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What would be a good starting weapon for self-defense, with price in mind as well?

You cant go wrong with an 18.5" barrel Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 with 00 buck shot. Thats 250-300 on both. Handguns are so many variations but something easy like a Ruger LC9 in 9mm runs about 300-400 depending on wear you buy. Its a great cc/defense pistol

ToppKlass, I have had enough of your bullshit

Okay so we all know that ToppDogg are currently up against Crayon Pop in Makestar’s poll, and I just learned that some of you started insulting Crayon Pop and their fans (and Crayon Pop fans are doing the same to ToppKlass). The problem is that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

I love ToppDogg and ToppKlass very much but some of you need to stop acting like ToppDogg is the only underrated group in the Kpop industry. Yes, ToppDogg deserves recognition and a better treatment from their company. But so does Crayon Pop. And so does DGNA, 100%, 9Muses, Wa$$up, Stellar, Rania, SPEED, so did BTL, Tiny-G, LC9, Kiss&Cry, EvoL and I could go on and on with this list.

ToppDogg is currently under a shitty company and the fandom is doing all the promotions for them, but do you really think that by bashing other groups and fandom, ToppDogg is going to get the recognition and love they deserve? You’re only going to bring hate on the boys and our fandom, which they don’t need at all since people seem to hate us so much already.

You all need to stop acting like poor little fans who are always suffering and getting so much hate for stanning an underrated group. Because guess what: you are not the only ones!! And if you’re complaining about all the hate we get, who are you to go hate on other groups and fandoms?! Fucking hypocrites.

I’m tired of always seeing ToppKlass commenting stuff like “they are so underrated”“they deserve better”“they deserve to win this”. Instead of talking shit and complaining, do something useful! Share their MV and songs, vote for them in silence and don’t go hating on other fandoms for doing the exact same thing for the group that they love and support.

Congratulations to the Crayon Pop fandom for voting so much for their favorite group (though this post is also for you if you’re acting like Crayon Pop is the only group who deserves to win this poll) and to ToppKlass: keep voting and shut the fuck up about other fandoms.

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a playlist to fight ur bias to

mama beat - lc9 // new world - madtown // hurry up - 24k // ouch - a.cian // justice - c-clown // going going - n-sonic // kick kick king - blast // level up - ze:a // action - nu'est // too g - btl // take a shot - hotshot // bounce - boyfriend // dont tease me - speed

Underrated. (boys version)  Playlist full of songs by underrated kpop boy groups. 

UNIQ - Celebrate | 24k - Hey You | Alphabat - Ab City | A-Jax - Insane | B.I.G - Hello | Boys Republic - Video Game | C-Clown - Let’s love | JJCC - At first | Hotshot - Take a shot | LC9 - Just a dream | M.Pire - We can’t be friends | Mr. Mr. - Highway | Speed - Look at me now | History - Might just die | U-Kiss - She’s mine | Cross Gene - Play with me | N. Flying - Awesome

*sigh* Cop customers.

I had a overtly Italian, retired NYPD guy come in and try to tell his buddy that a single action “wasn’t a good first carry”.
So me, trying to be professional, “what makes you say that?”
Cop: “Well, with one in the chamber it could go off whenever.”
… … …so already I know where this is going… … … 
He points out the LC9s and he goes “you should get a double action”
I didn’t want to get mouthy, but I’m already kind of done with him so I go, “well that’s a striker fire model so the argument is the same as the single action ‘it could go off whenever’.”
“What do you mean ‘striker fire’ that’s not a thing.”
(I swear to the gods, if I could have put my head through the counter I would have at this point…) 
So I tried to go through explaining the differences and I said, “the most important thing is that you’re comfortable shooting the gun and it’s functions, that all modern guns are really safe.”
Cop goes “you know, it’s her shop, it’s her opinion, I’m not going to argue.”
I turned to his buddy and I’m like “I’ve been shooting for 22 years, firearms are my passion.” I omitted my opinions on cops and how proficient they are with firearms (read: lazy and underperforming). 
Later on cop tries to buy ammo on his HR218 “what do you mean I can’t buy ammo? I have a blue card blah blah blah.”
“Sorry, unless you have a CT permit I can’t sell ammo to you, HR218 is a license to carry across state lines, you still have to observe the laws of the state you are in and I can’t sell you ammo” continue 20 minute argument until my manager came over and put her foot down.

Listen, I have no problems with cops, but the badge tends to attract the same type of entitled egomaniacs with shitty interpersonal communication skills.