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Ride Me Baby *Part 3* (Harry Styles Mature Mini Series)

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Hiya guys, so finally I’m getting this chapter up. I am beyond over whelmed with the feedback ive been getting from this series and I cant be more thankful for you guys reading it and enjoying it! I hope you enjoy this chapter! –K


Word Count: 5,869

As I stood there speechless staring at Kendall as she was staring at Harry then glaring back at me like I had done something wrong. Has Harry been cheating on me with her this whole time? My heart started to sink at the thought. Harry and Kendall did date for a while but broke up because of the public always stalking them or taking pictures 24/7, so for all I know Harry might still have feelings for her and sleeping with her behind everyone’s backs. And by his reaction it seemed like he was happy to see her, even though I was standing right there. “Your faces are priceless, cant believe you fell for that one” Kendall started to laugh uncontrollably as she stood clapping her hands applauding her performance. “What the fuck Ken?” Harry’s face slightly changed into a crooked smile as he joined in with her laughter. “What are you doing here? Please come in” He steps backwards as she walked into our room, with her long legs and flat stomach that was on show under her crop top. She is so beautiful, why did he leave her for me? “Y/N?” My head shot up as I was startled out of my train of thought. “Sorry?” “How are you doing sweetie?” Kendall came over to great me with a hug, which I accepted. I had to. Ive never really sat down and got to know Kendall to know what she is like. She is so sweet and polite, I have no hate against her. But for some reason I don’t like her either. “Im good thanks how are you?” “Good, how are you guys enjoying your trip?” “Yeah its great, Y/N has always wanted to come here so I surprised her for our anniversary” Harry butted in as we walked into our kitchen. “Oh my god I’m so sorry I interrupted, I seen that you guys were here so I thought it would be rude not to come down and say hi” She giggled as her stare as with Harry through out the whole conversation. Now I know why I don’t like her. “Aw thank you for popping in Ken” His stare was with her, again. I don’t know whether I’m reading too much into this situation but with the atmosphere it seemed like he was glad to see her or something, I don’t know.

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Can y’all imagine if the boys did like a Friendsgiving?Harry would host it and Niall would be the one to bring a store bought side but put it in his own dish so no one knows, Liam would bring a salad because it’s the easiest and he’s a busy new dad and Louis would be the one who brings the dessert that would be a smash hit and Harry would ask for his recipie.


Liam Payne Tells Us Harry Styles Had The Nicest Teeth In One Direction


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Preferences #1: First kiss

 A/N: I’m starting with writing preferences. Hope you will like them!

LIAM:  ‘ Did you enjoy?’ Liam asked you. This was your third date with Liam and everything was going well. You both didn’t want to rush since Liam’s job was quite exhausting and so he was away a lot. But everything became slightly serious between you two. ‘ Yes, I did. Thank you Liam’ You said, smiling at him. You wanted to lock your door but turned around as you saw Liam looking at you. ‘ Y/N, do you think it’s getting serious between us?’ Liam asked nervously. You nodded your head, curious for what he was going to say. ‘ Yeah kinda’ You admit. Liam grinned down at you and held your chin softly, making you look up to him. He leaned in and kissed you softly on the lips. It took you a while to kiss back, but you did. After you pulled away. You giggled. ‘ That was amazing’ 

HARRY: ‘ Don’t you dare Styles!’ You said, trying to sound angry but failed. Harry grinned at you, his cheekiness showing. ‘ Oh come on Y/N, one taste won’t hurt’ Harry said, looking at the cake. You were making a cake for your mother’s birthday and Harry decided to help. But Harry wasn’t helping at all- only trying to distract you. You sighed. ‘ No Harry, what if the cake would end up being a disaster?’ You said. Harry wrapped his arms around you, smiling. ‘ I can’t come, remember?’ Said Harry. You nodded. Harry wasn’t able to come due to his busy schedule but found a time to help you with the cake somehow. ‘ I know.’ You said. ‘ Do you still love me?’ Harry asked. You laughed. Harry’s face came closer to yours, dangerously. You closed your eyes as Harry’s soft pink lips touched yours. You smiled through the kiss. ‘ Of course I do’ 

LOUIS: You caught your breath as you ran downstairs. You stood still for a while but ran again as you heard noises coming from upstairs. You didn’t know where to hide- this was your first time at Louis’ house after all. Luckily, you found a couch and hide behind it. The door to the living room opened again and you heard laughs coming for Louis. He wasn’t your boyfriend yet, but you really enjoyed his company. Right now, you had his sweater in your hand and kept it away from Louis. ‘ Come on Y/N, I’m cold!’ Louis whined. You were trying held your laughs back but failed. Louis’ eyes suddenly lighted up at the sound of your laughs. He walked slowly to the couch and laughed as he saw you. He was shirtless and clearly cold. You tried to run away but Louis wrapped his arms around you, causing you to fall on the couch. You laughed. ‘ Give me sweater back’ Louis said. ‘ A kiss first’ You winked at him. Louis wasn’t taken back by your words and pressed his lips on yours. You kiss him instantly back. You gave him his sweater and wrapped your arms around his neck. ‘ You’re lucky I love you’ Louis muttered. 

NIALL: Niall grabbed his guitar from the living room and sat down next to you. The tears were streaming down your face because of the news you had just got. Your grandfather had passed away yesterday and you heard the horrible news while you were at Niall’s. Niall began to play with Little things. You loved that song, you always had. It was quiet for some good three minutes, even your sobs had died down. This was the first time Niall had sang for you. You heard Niall often on the radio, but this was the first time he only sang for you. You loved the way Niall was so concentrated with playing the guitar. You listened and smiled. ‘ I’m in love with you and all your little things’ Niall sang the last words of the song. As he stopped with playing, he looked at you. ’ You okay darling?’ He asked worriedly. ’ Yes, better than two hours ago’ You gave him a weak smile. He smiled at you and cupped your face in his hands. ‘You are beautiful Y/N’ He whispered. You looked at his lips and leaned in. Niall quickly responded with kissing back, making you smile through the kiss. After pulling away, you stared in each other’s eyes. ’ Things will get better Y/N, I promise’ Niall said. You nodded. ’ I know'