a lot of being a lesbian IS rooted in the fact that you don’t want to be with men, at all, whatsoever. like. being a lesbian is about loving women and thats a feeling shared across all lbp women, but, something unique about being a lesbian that bi and pan women wont experience is out point of view on m/f relationships, and men themselves, as something that will literally Never be relevant to our lives but is constantly forced onto us. and so our distaste for men and for m/f relationships in media has a very specific root and you really gotta consider Where this distaste is coming from before you criticize lesbians for rejecting and being skeptical of m/f content

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Amy Johnston - PROJECT A - Fight Concepts 

Previs by Vlad Rimburg and LBP 

Full video ⤵


A nice, brief group fight by LBP Stunts, Chicago. While it’s obvious that their choreography abilities are top notch, I’m continually impressed by their camera work. From positioning, to nice wide shots; it’s always on point.


If you like seeing attractive ladies beat the shit out of fully grown men, this might be your cup of tea.
Even if you don’t, you can’t deny that the choreography in this video is pretty damn flawless.

anyway hey shout out to lesbians/bi/pan girls that have been abused by other women, you aren’t “perpetuating stereotypes” or giving lbp girls a bad name by speaking about your abuse and what you went through is just as real and significant as the experiences of people abused by men

I hate posts about mlm being fetishized by fandom that lump in wlw who are excited about m/m ships with straight girls who squabble over who is the top based on height or some shit bc show me where the fuck I have any other choice lmao!!! Show me a fandom that has EVER given a fuck about or made content for f/f ships!!!!!! Show me how many f/f couples have been made CANON where one wasn’t almost immediately brutally murdered!!!!!!

Like calling out straight girls for being ugly and fetishistic isn’t misogyny but men screaming at lbp girls for celebrating the closest thing we’ll find to any kind of comfort in media knowing damn well how slim our options are…….is.

it’s all well and good to hate straight fangirls.. but when are lbp+ women gonna stand up and take responsibility for the large part they play in the fetishization of gay men in fandom spaces……. im waiting….,.