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a playlist to fight ur bias to

mama beat - lc9 // new world - madtown // hurry up - 24k // ouch - a.cian // justice - c-clown // going going - n-sonic // kick kick king - blast // level up - ze:a // action - nu'est // too g - btl // take a shot - hotshot // bounce - boyfriend // dont tease me - speed

ToppKlass, I have had enough of your bullshit

Okay so we all know that ToppDogg are currently up against Crayon Pop in Makestar’s poll, and I just learned that some of you started insulting Crayon Pop and their fans (and Crayon Pop fans are doing the same to ToppKlass). The problem is that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

I love ToppDogg and ToppKlass very much but some of you need to stop acting like ToppDogg is the only underrated group in the Kpop industry. Yes, ToppDogg deserves recognition and a better treatment from their company. But so does Crayon Pop. And so does DGNA, 100%, 9Muses, Wa$$up, Stellar, Rania, SPEED, so did BTL, Tiny-G, LC9, Kiss&Cry, EvoL and I could go on and on with this list.

ToppDogg is currently under a shitty company and the fandom is doing all the promotions for them, but do you really think that by bashing other groups and fandom, ToppDogg is going to get the recognition and love they deserve? You’re only going to bring hate on the boys and our fandom, which they don’t need at all since people seem to hate us so much already.

You all need to stop acting like poor little fans who are always suffering and getting so much hate for stanning an underrated group. Because guess what: you are not the only ones!! And if you’re complaining about all the hate we get, who are you to go hate on other groups and fandoms?! Fucking hypocrites.

I’m tired of always seeing ToppKlass commenting stuff like “they are so underrated”“they deserve better”“they deserve to win this”. Instead of talking shit and complaining, do something useful! Share their MV and songs, vote for them in silence and don’t go hating on other fandoms for doing the exact same thing for the group that they love and support.

Congratulations to the Crayon Pop fandom for voting so much for their favorite group (though this post is also for you if you’re acting like Crayon Pop is the only group who deserves to win this poll) and to ToppKlass: keep voting and shut the fuck up about other fandoms.

Underrated. (boys version)  Playlist full of songs by underrated kpop boy groups. 

UNIQ - Celebrate | 24k - Hey You | Alphabat - Ab City | A-Jax - Insane | B.I.G - Hello | Boys Republic - Video Game | C-Clown - Let’s love | JJCC - At first | Hotshot - Take a shot | LC9 - Just a dream | M.Pire - We can’t be friends | Mr. Mr. - Highway | Speed - Look at me now | History - Might just die | U-Kiss - She’s mine | Cross Gene - Play with me | N. Flying - Awesome

Hey, Hey, HEY! :-D Before I drown in happy tears, let us rejoice in this pic that both Hyeonsu (formerly AO of LC9, now of Acemax Black) and Jonghyo (formerly J-Hyo of LC9, now in Circus Crazy) posted on their individual Instagram pages about a day ago. They know LoveBeats still cherish them :-) (If you don’t know, Wooseok – formerly King of LC9 – is also in Circus Crazy).

Hyeonsu’s Instagram Page is Here

Jonghyo’s Instagram Page is Here

Do Well, Fighting!, our boys!

2016: *starts off good*
underrated groups: *Baram and Daeil disappear, Lu:kus leaves their company, rumors of Sungoh joining the army, Ledt disbands, Zpzg disbands, rumors of Speed disbanding,  Jaguar leaves A6p,  Jungwoo and Sejun leave Speed, posible A6p disbandment, rumors of Prince Mak leaving JJCC, LC9 disbands, NOM disbands….*

(photo cr.)

I’m stressed, I want to go shoot inanimate objects, with Lucy my Ruger LC9. Yes, I name  inanimate objects, like guns, cars, lap tops, ect. Lucy is a dream to shoot. Only complaint that I have ( like many other people) is the length of the trigger pull, but since its designed as a concealed carry it makes sense as an extra safety feature.  Actually I wanna go skeet shooting that sounds like fun right now, and I have pink 12 gauge target loads to play with too. I even have pink earmuffs <3.