mic&rob EXP-k7 serie “wharthog whiskers”

Frequent Flyer

Carmilla’s job forces her to fly all over the world collecting clients and money for her mother’s business. She hates her job almost as much as she hates flying. But everything changes when she meets Corvae Airlines’ newest flight attendant.


Carmilla is a frequent flyer with a fear of airplanes and Laura is the flight attendant she can’t quite seem to shake.

(artwork by @ana-lba)

Emerald Moon
Phil Vachey
Emerald Moon

twinsen’s odyssey [little big adventure 2] - emerald moon (pc)

lba2 was an incredibly underrated game that brought as much innovation as it did fun and atmosphere. before anyone ever heard of a 3d action adventure game like zelda oot, we had this. it was beyond cool. traveling between planets and jumping around like an idiot? yes please.

the soundtrack was especially memorable, even though it was mostly broken up into 15-30 second long jingles. oddly enough, they had these arranged and compiled versions of the songs right on the game disc. i have pretty fond memories of shoving the stupid cd rom in my boombox, being careful to avoid the first track.

you should try and look into finding a way to play this along with the original lba (relentless). cool old 3d pc adventure stuff. it even has that iconic “emotion stance” thing (like “alone in the dark” and other early pc games had) where you switch between being normal, sporty, aggressive, sneaky. i heard talk of a remake of the first two, and a sequel if they sold well? but that was a long time ago, and nobody seems to care about the classics anymore…


Videogame Mobs Vol.01 - Little Big Adventure - Clones

In Little Big Adventure, AKA Relentless, our hero Twinsen fights robotic mobs named clones which imitate the 4 species of his planet Twinsun (the pony-tailed quetches, the elephant-like Grobos, rodent rabbibunnies and round spheros). Their difficulty grades according to their colour (yellow, green, red and other), and each one we can only defeat using a magic ball, spell or weapon that is the same level or higher (yellow, green, red and fire).

Some are just reskinnings of lower level mobs, but some have unique and curious models, attacks and movement patterns (like the laptop wielding green rabbibunny clone, the scary sedative probe of the supergro or the flying groboclone).

Did anyone else ever play LBA?

You know, when they were a kid? I used to love playing Little Big Adventure in my childhood, particularly the second one, which was actually the first out of the two I played. The 3D cut-scenes are so laughable now (Well, they were back then too. Weird rain makeout!) but I’ll be damned if that game didn’t have a great atmosphere. And there’s a bunch of pre-rendered graphics. If you know me well, you’ll know I love pre-rendered.

External image

Anywho, not sure why I'm reminiscing about it now, but it made me look up some of the songs from the game on Youtube. I’ll never forget that theme tune~

LBA Theme (2nd Game)

Song of Gabriel

The Empire

Honey Bee

Now I really want to go and play it again. Alas, I have no idea where my CD went.

to have a friend, chapter two: $40

on ao3

here we are again. hope everyone had a good october, mine was….something. sorry if the writing style/tone changes a bit throughout, i basically wrote this in two sittings, just two sittings with a month between them

warning: discussions of mental health, mentions of suicide/suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, let me know if other warnings need to be added


Connor is starting to run out of places in town where he can be alone without someone in his family finding him. Zoe is a little too perceptive and his mother has eyes everywhere. It’s kind of creepy and Connor’s sick of it.

Still, they’ve yet to find him at the old elementary school playground so far. Maybe it’s because the playground is hidden behind the school and is surrounded on two sides by tall trees. Or just because it’s in the rundown part of town, abandoned until the town can think of something better to do with a building almost as old as the town itself.

Connor is pretty sure people have broken into the school before. There are definitely serious drug deals that take place under the biggest tree on the edge of the fields. But mostly it’s just empty.

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Raven’s Revenge (Teen Tyrants)

Author’s Notes: So I’m starting this up top this time, so that I can introduce y'all to this new story. I have had this idea sitting on the shelf for a while now, and some of you may notice parts of it come from a drabble I did a while back. Well, that was the inspiration behind this story! I wasn’t going to start this project yet, but I had a lot of requests and inquires into it, I decided why not? I will warn you all, I am in college and I have a job, so my writing time is very limited. I also am still working on Every King Needs a Queen, which is a collaboration effort with my best pal @bearhow2, who was also so kind as to be my beta reader for this project. So, do not expect updates to happen right away. They will fluctuate as the year comes on. I plan to finish this story no matter what, and updates will happen when they happen, but I will say that reviews are my biggest motivator. Knowing people actually enjoy this story, makes me want to write more of it. So please keep that in mind. Anyway, thank you all and I hope you all enjoy the story!

- LB

A doctor dressed in a white lab coat that covered most of their body, was walking briskly down the wide halls of Arkham Asylum. On either side of the man were two largely-built police officers, who were covered in bullet proof padding and a clear shield over their faces. In their hands, they each held a large assault rifle, the safety off, and trigger fingers itching over the trigger. The group walked down to the end of the hall, stopping in front of a solid metal door that read only one word at its center - Logan.

“Okay, Doc, make this quick. This one tends to be tricky.” The officer on the doctor’s left commented. The doctor gave a curt nod, and with a quick look to his partner, the officer that had spoken stepped forward and banged on the door.

“Wake up, Logan! You have a house call! Stand facing the wall with your hands up!” The officer instructed as he slide open a tiny window on the door, and peaked inside. His cold gaze drifted across the room, but saw no sign of the prisoner. Unlocking the door and sliding it open, the two security men charged inside.

Inside the room, the single-sized cot in the corner was torn to pieces, and most of the wall space had deep claw marks. Over by one of the walls, a young man (probably in his late teens) squatted in front of the wall staring intently at the markings that he himself had clawed into them. He was completely green from head to toe. His hair was short, but messy, with his forest green locks falling in varies different directions. His ears were large and pointed, flicking slightly at ever sound. His emerald pupils were narrow like a cat’s eyes. His face was expressionless as he stared up at the wall.

“Up against the wall, Logan!” The officer commanded before moving to grab the green mutant, until he was stopped by the doctor’s arm.

“No wait!” The doctor called. He turned his attention to the man on the ground. “Mr. Logan, can you please explain what you wrote on the wall?”

Logan’s ears perked up and his head spun around to face the three men standing off to his side. The guards tensed, ready to jump into action if the patient tried to escape. The doctor remained impassive on the outside, but Logan could smell his nervousness and sense his curiosity. The monster’s eyes were lifeless and bloodshot, but shimmered in the darkness eerily. His face battered and scarred from both his past and his present.

“The Gem. Shall set me. Free.” He spoke slowly, his voice hoarse from lack of use.

The doctor tilted his head slightly in confusion. “And what does that mean?”

“It’s a prophecy.” The beast spat with an added snarl. “A prophecy that already happened, that shall happen again.”

The doctor looked at him with amused curiosity. He didn’t take this lunatic seriously, but he was always fascinated with the insane. “Oh? And when will that be?”

Logan’s lips curled up in a large, wicked grin. His sharp, jagged teeth glistened in the artificial light of the room. He suddenly burst into an obnoxious crackle like a drunk hyena. He then snapped his head back forward and looked the doctor dead in the eye. “Now.”

Before the guards could react, a large black hole opened under the changeling and swallowed him up.

“Shit! How’d he? That little bastard!” One of the officer’s cursed as he pulled out his walkie-talkie and reported what he had just witnessed. The other officer cursed too, and kicked the wall in frustration. The doctor was more shocked than angry. He walked up to the markings on the wall, and ran his fingers over the words carved into it.

“You are truly a remarkable specimen, Mr. Logan.” He muttered to himself. “I do hope our paths cross again.”

Somewhere off in the nearby woods, another black puddle of magic appeared and the green man popped up from it. As quickly as the magic came, it vanished. The man was on all fours and he shook himself like a dog.

“Man, I hate when you do that.” He growled as he ended his violent shake.

“Well would you have preferred I left you there to rot?” Came a sarcastic reply. He looked up to see a relatively short, curvy woman, wearing a skin-tight red leotard and a blood red cloak. She had the hood of her cloak over her head, hiding her pink, short hair.

“No.” He said weakly.

She came closer to him. “That’s what I thought.” she knelt down on one knee and wrapped her hands over the man’s face, forcing him to look up.

His ears perked up at the sudden contact, but when her scent washed over him, he quickly relaxed and purred into her hands.

“That’s right my pet.” She cooed as she used one of her hands to comb through his green locks. “Mama’s here.” Her gentle smile turned into an evil grin.

“Mama’s here.”

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Kourtney’s submission

I love the latest meditating picture(1) she shared, the caption was perfect as well. I’m all for promoting what you love and whatnot but she comes off as a phony, ya know? I don’t care if celebrities share their gym experiences or like when Le@ Michele shares 900 green juice photos (gross!) because it’s just them sharing what they love. But with G it always seems like she’s sharing the picture to show off how much better she is than anyone else but in a subtle way. I’m always thankful, meditating keeps me sane, I use a 600$ blender because it gets my kids to eat their vegetables. It’s never just a simple “I mediate because I like too” or “We put vegetables in smoothies so the kids will actually eat right”. There’s always some underlining meaning to her captions and it’s mind boggling that people can’t see that. Or they see it and they’re choosing to ignore it for the sake of a peaceful Tumblr experience.(2)

Her need to share Girl Power and Girls Run The World is getting old. I’m all for unity and bringing each other up rather than tearing each other down but she’s going about it the wrong way. Your daughter needs to know the sky is the limit and she shouldn’t be held back just because she’s female but she doesn’t need to know that she’s better than another person because she’s female. Her two boys don’t need to grow up thinking they need to step aside so there sister can shine and she doesn’t need to grow up thinking they should step aside for her because she’s female. G is teaching her that she’s entitled all because she was born with a vagina. Again, I’m all for being a feminist and teaching girls AND boys that we’re all equal but I’m not about to get behind someone that wants her daughter to feel better than her own siblings just because she’s a girl. It’s wrong.(3)

Not even going to lie but when I saw the picture she shared of her and T with the caption “This was snapped right before a 🐝 headed right in our direction…. 🙃 thanks to ___ and ___ we have an apiary. Who wants some P@dalecki honey? 🍯” (4) my knee jerk response was to roll my eyes. I’m all for doing our part to bring back the bees but getting an apiary in your backyard seems a tad extreme. I just imagine these kids going to school and being asked what they did over the weekend and them talking about the pictures being taken.(5) Kids don’t have a filter so I can’t imagine what T has to tell his teacher after a weekend at home or whatever. The funniest part of the photos is that she couldn’t even be bothered to change her top or anything. It’s obvious that certain pictures were taken on the same day and others on another.(6) But generally speaking they were taken all around the same time because the bump is pretty much the same size. I will say that with T she gained weight throughout her body. She wasn’t fat by any stretch of the imagination! But her cheeks were fuller, she looked a little more tired and honestly pulled off the being pregnant look better with him than she did with the other two.(7) If you look at the pictures of her doing yoga you can see the outline of the photographer being reflected in the window. And then if you look at the picture of them in bed with S being held over her head you can again see the photographers shadow!(8) We all knew the photos were done by a professional but that just made my a little nauseous because it just seems so wrong to put your kids in their pajamas and create a wonderful family moment like that just for a blog or whatever. Jessica @lba owns her own company, has a website and an Instagram for said company but never once has she used her kids to promote her things. Yeah over Halloween she did her daughters makeup using her product but that was it. Promote your project and perfect life all you want but why add your kids in it like they’re props? It’s just wrong.(9)

Speaking of websites, I’m not sure if you know this but G actually had a website before!(10) It was a fan dedicated website that this one girl ran and G approached her about it. They met up a few times and the girl made sure that all content on the website was completely true and even got G to do a Q and A video. G ended up co-running the website with her until it was taken down because the girl just didn’t want to run it anymore and I’m assuming G realized how odd it would be for her to run her own fan dedicated website. But yeah one day the girl asked G if she could do a meetup and maybe meets some fans, G agreed and they went to lunch. Wanna know who made a surprise visit during lunch? J did!(11) It was such a surprise too, I mean it’s not like G asked him to come or anything. Yeah, I don’t believe that either. That’s why I was surprised that she was creating another website because I didn’t think she had enough of a life outside of J to actually have one just as her own. That sounds really harsh and I apologize for that but if you look at her life she has nothing that’s just her own. It always comes back to J.(12) I did see her new website before it became password protected and I truly hope people take what she posts with a grain of salt. There were sections for parenting, recipes, fashion, lifestyle and a couple others. I’m all for giving advice but I don’t want a first time mom going into her blog and taking everything she says for fact. She talks a lot about things (home birthing, organic living) like she’s an expert and that’s not good.(13) G does have people that look to her for advice and take her word as gospel so I hope she keeps that in mind and puts somewhere in her blog how she’s not an expert on these topics.

I forgot last post but I wanted to say I agree whole heartedly about J and D sharing photos of the kids lately! What is up with that? J actually told the paparazzi in Vancouver he did not want little J photographed.(14) They could photos of him and D all they wanted but his daughter was off limits. They very rarely shared pictures of her and when they did it always came from them, not a family member or friend because they didn’t want it to be stolen. Fine, I get it, you want her to be shielded from the media and the crazy side of the fandom. But now it’s like here’s a picture of the twins, here’s a picture of J, here’s a picture of us being happy together, here’s a video where you can actually hear little J’s voice. Which, again, wouldn’t be weird had they not been so protective of her. That situation has honestly thrown me for a loop and I can’t think of a reason for the sudden love of sharing pictures of their kids.(15)

I’ll tell you about my theory as to why she remained silent on the A_F campaign in another submission so you don’t have to read an essay because I didn’t realize how long this was until I started writing this! Hahaha, sorry!

I hope you have a nice weekend!

Yo Kourtney, happy to see you again! Sorry for the wait, I should’ve post this earlier. Always with something bumped in when I was going through your “essay” ;) And I don’t quite follow G so it took me some time to run through her things *ouch*

Here’s my little side notes (according to the numbers I added above) :

  1. Yoga class?
  2. Peaceful internet platform behaviour. I agree with “phony” but it’s like a basic foundation for business accounts, so I won’t be easily brainwashed by… WAIT. THIS IS THE POINT. I don’t care how fake her IG is because I never consider myself looking at a real life journal wtf! Holy shit! How should I tell her fans about this, Kourtney?! My mixed feelings all the time is explainable? Her business heavy IG with heavy charity promoting? Is she taking my money or is she helping me to donate my money? How about Jay’s part? Why is he there?
  3. I’ve talked about this with my professor IRL on ppl’s misunderstanding and media’s misleading portraying to feminism. Tricky topic.
  4. Cute muffin T is scared of bees aww
  5. Only when kids involved I’m a little mad
  6. Stocked photoshoots I’ve no problem with that *proud*
  7. Asking for science, any mamas out there gained weight with some babies and none with others?
  8. Wait! Some fans say the photos are taken by Jay! ;)
  9. Imagine if these was done by non-celebrities. Normalizing everything is THE TREND in 21st century, sadly
  10. I know! Now we have a similar /dress-like-g______/ *insert eyeroll here*
  11. Oh wow this is new to me omg
  12. Who would pay attention to her if she’s not his “wife” honestly sorry
  13. Life-related reminder alert. Although I’m not a mom, I can sense how ridiculous her advices are
  15. Can someone write a meta for this? jk lol

Thanks for this informative submission again, sweetie! It’s really long, I survived lol. Please don’t hold back to talk why she isn’t supportive in A/_/F, and please don’t hold back to write it long! You become an important role here you know? I can’t make quality posts on my own! Have a nice day and hope to see you soon, XXOO