Who Should You Fight: Pro Player Edition

Hauntzer: You should definitely fight Hauntzer. Just look at his smug face. Don’t you want to hit it? Who cares if he’ll whoop your ass afterwards? Do it. Fight Hauntzer.

Sneaky: He never goes out and seems to exist on a diet of Chipotle, so you could probably take him. On the other hand, he has the greatest memes and looks amazing in a maid outfit. This could go either way. Fight Sneaky or don’t, it’s up to you.

Jankos: Sure, he could probably be knocked down by a stiff breeze, but do you really want to risk losing all of Jankos’ memes and trash talk by fighting him? Don’t fight Jankos, it’s not worth it.

Forg1ven: Everyone’s number one goal in life should be fighting Forg1ven. If you meet him and don’t try to fight him, something is very wrong.

Meiko: I don’t know what kind of monster you’d have to be to want to fight Meiko, but I don’t want to meet that person. Don’t fight Meiko, he’s just doing his best you guys.

Uzi: On one hand, if you try to fight Uzi he will kick your ass. On the other, if you do fight him he will finally win something other than the 1V1 tournament. If you like Uzi and want him to succeed, fight him.

Faker: Faker may be God/the Unkillable Demon King on the Rift, but in real life he’s just a skinny boy who loves plants and video games. Be a decent person. Don’t fight Faker.

Deft: Even if for some reason you did want to fight Deft, you would be stopped by his army of boyfriends. Don’t fight Deft unless you can take about a dozen people on at once.


Reginald: Fight Reginald. Don’t even think about it. Fight him.