C-clown deserved better,

LC9 deserved better,

Speed deserved better,

History deserved better,

Madtown deserved better.

We lost these talented gems in the past few years because these groups didn’t have a big company to back them up, and people just didn’t bother to give them a chance. All these groups had so much potential and so much to offer but unfortunately their potential was short-lived because of how unfair this industry is and because people just don’t seem to care.

I really don’t wanna see any more talented groups disbanding solely because they’re from a small company. I wanna see them all thrive, so please guys. Give groups from small companies a chance. They really are worth it.

swedishkpoplover  asked:

Could u be so kind and recommend some We're awesome/who needs love/don't care about others- kinda songs? :D thanx :*

I personally recommend looking up the lyrics cause some of these are really great! :) & oh, I hope these songs will brighten up your mood! ~

Underrated. (boys version)  Playlist full of songs by underrated kpop boy groups. 

UNIQ - Celebrate | 24k - Hey You | Alphabat - Ab City | A-Jax - Insane | B.I.G - Hello | Boys Republic - Video Game | C-Clown - Let’s love | JJCC - At first | Hotshot - Take a shot | LC9 - Just a dream | M.Pire - We can’t be friends | Mr. Mr. - Highway | Speed - Look at me now | History - Might just die | U-Kiss - She’s mine | Cross Gene - Play with me | N. Flying - Awesome

My dad's reaction to kpop groups
  • VIXX: that one leader guy is hella gay
  • BLOCK B: they need an adult
  • B.A.P: you have my permission to date one of them, I'd like a son in law like any of them
  • BIG BANG: hella gay sparkle dragon and his blue haired boyfriend here with their white haired wrestling man, half robot and terrible hair guy.
  • B1A4: I'm embarrassed for them
  • AKMU: you and your brother if you were Korean and talented
  • NU'EST: they're prettier than you
  • 2NE1: I know them, they're your gay crushes
  • BOYFRIEND: when they're thirty will they finally be Husband
  • LC9: death defying hair and kick ass choreographed fighting