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hi! what do you think about that moment in the trailer when Bucky tries to shoot Tony? I mean, I know they're on different sides and all, but actually, for real trying to kill him still feels kinda... too much. way too much. do you think Bucky could still be under Hydra influence? like, they broke him so badly that now he can't quite react normally yet

i thought for good 10 hours that bucky actually intended to shoot tony

but watch this

see how bucky is focused on someone on tony’s right side, he is not pointing at tony until tony stops him and points a gun at him instead. tony is protecting someone, but bucky went straight through tony winter soldier style. idk i think it’s important to know tony wasn’t the main target here.

bucky never fully recovered from tws torture and all the hell he’s been through, so here we get to see more evolved bucky, someone in between pre war bucky and the winter soldier, this is the brand new bucky and he is dangerous, more than he was ever before because now he is fighting for his freedom and also is protecting his best friend at the same time.

YAS to all this poc cultural input into fandom I been seeing on my dash the last few days.

I know we be getting robbed and shit, but it’s still beautiful to see people still contributing in so many ways. 

I see y’all, I can’t wait to see what’s gonna come into fandom. Shout out to @notyourytocs too!

And just know re: my ocs that yes; all my niggas is niggas.

Artist Appreciation Week Day 3

Day three already!

This week I’ll be tagging the artists I have been following (stalking) forever (I’m kidding I don’t talk anyone) to tell them just how much I adore their art!


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It’s ridiculous Lia-Senpai just how much I love your art *^*, it’s so beautiful and brings so much happiness to me! I’m so glad I talked to you because you’re so lovely and your art is so amazing!


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Okay first I have to mention how amazing you are, you’re such a kind soul (I met you at Supanova Brisbane last year and I just adore you), your art is wonderful and so adorable, I’m so glad I ever discovered it!


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No doubt I love you Nats-Nii, you’re just such a beautiful person, your art is so gorgeous and wonderful and honestly I love it so much!


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I’ve only spoken to you once but you’re lovely and your art is gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing it with the world!!


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I low-key stalk you and oh my gosh you amuse me so much, your art makes me so happy and you in general make me just as happy!


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Okay first off, you’re crazy. Crazy af and you know what? I love it, you’re so random and funny and your art reflects that, I love it so much oh my gosh xD


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I need to get off your blog at some point in my life but I can’t, I love youuuuuuuu your art is so wonderful, so amazing!!! 


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Nanako, I have been supporting you since I got tumblr, I hope to god people aren’t being assholes to you anymore but I haven’t seen much from you lately, or more I haven’t been on tumblr much lately! God you’re so amazing and work so hard!


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I can’t explain how much I love your art nor how much I adore you but just know that I do, I find you so amazing ^o^


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I love you. I love you and your art. That is literally all I have to say because you’re too awesome.


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Okay Karina you know I adore you. I love you so mucc, you and your art make me so ridiculously happy, I’m so happy to have you as a friend.

To those artists I didn’t mention and to those who I know and haven’t mentioned…. the list got really long so I don’t want to keep going xD! Just know that I love you and adore your art and even if I didn’t mention you or don’t know your or art is always appreciated by someone!

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Hey Rachel! What are your expectations for stydia and tw tomorrow?

I think that the ship group that Jeff was referring to as being pissed off is going to be the St@lia shippers because Stiles’ romantic feelings are being pushed and are being very overtly advertised. And I think that the episode will be very, very Stydia, but we will also have to put up with some M@rrish. But less M@rrish than Stydia. 

I have pretty damn low expectations for the epic Stydia scene. A huge part of me thinks that it’ll be the door scene. But then I feel like that scene will piss off absolutely nobody– not Stydia shippers, and not the antis, who can say “it’s platonic” or “she doesn’t reciprocate” very easily. Also, Jeff said he didn’t want to spoil it, so another part of me thinks that the epic scene hasn’t been released yet at all? But even if that’s true, I just have… incredibly low expectations. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed by the lack of an actually epic scene, just because we were waiting for it for so long. But I would be more surprised if anything more than Stiles being obviously in love with Lydia (via his face and actions) occurs. 

Challenge yourself in 2016! Read a young adult book from each decade from 1900 to the present day. This list was created by librarians with the Brooklyn Public Library as a 2016 Reading Challenge.

1900′s: The Iron Heel by Jack London 
1910′s: A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man by James Joyce
1920′s: Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery
1930′s: Hobbit, Or, There and Back Again by J.R.R. Tolkien
1940′s: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
1950′s: A Separate Peace by John Knowles
1960′s: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
1970′s:  Forever by Judy Blume
1980′s: Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block
1990′s: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
2000′s: Mexican Whiteboy by Matt de la Peña
2010′s: Spit and Passion by Cristy C. Road

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Is the natural series going to have 5 books? One based off each of the natural's back stories? Because the first one was Cassie the second one dean, the third one sloane and I'm guessing the fourth will be Michael and last one Lia?

There are four books total in the NATURALS series. And that means that Book 4 is kind of a two-for-one special in terms of back stories…

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but st!lia shippers say that stydia is one sided so they basically admit that stiles loves lydia. then why do they ship the ship where one of the couple is in love with someone else? i don't get it.

Do they actually say that? I don’t interact with many St@lia shippers, but I can’t actually fathom them wanting to admit that Stiles is still in love (or even in like) with Lydia? 

Yeah, I think about this a lot. Like, wow. If I were a St@lia shipper, I think I would have stopped shipping them at this point. I would be very, very disappointed in the way the show is constantly bringing Stydia back up and reinforcing it. Especially because almost all of that reinforcement comes from 50% of their OTP. 

The show hasn’t really tried to convince anybody that Stiles cares about Malia more than he cares about Lydia, so I’d be desperately waiting for that, if I shipped it.  

FINALLY we are announcing the members for the Novelties book network!!

For now, these are the people we chose, but more likely than not we will do another round of entries so keep on the lookout :)

And the members are:


★ @heronlace 

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★ @flowersivan

If you were chosen, we will be sending out a link/message about joining very soon, but be patient cause it might take us a while! :) message me with any questions you may have!

Excited to meet you all!! 

❤︎ Lauren, Lia, Louise