I haven’t taken on a ton of commissions lately because of workload, but I will take a few on at conventions now and then. This one was from Emerald City Comic Con, and it was super, super fun to do.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson as they appear in the Lenfilm Sherlock Holmes series. It’s a Russian version I’d never heard of, but guys, it is really pretty fun. The back and forth between Watson and Holmes is really good and feels closer to the original novels than many versions I’ve encountered. Really enjoyed doing this one. smile emoticon

It happens so that when someone passes away, we customarily treat his actions and related events as the thing of the past. But everything about my beloved closest friend and partner Vitaly Solomin has become a part of my way of life, my conscience, so for me it will become the thing of the past only when I pass away too.
—  Vasily Livanov on Vitaly Solomin

  He took a neat little leather case out of a drawer, and opening it he exhibited a number of shining instruments. 

   "Тhis is a first-class, up-to-date burgling kit, with nickel-plated jemmy, diamond-tipped glass-cutter, adaptable keys, and every modern improvement which the march of civilization demands. Here, too, is my dark lantern. Everything is in order. Have you a pair of silent shoes?“

slowlymychaos  asked:

What is Lenfilm Holmes? I keep seeing it on my dash and some of the quotes are AMAZING, especially Lestrade calling out Watson on writing about policemen. Do you recommend it?

I’m thrilled that you asked because what I’m talking about is a Soviet series called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Priklyucheniya Sherloka Kholmsa i Doktora Vatsona, studio Lenfilm 1979–1986), starring Vasily Livanov as Holmes and Vitaly Solomin as Watson, and it’s definitely

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ever filmed in Russia. I love how the series is full of warmth and love of the original stories. Holmes and Watson are both wonderful, and don’t let me get started with Mrs Hudson! So yes, I warmly recommend you to watch it!

It’s available on Youtube with English subtitles!


Here’s something for all you Sherlockian bloggers to listen to. I’ve been up to my ears in Lenfilm lately and I love the music in that version.


Favourite moments in Sherlock Holmes part 4

The Hound of the Baskervilles, Lenfilm, 1981

Lenfilm’s Sir Genry (no, seriously, that’s how they pronounce it) Baskerville. Nikita Mikhalkov has to be the best Henry ever. He is hilarious and sweet. I think doctor Mortimer might have a small mancrush on him.

Also the hound is pretty creepy.

I kind of did a Livanov!Holmes impression in class yesterday when we were talking about what we did over the summer. They were like 'what did you do' and I was like 'I sulked' and they were like 'how hard did you sulk did you improve your skills' and I grabbed the sides fo my face and I said 'look how pale I am. it is because I sulk.'

Then it turned into a Batman joke but also I don’t think I even remembered I was making a reference