Carli Lloyd: World Cup winner and Liverpool FC fan

Jurgen Klopp starts upfront for LFC tonight

A team of backroom members are taking on staff from Stanford University. Why is this not on LFC TV?!

Starting XI…
Achterberg; French, Howarth, Krawietz, Haughan; Partridge, Kingston, Pons, O'Boyle; Ljinders, Klopp

No Zeljko Buvac as he’s a dangerous psychopath and would likely end up snapping someone before the first minute is over.

“100%. Absolutely, I’ve been able to do what I wanted. There was never a discussion where I had 1% of the feeling I didn’t understand our situation or something. They have been really cool. I speak with (FSG president) Mike Gordon regularly and we’re working on different fronts, working here, developing this, bringing together this.” - Klopp when asked if he’s happy working with FSG.