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I’m super sad. It’s weird. I haven’t actually thought about that … That’s probably going to be the hardest thing. Because I do really love playing all of these parts. I would never otherwise get to play Rachel. A casting director wouldn’t see me as these characters, so it’s been a real joy.
—  Tatiana Maslany on how she feels about saying goodbye to the clones next season (x)

My favorite names …

Traditional Hispanic names that hold weight in heavy constants, & have a sturdiness that loses all its beauty on the English tongue:
Belen, Pilar, Caridad, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Rosario

names that sound like eccentric midcentury aristocrats; the strange great aunt who pairs wool coats with moth filled silk dresses to care for her hydrangeas:
Berengine (name of a German princess I once read about) Clothilde, Tea, Thais, Gwyneira, Talitha, Tabitha, Gilberte (zhil-bare)

The medival romantic heroines:
Gwenfair, Rosamund, Georgiana, Elspeth, Odette, Rosalba, Celeste,Roux, Oriane

The Biblical, Ancient, Literary, Historic & Painterly; names of Roman emperors, tragic Heros, favorite artists & obscure Arch Angels:
Sampson, Tiberius, Azarius, Renoir, Raphealite, Napoleon, Ajax,Ezekiel, Trajan, Adalia, dido, Leda, Briseas, Cassiopeia, Annibale, Antigone, Matisse

guys, i hate when you get drunk and chatty but everyone else goes to sleep and so you want to use tumblr to be drunk and chatty but then you are like… woah its almost 3AM EST… everyone is asleep. or they aren’t drunk and chatty, they are asleep or like… in the UK where it is Saturday morning! so like you want to be like ASK ME stUFF and i will ANSWER IN A TIPSY FASHION but real talk, you are also going to go to sleep because your whole apartment is asleep. even the guests. on an air mattress. and the couches. 

i think what im saying is it’s kara’s birthday weekend and if you ever wanted to have answers to questions, i could do them right now. like not even about me. about anything. aliens and shit. or life. mostly aliens. also, i know our apartment. and our aparment with birthdays. i’ll be drunk and chatty tomorrow too. so if anyone wants to be drunk and chatty with me, just go for it. we could have the best time. anytime this weekend. just let me know. we will drink mimosas in the morning and it will all be downhill from there.

or i’ll just stick to fic. that’s why most of you follow. 

this post isn’t anything right now. shit shit— okay headcanon: …. i can think of nothing but drunk headcanons. OKAY IGNORe THIS POST IM SORRY.

but like, do you ever want to just talk to everyone?? everyone is asleep and I am SO AWAKE!!! but i’ll lie down. i’ll go to sleep. 

i’ll delete this in the morning. but i think drunk tumlr should be a think. real talk.