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Don't answer this until you're up to it because there is absolutely no hurry! 😊 I've just been listening to 8 Dead Boys and I half think it's about Carl and I'm wondering do you agree or know any meaning behind it? I hope you're doing well X

I personally think it’s very much about Carl. I’ve spoken about it before but I will go through it again as I don’t know where that post is! It’s not a nice song, angry as hell, and it was co-written so it’s not Peter’s composition alone, but it’s just laden with lyrics that are clearly linked to Carl in my mind. “The life that you wanted was not in store/You’re gonna be in the dark once again” feels like a reference to the lost dream of their band, and being in the dark or escaping darkness is a theme that crops up in their songs, notably on You’re My Waterloo. (I’ve seen this lyric also listed as “you’re gonna be the dark horse again” but I don’t hear it that way). It’s also notable for using the term “my love” and I’ve pointed out before that it’s one of many instances one of them appears to refer to the other as a “love” or “lover” in song. “You said I want love, I want it all” could be anger at his belief Carl wanted the spotlight in the band or at a stretch, something tragically romantic. “They give you a line and they call you a waster” (on a demo or live version I believe he says “oh what a waster” which links it even further into Libs territory) is one of several references both in interviews and in song where Peter accused Carl of introducing him to hard drugs in the first place, at least to cocaine and crack. Another example is on Gang of Gin (which actually refers to Carl by name in one of its verses): “I’m welcome back if I give up crack/But you gave me my first pipe anyway”. The most obvious reference is the utterly raging howl of, “When it suits you, you’re a friend of mine”. The song dates to 2004 and I can’t think of anyone else Peter was that angry with at that time. So for me - it’s Carl beginning to end. He’s rarely performed it live, probably because much like Gang of Gin it’s basically a sonic tantrum. I’ve always loved this song though. It’s so wrought with pain and anger that it’s just an incredible punk song to me. Oh and thank you, I’m okay, just taking a step back. X

Yesterday, I #FuruhataNao 160722

Good morning,
I am Team K2’s Furuhata Nao.

Yesterday, I practiced
Playing my saxophone…

Jazz is difficult.

Since I only performed in the brass band,
This is something new,
So I’m enjoying it although it’s challenging.

To be able to try something new is good

It made me realize just how amazing
Performers who are able to play it ad-lib are.

I’m struggling even keeping up with the musical score (lol)

But, when I become one with the music,
And am able to play it ad-lib naturally…

Surely, surely,
My music would be even richer
And it would be even more fun

That’s what I feel(*´-`)

After that,

I went to watch the Straight Play,

“Chronicles of Mother and Planets,
And Women who rotate about their own axes”

I wrote on Twitter
That it’s probably my first time watching a Straight Play

But apparently
“The Terrace of The Leper King” is also a Straight Play!

The music and lighting was amazing
So I forgot that it was a Straight Play
I’m so sorry for forgetting(;_;)

The passion they showed on stage
Was so powerful that
It reached the audience and spurred them on.

It gave me goosebumps!

I hope I will be able to go and watch theatrical plays again☆ミ

After that,
I went to practice playing saxophone again

Today I have 2 photoshoots

I will do my best and have fun!

I pray that you will be able to do your best as well☆ミ

Thank you for reading my ameblog,
Giving me a thumbs up,
And writing me comments.

You did well today too.

Nao #793

Ultimate list of Daddy/Little date night activities

🍬playing with pets (or shelter animals)
🍬dress up
🍬building pillow forts
🍬movies (theater or Netflix)
🍬Play Doh
🍬set up temporary tattoo shop
🍬dance party
🍬finger painting
🍬writing haikus
🍬nature walk/hike
🍬stuffy theater
🍬reading together
🍬karaoke (preferably Disney)
🍬kinetic sandcastle building
🍬bubble baths
🍬pottery painting
🍬making each other’s family tree
🍬photo shoots
🍬park trips
🍬board games
🍬backyard campouts
🍬body/face painting
🍬yoga sessions
🍬art classes
🍬redecorating little space
🍬tea parties
🍬mad libs
🍬jigsaw puzzles
🍬picking wildflowers
🍬tie dyeing
🍬video games
🍬20 questions
🍬scavenger hunts
🍬Daddy makeovers
🍬ice cream sundaes
🍬volunteering together
🍬jewelry making with beads
🍬writing love letters
🍬museum visits

Is there anything that You CAN’T do???

So in Episodes 1 and 2, we found out that You:

  • Knew about Dia’s opposition to school idol clubs, and purposefully didn’t tell Chika about this because she knew it would break her heart.
  • Signed up for the idol club despite already being busy in the Swimming Club because she’s not a wimp like Maru, what kind of excuse is “I’m already a library helper” guuuurl put down those goddamn books and go sing like you were destined to. She devotes practically all of her spare time to help out her best friend Chika, whether it’s with dance practices or lyrics brainstorming sessions.
  • Has the ability to design costumes and even make them. Kotori’s character revolved around her love of fashion. You’s just a regular sporty girl who likes uniforms. What the hell.
  • Can ad-lib gags immediately, as seen in the “what are lines” scene.
  • Is basically the Most Supportive and Caring Person in the anime (Chika is close by at #2 for the balcony scene in Ep2).

This is already sounding pretty insane. Then we get Episode 3, in which You:

  • Quickly analyzes dance forms because of her high-diving training. (Also, owns a cap with her own name on it and can pull it off because she’s that cute.)
  • Sews a complicated outfit while making sure that Chika stays grounded about the realities of their upcoming live.
  • (Seriously, look at it:)

(I can’t even thread a needle without using all of my focus on that one task. Kotori got accepted to an overseas fashion school for her talent, and we have motherfucking Watanabe You here churning out idol costumes like it’s nobody’s business as a girl from a tiny seaside town.)

  • Knows how to motivate Chika in a situation that would leave most high school girls in despair.
  • Understands Chika better than her older sister can. (Pretty sure that at this point, You knows Chika better than Chika knows herself.)
  • Is unfailingly optimistic and encouraging even while Riko is muttering about regretting her decision to become a school idol.
  • Can immediate gain a stranger’s trust (unlike Chika, who has to either bribe them with candy or straight-up kabe-don them).
  • Is so popular that crowds of people line up just to have a turn at taking a picture with her.
  • Possesses so much athletic ability that she can jump almost as high as a person. Holy shit.
  • Mari probably had the helicopter swoop directly at the girls because otherwise You would’ve jumped up, grabbed the copter, and then slammed it into the ground with those weight-trained muscles. Jesus.

Kyungsoo giving us a beautiful ad-lib

9.7.16, 10:38 // days 30-35 out of 100 days of productivity

so sorry I haven’t posted in a week!! I was in Vienna on the weekend and then this past week I’ve not had much time. no excuse really hahah.

this is my bullet journal set up for now because, though I liked the old one, I didn’t like how it was very rigid in the fact that I couldn’t stick things in and have a lil ad lib ygm??

as you can see, I didn’t do anything yesterday (Friday) because I got home at around 4:15 (v early compared to normal) n then I literally fell asleep at like 6. and then I woke up at 11 to brush my teeth n then I went back to sleep again n then didn’t wake up til 9 this morning!! I had 14 hours sleep basically - talk about a good night’s sleep 🙈

this is also ft. my bed n wardrobe BC IM still in bed lmao

happy studying and productive days! XXX

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Do you have russian books for children or maybe podcast? I'm a beginner and I'm having trouble finding any. thanks x

Beginner Books/ Stories

I have included the Children’s Books I have, as well as some beginner to intermediate books I had that aren’t as basic. I have more readers but they’re for upper intermediate-advanced learners.


Websites (I recommend the authors Барто & Чуковский)



As for beginner podcasts, here are a few. I will make a Russian podcast post that includes non-beginner stuff later. I recommend looking them up on iTunes or your phone’s podcast app if you don’t want the website.