In honor of Memorial Day, here are some paintings from Jacob Lawrence’s War Series (1946–47), on view in Where We Are. Lawrence’s War Series describes firsthand the sense of regimentation, community, and displacement that the artist experienced during his service in the United States Coast Guard during World War II. Lawrence initially served in a racially segregated regiment where he was given the rank of steward’s mate, the only one available to Black Americans at the time. He befriended a commander who shared his interest in art, however, and went on to serve in an integrated regiment as Coast Guard artist. Lawrence said that he wanted the War Series “to capture the essence of war” by “portraying the feeling and emotions that are felt by the individual, both fighter and civilian.” Historically, paintings of war have most often emphasized the triumph of victory. But in these images, heroism cannot be separated from drudgery and suffering, and victory is not free from sorrow and loss.

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Your Sammy cosplay is terrifying and absolutely A+ Nice work!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it. =) I hope to take some sillier less scary “senpai notice me” Sammy pictures once toys come out but we’ll see. Bonus picture for you of me in an elevator because my sister thought I looked silly. Have to say when the door opened with me inside other people were very scared and did not think I looked silly.

My highlight of my day so far is walking around and a little kid sees me and said “That’s Sammy Lawrence from Bendy and the Ink Machine! He’s from chapter 2.” And then after taking a picture with me and he started walking away with his mom and he told her “I can’t believe I just met Sammy. Bye Sammy!” And then waved at me.