kitchen. She sighed and lit the eighteen candles on the cake before grabbing it and heading towards the living room.

          “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming today. I’m very lucky to have such wonderful friends.”

          “We’re lucky to have you!” Marinette said as she set the cake on the coffee table. Everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Alya.

          Nino wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. “Make a wish beautiful.” Alya smiled at him before closing her eyes and blowing out the candles in one breath.

          “Aww yeah! Time for cake!” Kim’s booming voice rang out causing everyone to laugh as Marinette cut the cake.

          “I’ll help,” Chat Noir said as he grabbed some plates and forks, passing out slices to everyone.

         “Thanks Chat.”

          “Anything for you Princess,” he winked at her and she had to resist the urge to giggle.

          Stupid tomcat, she thought fondly.

        Everyone ate their cake in a happy silence, the only noise coming from Nino’s speakers that were playing music in the corner.

          “So,” Alya clapped her hands together as Mylene was the last to finish her dessert and smiled mischievously, “who wants to play a game?”

          “What kind of game?” Nathaniel asked nervously, fiddling with the pencil in his hand.

          “Ooh! Like a board game? I just love board games!” Rose sang, already dancing in her seat with happiness.

          “Anything but Candyland. I hate Candyland” Julika said as she turned to look at her girlfriend.

          “I was thinking more along the lines of Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle.”

          “Eep!” Marinette jumped, almost dropping the plates that she was carrying to the sink.

         “I vote for Truth or Dare!” Nino said as he looked at Chat Noir.

         “I will only play if no one asks me any personal questions. I’m not revealing myself tonight, sorry Alya.”

         “It’s okay Chat, I expected that, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.” She smiled, “alright! Nobody gets to ask Chat any questions so that means he has to do all dares.”

         “Challenge accepted!” His green eyes lit up, but Marinette still didn’t like where this was heading. Alya always had an ulterior motive for the things she did and this was no exception.

           At least Adrien isn’t here. Marinette crossed her fingers behind her back as she sat down on the arm of the couch. I have a feeling that I’m going to need all of the luck I can get for the rest of the evening.

           “Birthday girl gets to go first.”

          “Thanks babe,” Alya looked around the room slowly, stopping to grin at Marinette who held her breath. “Alix, truth or dare?”

          “Dare, obviously.” The pink haired girl answered quickly.

         “I dare you to grab your board and run down to the street. Then you have to skate around the block while singing the Dora theme song.”

         “Where did you even come up with that?” Nino laughed as Alix nodded, strapping on her helmet before walking out.

          “You know how much my sisters used to watch that show. They were singing it yesterday and it’s still stuck in my head!” Everyone got up to go look out the window as Alix’s voice drifted through the open window. “I wonder who she will choose next.”

          “DO DO DO DO DO DORA!” They all began laughing.