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Hey I'm studying classics and noticed you made a Odyssey Mindmap! My teacher basically only read it with us and I was just wondering what way you went about learning it in class and then for your revision! You're the only person I've found doing classics so this would be a lot of help!😊

My teacher gave us a revision list, these are some of the things that will come up in the exam:

-The Phaecians

Involvement of the Gods
-Ino of the slim ankles

-Odysseus as a beggar
-Athena’s disguise
-Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachus, Eumaeus, Philoetus, Eurycleia, Penelope, Laertes.

-Battle in the hall
-Maids, the priest Leodes

Role of Females
-Immortals - Calypso, Circe
-Queens - Helen, Arete, Penelope, Clytemnestra

Odysseus as hero/leader

Role of minor characters

Supernatural/mythical reality
-Adventure section
-Realistic settings - Ithaca, Pylos, Sparta, Phaeacia

Passage based questions
-Dramatic impact

The structure of the narrative
-Brief summary of the plot

Signs, omens and prophecies
-The Oclymenus
-Prophecy Phaecians hear
-Signs throughout the return section (Argos the dog)

Ways that I revise Classics:

  • Make a flow diagram of the plot, because for the first question they will ask you about a sequence of events. Focus on the adventure section an the return section. Basically, make sure you know each plot summary.
  • Mind maps of all the information condensed. So for each topic, such as minor characters in the Odyssey, put them all on a mind map and then frequently review them.
  • Use the glossary at the back of the book, as they have all characters (and important characters in capital letters), which quotes, so you can easily find some quotes to back up your points.
  • Make flashcards for the characters, it can be difficult to remember the names of characters and their role as some of the names are very similar for example: Melanthius/Melantho. So use flashcards and add their role, if they are a good/bad character, and where they feature throughout the epic.

Hope this helps :-)

Megahood: McGreggor, Autumn 2

- Leod McGreggor (Fortune, Business Tycoon)

- Eilionoir McGreggor (Knowledge, wants to be Chief of Staff. Single)

- Cleo McGreggor (Fortune, wants to be Criminal Mastermind, currently Counterfeiter.)

Together with the realisation that he didn’t really want to be a farmer so much as a businessman, Leod also settled down with another financially-minded person, and their daughter is a good mixture of them both.


I suppose miracles can exist after all.

Original Artwork: http://necessarymerchant.tumblr.com/

Zacharie: http://lolzman87.tumblr.com/

Music by Kevin Mac Leod

Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Lewis is steeped in history and culture, ranging back thousands of years. Ancient stone circles stand on the same land as modern Stornoway. Gaelic is spoken alongside English, and Eagles live alongside Otters and people. The contrast of the ages and cultures is experienced all over the isles of Lewis and Harris (both joined) both in the towns and out in the hills and mountains.

In the summer months local people can still be seen cutting the peats and in the winter, the distinctive dry smell of the peat fires drifts in the wind. The name of MacLeod (son of Leod) is seen regularly in the phone books and on the name boards of shops, and the ending of “bost” on the place names, giving witness to the Viking past of the Isles.

Source: This is Scotland.

Photo by Jim Richardson.


In reference to this post I thought I’d make a list myself, since I’m interested in it too.
I haven’t played or deleted any of the premade Neighbourhoods, so I haven’t influenced any of these Sims’ gender preferences. However, I used clean templates for all sub-hoods so I won’t be able to do things like University premades, Bluewater, Downtown, etc. yet; I might reinstall the game on another account later, because there are some University premades I’d like to check out.
Before the cut, I’ve listed the Sims who a hard-coded as attracted to the game’s same gender or repulsed by the opposite gender, and Sims who have no pre-coded gender preference. The full list of sexual preferences is under the Read More. I do recommend that you take a look at the whole list, though, even just for the Sims you like; there’s some interesting nuance there, about which Sims are actively repulsed by the opposite gender, which aren’t, and whether they’re in a relationship with a Sim who feels the same way.


Foreword: When I talk about “opposite gender” or “same gender” I’m talking about sex/gender as defined in the Sims programing. The game has a very clear gender binary, which dictates how other Sims are attracted to each other.
Sims have the capacity for gender preference. In-game this is measured on a scale of -1000 to 1000; negative numbers means they are “disgusted” by that gender, positive numbers mean they are attracted to that gender, and 0.0 means “no preference” - they will not autonomously make advances to Sims of that gender but are unlikely to reject advances either. The bigger the number, the stronger their feeling. In SimPE this scale is rendered as -1.0 and 1.0; I’m giving you the raw SimPE data for a Sim’s preference for the game’s two genders, and you can judge for yourself how strong those preferences are.
Also, as always, Sim sexuality (unless you have mods I guess?) is extremely fluid. Sims are, by design, inherently pansexual, and their gender preference changes and is shaped by the Sims they interact with romantically. If you choose to play a Sim with a different sexuality than the one they came pre-programmed with, you’re not wrong; and if your Sim successfully entered a relationship with a Sim that ‘goes against’ their preference, these stats aren’t wrong, either.
Sims with 0.0 interest in their non-preferred gender could be seen as “bi” or “fluid”, but you’ll find that the majority of Sims actually fall into this category. It’s a lot rarer to find a Sim who is actively “disgusted” by a gender. You could study this as a commentary on the inherently fluid nature of sexuality and a rejection of the notion of a sexual binary - or you could view it that these Sims are what we could consider “binary” with no interest or desire in that gender, but are not actively repulsed by the idea, merely ambivalent, as opposed to Sims with negative attraction/”disgust” towards a gender. Compare a person who would feel nothing in a sexual encounter with a non-preferred gender with a person who would feel discomfort.
Or, heck, look at it on a Sim-by-Sim basis. Even with the gender binary, the system is very, very vague, which is good.
Sims gender preferences seem to be handled differently in later EPs, especially in bin families. In the three basegame Neighbourhoods, it’s rare for a Sim to be disgusted by a gender, even if they are already in a relationship that indicates a gender preference, and it was rare for any Sim to have no preference for either gender. In later EPs, it seems to become standard that single Sims have no interest (0.0) in either gender, and Sims who are already in a relationship are repulsed by the gender opposite to their partner’s. This trend might indicate that 0.0 interest in both genders does not indicate asexuality, but rather sexual fluidity, or even that the Sim has yet to discover or explore their sexual preference; but the best way is to judge each case on a Sim-by-Sim basis. (Remember - every Sim is pan anyway by design, so we have to take context into consideration.)
However, even with this inherent fluidity, it’s rare to find Sims who were pre-coded with a preference for the same gender.

Sims who are pre-coded to be attracted to the game’s same gender or “disgusted” by the game’s opposite gender:
Edit: Somehow overlooked Kent Capp, one of the few Sims with a pre-set gay preference. :P

Circe Beaker (Strangetown): Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Nervous Subject (Strangetown): Women: -0.1 Men: 0.0
Titania Summerdream (Veronaville): Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Kent Capp (Veronaville): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Ariel Capp (Veronaville): Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Jason Cleveland (Belladonna Cove): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Sims who are shipped with no pre-coded gender preference:

Kaylynn Langerak (Pleasantview): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Natasha Una (Desiderata Valley): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Rick Contrary (Desiderata Valley): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Daniel Bell (Desiderata Valley): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Tina Traveller (BV Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Cyd Roseland (Pets Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Sharla Ottomas (SSN Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Tommy Ottomas (SSN Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Julien Cooke (FT Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Isaiah Gavigan (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Ginger Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gavin Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Georgia Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gabriella Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Garrett Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gallagher Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0


Patrizio and Isabella Monty (Veronaville) are married, and while they are disgusted by the same gender (-0.1), they are not attracted to the opposite gender (0.0), implying they are not attracted to each other.
Despite having no preference for women and a pre-coded preference for men, Jason Cleveland (Belladonna Cove) is married to a woman and has a child with her.
Even though Sim preferences can fall anywhere from -1.0 to 1.0 in intensity, Ana and Ramir Patel (Belladonna Cove) are the only premade Sims whose gender preference exceeds .1; they are both pre-coded to have .2 preference for the game’s opposite gender, meaning they are more likely to autonomously engage in romantic interactions (implicitly, with each other).


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