• Peter:It's a brand new belter, the song we've never been able to write. It was jointly written- so beautiful, the big moment on the album- and we were supposed to be singing a verse each. [Flaring up at Carl] Then you were avoiding me, and I had to learn from the engineer that you'd already done the fucking vocal take on your own. [To Q] He took advantage of me sleeping in, and he sang it so well, there's nothing i can do.
  • Carl:I was making hay while the sun shines.
  • Peter:I just want a bit of communication.
  • Carl:You think I'm not communicative?
  • Peter:No, you need a coffe.
I was gonna say, ‘The problem is…’- but it’s not a problem. The dillema is: life is better without it. It’s just understanding that, and remembering that, in those moments when you feel the need. If you succumb, five seconds later you realise it’s too late, and you’re just going through the same motions. That’s why it is a disease. It’s an abnormality, a malfunction of the brain. It’s like skiing down the same path so many times that you’re no longer capable of going in any other direcion. Financially, it’s fucking expensive, too, but in other ways that’s just as well, because it’ll cost you your health, your teeth, all your loved ones, your family, your children…
—  Peter Doherty about drug addiction, in Q magazine (2015)
Who Said Love is Blind Sneak Peek (Kris and Porter)

“Are you going to go out with Miss Curtis again?” Porter asked the next day while they were making their weekly dinners.

“I really like her bud,” Kris said. “And she really likes me. But if you don’t like it, I won’t date your teacher.”

Porter stood on his little stool and was quiet for a moment. “I don’t like it, but if Miss Curtis makes you happy, then who am I to tell you that you can’t? It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Thanks bud,” Kris said ruffling Porter’s hair. “So what do you think about having Anna over for dinner this week?”

“That would be nice,” Porter said.

tbh roy has just lived such a better life than eliwood in general?? 

ok yes roy gets sent to war at age fifteen while eliwood at age seventeen but roy emerges victorious, doesn’t suffer much personal loss, gets praised by the entire continent for his good deeds and is deemed a hero(also he has ELIWOOD for a father, i mean COME ON)

meanwhile eliwood not only is dragged into a war that didn’t involve him at all at first, but he spends so much time looking for his father only to finally get him, finally talks to him and can do as much as hold his hand before he gets killed in front of eliwood with absolutely no way to help him

and then eliwood unwillingly murders ninian, and even though she gets brought back to life later he spends several chapters mourning for her and accepting that it was his fault even though it wasn’t?? and when the war finally ends it’s swept under the carpet and nobody recognizes what he and his army had truly done for elibe and it’s remembered as a simple “uprising with the black fang”

he then gets separated from hector by their duties as marquesses and it’s very clear that they hardly ever talk/communicate in any way, his wife dies when roy is young and leaves eliwood to raise his son alone, eliwood gets sick and is helpless to assist as his son is sent to war in his place, hector fucking DIES leaving eliwood with nobody besides marcus to call a “close friend” because the entire cast of FE7 is doomed to uncertain/unmentioned fates

at least he gets to watch his son grow up happier than he ever was but still eliwood is fucking tragic in comparison to roy and he’s gone through so much more shit??

Who Said Love is Blind Sneak Peek (Anna and Kris)

Anna went back to her classroom to wait for her students. She didn’t expect to find Kris inside waiting for her. “Kris? What are you doing here?”

“I needed you,” Kris said, reaching his hand out for hers. “Please?”

“Of course.” She took his hand and he pulled her close. “Is everything okay? You sounded strange on your call this morning.”

Every morning while Anna was getting ready for school, Kris would call her. It was her first relationship where the guy actually called her more than he texted. But that makes sense for them because he couldn’t really see to text and she preferred the sound of his voice over a written message. They’re talks in the morning were usually short because he had responsibilities with Porter and had to get ready for work himself.

“Everything’s great. There was just something that I forgot to do the other night after dinner,” Kris said.

“And what was that?” Anna asked.

“This.” His soft hands traced the lines of her face and cupped her cheeks in his hands. He bent down and found her lips with his. His hands went lower and he wrapped them around her waist, holding her tight to him.

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1. Ta destination de rêve ? J’en ai pas

2. Fleur préférée ? La rose rouge et je suis un peut tatillon là dessus, rouge  cerise, carmin et cardinal, un rouge mat en fait mais pas de vermillon ça donne mal aux yeux

3. Tu as déjà mangé du cheval ? oui mais c’était pas intentionnel et j’ai pas aimé du tout

4. Chocolat lait, noir ou blanc ? Lait (oui je sais) j’aime pas le noir (un carré mais pas plus et petit alors) blanc aussi mais il est vite écoeurant 

5. Charcuterie ou fromage (haaaan le dilemne !)? N’aimant pas le fromageCharcuterie…Rien ne vaut un bon plateau de charcuterie et surtout du jambon (Serrano, Patta Negra, Parme)

6. Pain au chocolat ou chocolatine ? (ouai j’aime poser les questions qui fachent !) CHOCOLATINE putain con !! Comme ça ça vous donne une idée géographique de là d’où je suis

7. Un film de Louis de Funés ? La folie des grandeurs…Rien que d’écrire le titre je suis morte de rire

8. DC Comics ou Marvel ? Je suis pas du tout dans ce délire là le seul Marvel que je connaisse c’est Dardevil

9. Si tu devais avoir un pouvoir ? La téléportation !!

10. Quel est ton endroit préféré en France ? Je vous dirais bien chez moi le Gers ou Toulouse mais je dirais…Le Cap Ferret….A la fois reposant et agitée

11. Montagne ou océan ? Océan 

Mes questions: 

1- Raconte une anecdote stupide.

2- Ta saison préférée? 

3- Quel est le truc le plus dégueu que tu n’ai jamais mangé? 

4- Si tu étais un instrument de musique, tu serais quoi? 

5- C’est qui ton préféré des Minions ? 

6- T’aimes quel film de Tim Burton ? (il en vas de ma reconnaissance éternelle envers toi)

7- Le Nord ou le sud ? 

8- Ton livre préféré? 

9- Si tu devais vivre ailleurs ce serais dans quel pays?

10- Tu veux quoi pour Noël? (JE SAIS QU’ON EST EN JUILLET ET ALORS?) 

11- Tu serais quel personnage d’Harry Potter ? 

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