Wedding Planner

[OOC: So I had to do this in an unusual way, because I couldn’t get tables and the like to work properly in AO3, much less Tumblr. 

This is Will and Hannibal’s somewhat disorderly wedding planners. I have taken screencaps and posted them here, with the planners side by side so you can read them. They are complementary voices, if you will. Some notes and links at the bottom.]

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*me watching that Hannibal episode where he kidnapped Miriam Lass*

*Me* “Miriam was naive. Just wandering into this man’s apartment, whom she already had her suspicions about and thought was a killer, and leaving herself so vulnerable and open. And she never even told anyone where she was going.”

*female friend* “It wasn’t her fault.”

*Me* “Of course not.”


*Me* “ But I still wouldn’t have stepped into his apartment. Rule No 1: If you’re suspicious about some dude, don’t go into his territory. ” 

It Shut You Up

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by Lunarwench

Will and Hannibal. In a car. Will sucking Hannibal’s cock. That’s it. Literally. Absolutely filthy smut.

No specific timeline.

Words: 943, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2auxSn7

I’m reading Stephen King’s 1999 review of Thomas Harris’ novel “Hannibal” as I wait for a student, and this caught my eye:

“…novels that so bravely and cleverly erase the line between popular fiction and literature are very much to be prized…”

And it hit me just how true that is. What makes Harris’ entire Hannibal Lecter canon so enthralling, I think, is how he sits on top of the fence that usually divides High and Low Art, and then completely does away with the distinction. In his stories, we laugh and wince at crude jokes and cringe away from gross-out moments, but we are also invited to be a part of a heightened reality in which the human psyche, not the physical world, is the setting. Physical bodies are very often reduced to meat, as if to underline the tenuous nature and ultimate unimportance of the physical plane. Hannibal himself is the perfect demonstration on this dichotomy: he listens to Bach and writes scholarly articles for psychiatric journals and is every inch the sophisticated Renaissance man…and he also murders people and eats them. It’s a ludicrous paradox, and almost completely divorced from the setting of recognizable reality. But the true setting of the Hannibal Lecter novels is the vaults of various minds. And what a gothic, shadowed setting it is, particularly in Hannibal.

Setting aside the mental landscapes, we’re invited into ancient drawing rooms filled with flowers and harpsichords just as readily as we’re invited into Mason Verger’s swine farm. Everything is a heady mixture of mundane and rarefied, shockingly real (the horrifying opening scene of Clarice’s sting operation gone wrong) and shockingly abstract (Hannibal’s slightly desperate calculations about the reversal of time). Two sharply opposed flavors, like blood and wine, the bitter against the sweet, all swirled together.

Stephen King used two phrases that are very telling, I think. At least in explaining why this hideously fascinating universe has always held me spellbound.

He referred to “Hannibal” as “Harris’s smart and scary retelling of ’‘Beauty and the Beast’” and also said, “If Hannibal Lecter isn’t a Count Dracula for the computer-and-cell-phone age, then we don’t have one.”

Beauty and the Beast and Dracula are two of my favorite stories. The older I get, the more I see that the line between fairytales and horror stories is a very thin one, and in Harris’ work, it doesn’t exist at all. The blending of the fantastic and the frightening is as compelling as staring at a beautiful painting only to discover, too late, that the lovely image is painted in blood. This blend, along with so many other things – his fascinating take on Southern sensibilities, for one, as both Will Graham and Clarice Starling hail from the backwoods of the United States – is why I love Thomas Harris. It’s why I love his novels. It’s why I love his horrifying, beautiful, repulsive, enthralling creation, Hannibal Lecter.


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What kind of weird ass prison/hospital cells do they have in Hannibal’s Baltimore? When Will Graham was imprisoned he stayed in a sort of medieval dungeon cell, Lecter’s looks like the empty living room of a Victorian mansion.

2.13 | Mizumono

“(…) And, you know, the exciting thing for me is that I always felt like Bedelia Du Maurier was the smartest person on the show and that she will remain in that position. Yet there is this sickening feeling of… We saw what happened to Will Graham and Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom and Abigail Hobbs when they trifled with a cannibal. They’ve kind of rocketed toward their doom. The feeling with Bedelia is, you know, is she rocketing toward her doom now as a part of this new cabal? What is that paradigm shift between those two characters, which I think will be part of the intrigue of the third season.” - Bryan Fuller (x)