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The Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snake (Langaha madagascariensis) is a venomous species found is Madagascar. This snake is unique for its display of sexual dimorphism, that is, differences between male and female individuals not common to snakes. Females, such as the one above, are paler grey, with a leaf-shaped “nose”, while males are brown, with an elongated, tapering “nose”. They are entirely arboreal, and will sit in wait for prey among the foliage. 


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#1.5 Auston Matthews [Part 2]

Part One

Honestly I got so much support for my first one, I’m speechless. Thank you all so much.

More angst, some fluff. I just love my large, adult hockey son okay?

Word count: 1,685

Warnings: None

Song suggestion of the day: I negate by Seoul

I honestly believe the sun envies him. 

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Auston hadn’t spoken to you at all since the Jets game, giving you the sinking feeling that he was ignoring you. You certainly weren’t doing the same to him, at least not any longer. Miscommunication made you agitated, and that was certainly what it had to be, for you could reach no other conclusion for his rather odd behaviour. Having some time to yourself had allowed you to cool off and view the situation without so much emotion. You were no longer annoyed with the American teenager, more like confused. The whole situation shouldn’t have escalated into something this big, the whole thing had to be some sort of misinterpretation. The only way to solve it would be to confront him directly. That was easier said then done. You hadn’t had the opportunity to watch another game in person; so, for the last couple of weeks, you had been forced to resort to watching it at home where your only company was a large bowl of pretzels and Steph’s “wish-you-were-here’ snapchats. You had tried texting Auston a couple of times to send your congratulations or stating your need to talk, but so far you’d received no reply. 

To say the least, you were pleasantly surprised when you received a text from Mitch, informing you that Auston would swing by and pick you up before the game. Seizing this as an opportunity to finally corner the No. 1 draft pick and straighten out this whole mess, you readily agreed.

Auston didn’t even bother to get out of the car, so it was lucky that you happened to be waiting inside by the door when he pulled up. Taking a deep breath to calm yourself, you strode forward and climbed into the passenger seat. Your heart was pumping out an erratic, nervous rhythm in your chest and you swore you were sweating like crazy. The boy had managed to set your nerves on edge without uttering a word; and for someone who had never seen him properly angry, you were absolutely terrified of pissing him off. Unsurprisingly, the drive to collect Mitch was done so in an uncomfortable silence. The American was gripping the wheel so tight that his knuckles were whitening but he hardly seemed to notice this, keeping his gaze fixed firmly on the road ahead. He remained like this for the rest of the trip, even with the arrival of Mitch and the smaller boy’s questionable music taste. With no Steph to keep him calm, the Canadian had been talking your ear off ever since he got into the car, that was until Auston had snapped at him to shut it. The silence had only settled for a moment before Mitch was plugging his phone into the car’s stereo system.

“Mitchell,” You warned, warily as you sent a glance Auston’s way, really not wanting to make things worse. Keeping a completely straight face, Mitch looked you dead in the eye and mouthed “my anaconda don’t” with timing so perfect that it would have been a crime not to laugh. Auston saw this in the corner of his eye, but Mitch was the only one to catch the slight curve that flickered in the corners of his mouth at your laughter. The smaller boy beamed victoriously, attention fluttering between your laughter and Auston’s attempt to hide his smile. This only lasted for a moment though, and another suffocating silence returned to the car. One that not even Mitch’s extensive selection of Nicki Manaj could heal.

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