Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Lewis is steeped in history and culture, ranging back thousands of years. Ancient stone circles stand on the same land as modern Stornoway. Gaelic is spoken alongside English, and Eagles live alongside Otters and people. The contrast of the ages and cultures is experienced all over the isles of Lewis and Harris (both joined) both in the towns and out in the hills and mountains.

In the summer months local people can still be seen cutting the peats and in the winter, the distinctive dry smell of the peat fires drifts in the wind. The name of MacLeod (son of Leod) is seen regularly in the phone books and on the name boards of shops, and the ending of “bost” on the place names, giving witness to the Viking past of the Isles.

Source: This is Scotland.

Photo by Jim Richardson.




“So,” Leod said, presenting the young woman with a package containing this matching blouse and skirt.  “What do you think?”

“I like it.” Kara smiles at him, she was still astonished by all the different kinds of clothing there were and she reaches out a hand touching the fabric gently. “It’s really soft.” She murmurs hoping the words were right and that her gratitude was apparent.

Leod beamed proudly.  It was a simple dress, yes, but hopefully one that would look good.  “I’ve never shopped for a female before, I hope i’ fits you well.”  After all, even a serving-girl must look and feel nice.